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7 Steps To Becoming A Super Affiliate Review

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Today in this article post, I will be talking about Jonathan Montoya’s digital ebook guide – 7 Steps to Becoming a Super Affiliate. Jonathan’s book embodies an excellent short read for anything desiring to learn more about affiliate marketing and how to become a successful affiliate marketer themselves.

The Crux of the Book

Jonathan Montoya is a full-time digital marketer, entrepreneur, YouTuber, and content creator who helps people succeed in affiliate marketing. His recent book – 7 Steps to Becoming A Super Affiliate, is quintessential for people keen on getting rid of the drudgery of 9-to-5 jobs. It is a simple, concise, yet highly information pamphlet-styled piece on making a living through passive income.

Eponymous to its name, the book contains seven comprehensive steps that the readers can appropriate to embark in the affiliate marketing domain. Jonathan has ensured that the book’s pages express neither too less nor too much. He presents an overview of the world of affiliate marketing and correlates them with practical examples so that amateurs can skillfully utilize the information.

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What does the book contain?

Jonathan begins his book by opening that affiliate marketing is the best business model in contemporary times. He states eight solid reasons to back up his answer, and one is compelled by his arguments. The lack of massive investments coupled with minimal contact with clients makes affiliate marketing a one-stop destination for a large cohort of the population.

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In the beginning, an affiliate market business can complement your regular job, and once you feel secure enough, you can step into the domain full-time and with full confidence.

Step 1: Choosing Your Niche

In the first step, Jonathan provides a one-page guide on selecting a niche. He mentions that opting for the right niche in affiliate marketing is the first step to success. Jonathan Montoya mentions that you should choose a niche that is both profitable and represents something that you are passionate about. He suggests his readers pick up a product with high demand, high commissions, and something you genuinely believe in.

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Step 2: Picking the Perfect Product

The second step is about Jonathan explaining how to pick the perfect products for affiliate marketing. The book comprises three brief steps that can help the reader to choose the right category of product. Moreover, he also mentions his favorite 3 product categories to choose from and justifies the same.

They include the following:

  • Monthly Recurring Affiliate Products
  • Lower Priced items but high volume/interest
  • High Ticket Affiliate Products

Step 3: Create Your Passive Income System

After helping the readers to choose a niche and category, Montoya explains the nuances of how you can guide your customers to your affiliate offers on autopilot. It is an information and revelatory section that tells readers about leads, commissions, and likewise.

This system is the most important thing in your business because it works for you 24/7 and on autopilot. Jonathan states that this is what will generate you the money but more importantly build out your business for the long term.

Step 4: Choose Your Traffic Source

The fourth step entails the traffic source that you can use for your affiliate marketing business model. Jonathan meticulously explains the techniques readers can use as the traffic pathway, including social media sites, websites, and the like. It is a two-page section that covers quite many points, and Jonathan has ensured to make it brief yet enlightening.

Jonathan, in this section of the ebook, provides you with three options which are his top ways to build a brand as fast as possible to start generating commissions. These include –

  • Option 1: YouTube
  • Option 2: Building out a search engine website
  • Option 3: TikTok to make your videos go viral

In this section, Jonathan even goes his way to provide you with his favorite $1 TikTok course which you can use to crush it with the TikTok platform.

Step 5: Creating Consistent Content

The fifth part of the ebook is a lesson on consistency. Jonathan asserts that consistency is the key to success in every domain of human life, and affiliate marketing is no exception. He advises readers to create content diligently and brace themselves for highs and lows that come in the journey of being an affiliate marketer. Montoya also extends a four-pointer model on how to navigate through the content world and align it with your affiliate marketing business world.

Step 6: Building Your Email List

The sixth step is a comprehensive section on the importance of building an email list for your affiliate marketing journey. Jonathan mentions that ‘more emails = more income’.

He talks about giving out a Lead Magnet to grow your email list. This simply means you are trading something for value for an email address. For example, a lead magnet could be an ebook, a free report, a case study, or a providing a free course. Below is an example of Jonathan Montoya’s lead magnet page –

lead magnet - 7 Steps To Becoming A Super Affiliate Review
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Step 7: Scaling and Retargeting

Last but not least, Jonathan talks about scaling and retargeting an affiliate marketing business model through paid ads. He mentions that while diving deeper into affiliate marketing, it is imperative to opt for paid traffic to drive as much traffic as possible. It is a worthwhile investment that can make all the difference. He presents a diagram illustrating how he created 4000 genuine leads using YouTube ads.

My Final Thoughts…

Jonathan concludes his small ebook guide by asserting his confidence in his business model. He believes that social media and the internet are revolutionary tools that people can use to get the lifestyle of their dreams.

The 7 Steps to Becoming a Super Affiliate is a handy guide for people who want to make passive income. It is a concise and well-written piece and covers quite a few points about affiliate marketing. Thus, the book is beginner-friendly, and I would recommend it to people looking for an entry point into the affiliate marketing business model.

My advice is just GO FOR IT!

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