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5 Best Keyword Research Tools 2021

In this post, I shall be talking about the 5 Best Keyword Research Tools which you can use to rank your site and content better on Google Search Rankings.

In case you have launched a site, published content, and sold anything online, it must be known to you that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is imperative for you. Plus keyword research happens to be an integral part of making your site optimized.

You will come across lots of tools intended for keyword research, and they vary from beginner-friendly to advanced. While some of them are totally basic in nature, and others are super valuable for the users.

When implemented properly, your SEO workflow can be simplified to a great extent by using the most effective keyword research tools.

The 5 Best Keyword Research Tools 2021

1. Moz Keyword Tool

The SEO platform of Moz provides several tools intended for keyword research. Although Moz does not come with lots of data points unlike most of the SEO tools out there, that can be considered to be an advantage. It results in a less complicated user experience for all those who are not expert search marketers.

The Keyword Planner tool will enable you to search virtually any keyword and see its difficulty, monthly volume, plus organic CTR (clickthrough rate). From there, you can scroll down to see the analysis of present results ranking as well as suggestions for identical keywords.

moz keyword planner - 5 Best Keyword Research Tools 2021
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While you will get access to keyword research features up to 10 queries every month for free, the Moz Pro plan will be commencing at $179 every month for as many as 150 keyword queries each month.

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2. SEMrush

Even though somewhat expensive, in case you are searching for something advanced, then SEMrush will not disappoint you. Lots of keyword data is shared by it, making it quite simple to dig into details such as SERP features plus granular evaluation of present results.

SEMrush likewise provides an extensive array of keyword research tools from search volume data and standard traffic to content-driven keyword research. It is the competitive analysis of keywords that helps to set SEMrush apart.

The innovative Keyword Gap feature will allow you to enter the sites of your competitors and SEMrush will be auditing the keywords as well, thus making it simple to find innovative opportunities.

sem rush keyword gap - 5 Best Keyword Research Tools 2021
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Apart from this, the SEO Content Template tool will enable you to optimize the content while writing by grading it in real-time for originality, readability, SEO, and tone of voice.

A useful bullseye graphic is used for striking the proper balance. Furthermore, SEMrush will also check off SEO recommendations visually as you work with them.

SEMrush plans commence at $119.95 every month for as many as 3,000 results daily plus 250 keyword metrics updated each month.

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3. Jaaxy

This particular keyword tool is rather straightforward, as you simply need to enter a keyword, URL, or topic, and Jaaxy will provide you with a list of suggested keywords together with basic stats.

This tool offers a unique Domains column where you will be able to see the .org, .net, and .com domain names associated with every keyword you can purchase.

Jaaxy also aids you in finding the right affiliate programs for joining and featuring on your website. Type in your keyword after switching over to the Affiliate program tab for seeing the affiliate programs list which has been sourced from Rakuten (formerly known as Link Share), Commission Junction, ClickBank, and Digital River.

jaaxy affiliate product keyword search - 5 Best Keyword Research Tools 2021
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Besides this, Jaaxy also shows Alexa Rank and the listed commission for every single program plus related product site. The initial 30 searches will be available for free, and the paid plans begin at $49 every month.

==> Sign Up with Jaaxy and Get 30 Searches Completely Free

4. RankIQ

RankIQ is intended for content creators who are not SEO experts. Rather than showcasing an entire list of granular metrics, RankIQ makes use of AI for evaluating keyword information and serving up streamlined recommendations for building blog posts which rank.

While starting, it will be a good idea to browse RankIQ’s targeted keyword research library for this tool for finding keywords that are pre-vetted for low competition and high traffic potential.

rankiq keyword research library - 5 Best Keyword Research Tools 2021
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You will be able to create a report after having a keyword in mind. Following this, you will see simplified suggestions for the topics to cover, word count, plus how to write the title. Content is compiled by Rank IQ with the highest “content grade” for helping you to structure your content.

You may wish to switch over to the Content Optimizer tab once you are prepared to create the outline. You will find the word count and present grade at the top plus the recommendations for each of them. On the right side, you will find topics for inclusion. After covering them, a green checkmark is going to appear.

RankIQ does offer a Lite Plan starting at $49 every month.

==> Get Access to RankIQ Here

5. QuestionDB  

This is one of the leanest keyword research tools out there in the market. As suggested by the name, you need to enter a keyword into it and it will provide you with a list of relevant queries individuals ask on the web.

It is the sourcing that happens to be unique when it comes to using this tool. Although you will come across several keyword research tools which depict keywords based on questions pulled from Bing or Google, QuestionDB is going to scrape queries from across the internet, including websites such as Stack Exchange, Quora, and Reddit. These are obviously some fantastic questions out there!

questiondb question search keyword tool - 5 Best Keyword Research Tools 2021
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For instance, you might be searching for a topic such as “keyword research”, and this tool is going to scrape the entire web for finding typical questions asked by people which are linked with keyword research, allowing you to see why, how, and where individuals are talking about the subject.

questiondb keyword search - 5 Best Keyword Research Tools 2021
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It will be possible to brainstorm content subjects, see how individuals are discussing a topic outside the search bar of Google, and procure more context on how one should talk regarding the topic.

You will be able to access QuestionDB for free as many as 50 results every search. On the other hand, the Pro plan will include comprehensive results (as many as 800 per search) as well as unlimited searches by spending $10 every month.

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Wrapping Up…

Having the right keyword research tool is an integral part of your website’s SEO framework. This gives you a competitive edge to help your content stand out from the competition.

Now, I am not saying you should stick with all the above-mentioned keyword research tools, but do try to test out a few of them and see which one suits you better.

To be honest, I have been in the business of blogging for a while now, and I always get to learn what my next few blog post topics should be by using the keyword research tool.

Let me know your thoughts or suggestions in the comments below.

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