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6 Best List of Digital Marketing Tools

One of the most interesting aspects of digital marketing is how it helps small and medium-scale enterprises (SMEs) and solo entrepreneurs improve their marketing strategy.

There is a lot of digital marketing tools and resources that can be used by SME businesses to improve their business.

One of the most important factors to consider if you want your business to be successful is to find the right way to market your business.

This is why successful SME businesses can be distinguished by their ability to manage their funds more efficiently.

I am listing down below some of my 6 Best List of Digital Marketing Tools are as follows –

#1 Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a very popular tool that is often used by various business owners to get important data on people visiting their website and what they do once they get there.

Google Analytics a free tool and it can also be used in combination with Google Search Console which is another free tool that helps you find out if you have any problems on your website and optimize it for traffic.

This tool is often used by various SME businesses to track their various SEO strategies.

If this tool is effectively taken advantage of, you can use it to increase the conversion rate on your website and improve your site’s user experience.

I am sharing with you a quick tutorial video about Google Analytics; Ultimate Beginners Guide Tutorial 2019 for Beginners by Ranking Academy –

This tool enables the user to get information like;

  • The number of users that visit your website in a day, week, month or any duration of time you decide.
  • Methods that these visitors used to get to your website like ads, social, organic search, direct referrals from other websites.
  • The demographic and interests of the visitors
  • The amount of time spent by each visitor on your website and which pages they visit

#2 Kissmetrics

The main purpose of the Kissmetrics tool is to track, analyze and optimize the performance of various digital marketing strategies.

Kissmetrics enables SME businesses to determine which strategies are working and which ones are not.

This tool also allows you to find out where your prospects are coming from, understanding what people are doing in your website, and deliver behavior-based engagement every step of the way.

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All the data obtained from this tool can be used by SME businesses to optimize marketing strategies, get more clients, and increase the conversion rate of your business.

#3 MailChimp

The other digital marketing tool which I highly recommend is MailChimp.

This tool is not just for SME businesses as email marketing is an important marketing strategy for all forms of businesses.

So no matter the size of the business, they will surely need to include email marketing in their overall strategy.

Email marketing provides users with more intimate ways of interacting with their customers by providing them with resources that they need to manage effectively nurtured leads.

This is why email marketing seems to provide users with more ROI (Return-on-Investment) than any other marketing strategy.

MailChimp is often considered to be one of the best email management services in the world.

This tool enables users to add email lists, develop marketing emails and track activity on their various campaigns.

It comes with a free version that can be upgraded as desired.

The free version of MailChimp allows you to have 2000 contacts and you can send up to 10,000 email newsletters per month.

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Now, of course, you can upgrade your account for getting more benefits and features.

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MailChimp Pricing Plans; Premium, Standard, and Essentials.

MailChimp is considered to be the most popular email marketing tool available with over 15 million users and a lot of integration.

MailChimp will help users manage their email list, capture emails and send out emails automatically or on a schedule and also analyze engagement.

#4 Hootsuite

In recent times, everyone knows just how important is social media is for marketing their products.

This is why SME businesses need to maintain a social media presence.

However, it should also be noted that social media marketing is very time-consuming even if you are just using it for marketing purposes instead of socializing.

But with certain tools like Hootsuite, you will be able to reduce the time inefficiency.

Hootsuite provides users with a certain management platform for all their social media channels and allows them to schedule posts in advance improving time efficiency.

This tool provides SME businesses with a limited free option for scheduling posts and tracking engagement on social media.

It comes with a free plan 30-day trial plan that enables users to sync three social media profiles, which is a great thing for SME businesses.

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Hootsuite Pricing Plans; Professional, Team, and Enterprise plan.

One of the most amazing things about Hootsuite is its ability to let users quickly respond and post across all their social media profiles in a single dashboard.

It also comes with a great filter that enables users to monitor mentions of their brands across all their social media platforms.

Its advanced reporting tool can be used by users to see which of the social media marketing strategy is working best.

Here is an informative video tutorial on How to Use Hootsuite Analytics

This data can also be used to calculate ROI.

#5 Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is often used by SME businesses to find out the trending topics and content that performs well across various social media platforms.

This tool also enables you to identify influencers and gather some information on your competition to find out what you are getting into.

This tool is also used by SME businesses to develop a list of potential target audiences.

This is why Buzzsumo is a very important tool for people that want to learn more about their market and competition.

The data provided by the Buzzsumo tool can be used to develop content for blogs.

It is also used to find out which marketing strategies are performing better in your niche.

Buzzsumo allows users to see which topics and content are trending across various social media platforms according to the searched topics.

I enjoy using this tool because it helps me as a blogger to generate trending topic blog post titles for my upcoming blogs.

With the help of the Buzzsumo Content Analyzer, it helps as a blogger to analyze an engaging topic title for a particular keyword or keyword phrase.

Below is a screenshot for the keyword phrase “social media marketing strategies” –

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The data obtained from the above can now be analyzed help me to determine their appeal and collect information on what to write about.

It is also possible for users to search for their domain to find out which content and topics are performing best and also to see the people linking and sharing it.

#6 Buffer

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Buffer is another tool that can be used for social media management.

It is considered to be one of the best social media management tools available.

Buffer will help SME businesses increase their followers, interact with their audience and develop their brand.

Buffer also enables users to link multiple social media accounts to one dashboard so they can create posts to send to all social media platforms at once.

It enables users to schedule posts, analyze their performance of their posts and create drip campaigns.

It often integrates with social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest

  • Publishing and RSS: Buffer has also been known to have basic publishing features like adding posts to a queue and scheduling. However, it should be noted that this social management tool is not designed for every post so it cannot allow you to upload hundreds of posts and then recycle them. It is also unable to publish them on your social media accounts until you tell it to stop. These social management tools also come with an RSS feed that enables you to publish posts from blogs.
  • Social Engagement: The Buffer tool comes with a product known as the Reply which is similar to eClincher’s Social Inbox. However, it should be noted that this product only supports Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. This product has a price range of about $50-$225 per month.
  • Influencer Search: This social management tool does not come with an Influencer search feature.
  • Client Management Support: Buffer often comes with limited team feature that enables a user to add team members and permit them to manage many social media pages.


To be honest, there are a lot of digital marketing tools readily available in the market and you will have to choose the one that suits you best.

It all comes down to what kind of features you are looking for, whether it is linked with content analysis, post engagement, content scheduling, etc.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post.

Let me know your thoughts or suggestions in the comments below.

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