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6 Social Media Mistakes You Might Have Made (And to Avoid Them)

Despite how well you know, how efficiently you use social media platforms for your business, some deadly social media mistakes can still be made.

Thanks to the fast-paced evolving social media platforms nowadays, it’s hard to keep with the rapid changing on their features popping in left and right.

But well, everyone can make mistakes.

Digital marketers are not exceptional.

However, the sooner we are aware of them, the better we improve our performance.

Keep calm and read on.

1. Not using stories

Though stories feature may not apply to all platforms as some strategies may not call for incorporating Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat into a social media marketing plan.

However, practically, once these mentioned are employed, so must be the Stories feature.

The disappearing nature of these 24-hour uploads makes for a unique marketing tool that is likely to draw more clicks and encourage better engagement than an ordinary post would.

Instagram Stories Exp - 6 Social Media Mistakes You Might Have Made (And to Avoid Them)
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Instagram Stories example
Facebook Stories Exp - 6 Social Media Mistakes You Might Have Made (And to Avoid Them)
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Facebook Stories example
Snapchat Stories Exp - 6 Social Media Mistakes You Might Have Made (And to Avoid Them)
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Snapchat Stories example

2. Leaving Facebook “Our Story” section blank

fb our story section - 6 Social Media Mistakes You Might Have Made (And to Avoid Them)
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Less tech-friendly businesses often skip this important section, but it is very important to boost credibility and online attractiveness.

A great way to start optimizing this section is by uploading an eye-catching photo to the Our Story photo area and adding a paragraph (or two) about yourself and your mission.

This will make the page look more complete and allow you to align it with your overall branding and marketing strategy.

3. Abandoning Facebook Video best practices

Whether you are creating an advertisement or just a post, following the best practices for creating video content on Facebook is key to make sure that people watch it.

Firstly, use subtitles whenever possible.


Because many users keep their Facebook volume muted to avoid workplace embarrassment and other mishaps.

Secondly, keep the video length as short as it is appropriate for the content (you know Why already).

Lastly, make sure that you have invested decently into the content that can make people laugh/cry/wow…while watching.

4. Multiple Profiles on Social Sites

This is another trend where a company has more than one profile on sites like Facebook and Twitter – all of which link to the main website.

For one thing, having more than one profile confuse your followers.

For another, it can waste your time and other resources!

Let focus all efforts in one direction and get people, real people, to follow your company/business.

5. Not tracking analytics

There’s hardly any point using social media without actionable insights.

Just as you measure the success of your SEO and email marketing campaigns with analytics software, so too you should track and assess your performance metrics on social media.

You may use the metrics provided by the platform or utilize external software to gain extra functionality.

Measure the quality of your followers, the popularity of your posts, and the extent of your influence to gain data that shall help your future social media marketing efforts.

6. Ignoring new trends

Many of us are afraid of change, whether our fears are based on budget concerns, laziness or just an appreciation for the status quo.

Unfortunately, an outdated social media marketing strategy will not help any business in the long run.

Though it is not always easy to identify and adopt new technology, especially in the ever-changing world of social media.

Doing regular audits and quality checks, as well as keeping updated on the current social media trends through simple interest searches, can help us take social media marketing to a new height and uplift our business to a better level of competitiveness.

To Conclude…

Any one of us can make mistakes.

Let learn from them and don’t respect them twice.

This is how we avoid making deadly mistakes on social media and get maximum results from our social media marketing efforts.

Let me know your thoughts or suggestions in the comments below.

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