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3 Day Business Breakthrough Challenge Review – Is It Worth The Investment?

Starting an online affiliate marketing business can be tough if you are a beginner and you can’t move further if you don’t have any proper knowledge. So what’s better to get help from someone who has been there where you are and know everything about the online business that will give you a great kickstart.

Right now, affiliate marketing is the craze, it’s one of the most popular methods for making money online. To start and establish a successful online business, you need to have proper resources and there is one that everyone is talking about and that is the 3 Day Business Breakthrough Challenge.

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Who is Jonathan Montoya?

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Jonathan Montoya is a 6-figure internet entrepreneur and a founder of Passive Income Lifestyles. 

Online business has allowed him to quit his 9-to-5 job as an engineer. He has done very well for himself in the online marketing space, and he has over 150k followers on TikTok and 30K YouTube subscribers. 

He is also the creator of the Freedom Breakthrough program. He is a coach and mentor to thousands of people worldwide looking to quit their 9-5 job. 

What is the 3-Day Business Breakthrough Challenge?

The 3-Day Business Breakthrough challenge is a quick training program that aims to walk you through the process of starting your own affiliate marketing business in only three days. It does not teach theoretical methods or what might succeed in the future. It teaches you how to make 6-figures with just one affiliate program.

The 3-day business breakthrough challenge is a $7 training program that will provide you with step-by-step instructions. It will be a step-by-step guide to setting up an affiliate marketing business utilizing tried-and-true approaches.

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This is a three-day program meant to assist ambitious entrepreneurs in quickly launching and establishing their affiliate marketing firm online.

The following is a breakdown of the days and what you should expect to learn on each of these days:

Day 1: Your Affiliate Marketing Business

The first day begins with an overview of Jonathan Montoya and why he is qualified to teach these skills. It then goes into laying down the essential concepts of affiliate marketing and all of its exciting features, followed by real results that his students are obtaining.

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It is the same strategy that has helped people to replace their employment with affiliate marketing, and it concludes with some tangible tasks to follow and finish before moving on to the following day.

With this challenge, you will get the following benefits:

  • You will start getting a lot of customers.
  • You will learn to scale and grow your business.
  • You will have a clear understanding of building a profitable business online.
  • You will be able to determine how to build your business online and launch it.
  • The course provides actionable steps to follow which can be implemented immediately.

The first day of the challenge gives you an introduction to affiliate marketing and online business and all the basic concepts related to affiliate marketing. It also gives an introduction to the whole program.

Day 2: Building your Business in 40 Minutes

The first day was filled with a lot of information and putting your mind in the right frame of mind to realize what was happening and what to expect. The second day is packed with specific instructions that will walk you through the entire process of creating online assets.

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It takes you to step-by-step thoroughly to the following factors that are important for an online business:

Finding and selecting a product

In any affiliate marketing business, you will have to choose a product to market and earn a commission. But finding the right product that will help you generate that commission can be quite tough. In this three-day challenge program, on the second day, you will learn how to determine what you want to promote.

Setting up sales funnel

To put it simply, the sales funnel is the journey that potential customer goes through while purchasing the product and finally becoming a customer. It is a marketing strategy used to generate more traffic to the website. You will learn how to set up your own sales funnel and turn potential customers into loyal customers.

Setting up Email Marketing

Email marketing will allow you to send follow-up emails, news, updates, etc. to the users who signed up and came through your sales funnel.


Automation such as setting up email marketing campaigns that will allow you to promote to your leads so they will be educated about the latest trends and new products. This day focuses on getting your assets up and live.

Day 3: Building the Traffic

The most important aspect of any online business is getting traffic. Traffic is the lifeblood of every affiliate marketing business and the third day focuses on how you can generate traffic to your website.

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Jonathan talks about the following ways through which you can gain traffic:


Having over 100k followers on TikTok, Jonathan teaches you how you can use TikTok for marketing purposes. He teaches you how to go viral and get a lot of quality traffic that will convert.


YouTube is another great platform to generate traffic. Jonathan takes you on his journey of how he used YouTube and found the right traffic for his affiliate marketing business.


How you can find ideas and inspirations for your content and use the right keywords that will bring the right traffic who has the potential of becoming clients to your website.

He tells you about his favorite paid advertising methods and how they can be put to use.

Becoming partners with Jonathan Montoya

Day 3 concludes with a lesson on how you may work with Jonathan and make money by promoting his programs and courses through affiliate marketing. This is fantastic since it allows you to make money while you learn.

My Final Thoughts…

Many people wonder if this 3-day challenge is worth the money. It only costs $7 and teaches you a lot of things about online business that you need to know before getting started.

Apart from the price, there’s a lot of value crammed into three days that you won’t find in a course that costs ten times as much.

And at last, the program can work only if you are willing to make it work.

Over the last few years, Jonathan has made some significant moves in the affiliate marketing community and has been recognized by some of the industry’s biggest names.

For the past few months, I have been privileged to be able to partner with him while learning the exact methods that have allowed him to accomplish so much in a short period.

So, what are you waiting for?

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