Saturday, March 25 Review: How to Make Great Ads in Minutes

Advertising can be difficult to do, but it’s an essential part of any marketing campaign. However, with so many ads on the internet today, how can you ensure that yours will be noticed? That’s where comes in!

With this app and AI engine, you can create stunning and effective advertising campaigns in minutes – no graphic design experience necessary! Read on to learn more about and if it’s right for your business!

What’s is a powerful AI platform that generates hundreds of stunning, high-performing ad creatives in seconds!

Creatives generated by AdCreative AI have a score which is the probability of that creative doing well in your ad campaign. You can download or push the creatives directly to your social media ads from our platform.

Who can use this platform? is a creative content management tool that can be accessed by those in need of it. Companies and teams of all sizes can benefit from this platform because it allows you to create content that will drive traffic back to your site and increase engagement on social media accounts.

Content managers, bloggers, startups, influencers, agencies, and marketers alike can use for their ad creation campaigns. The platform contains templates for campaigns, with the corresponding tools for designing banners, infographics, landing pages, and more – perfect for quickly creating well-designed projects to 10X your business.

Why this is the perfect tool? is a perfect tool that helps you to get more conversions from your advertising while saving a lot of your time and money. It is an Al-powered tool that makes it simpler for you to consistently create data-backed high-converting ad creatives in a matter of few minutes.

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What are the features of

  • Better Conversions: allows you to achieve 14x higher conversion rates than ad creatives designed without a data-driven approach.
  • Super Scalable: For a month, allows 1 creative or approximately 10,000 creatives. This tool is intended to meet your ad banner/creative needs.
  • Seamless Designs: is Al-powered and understands your font and brand colors to create a variety of seamless designs that are tailored to your branding.
  • Platform Integrations: can integrate with a variety of platforms, including Facebook, Google, and Zapier, to help you get the most out of this tool.
  • Trained AI Machine Learning: Each and every day the tool learns more. It provides you with up-to-date creatives designed solely for conversion.

How to use

It is simple to use All you have to do is connect your accounts and set up brand guidelines by uploading your logo and changing the color.

Then you need to select the creative size, add some text, make some adjustments, add additional product graphics, align the elements, and you’re then ready to download or push the graphic to your Facebook or Google ad account.

Who can use

  • Startups: Spend your money on creatives that convert with, and take advantage of the market’s most powerful artificial intelligence.
  • E-Commerce: allows its AI machine learning model that generates custom creatives \ banners for your entire product catalog.
  • Agencies: Create ad creatives and banners with for your entire client portfolio that have up to 14x higher conversion rates.

What about the pricing? offers the following pricing plans –

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Why is the best Ad Creative Tool out there in the market?

You require a tool that can produce high-performing and creative assets while saving you money and time. handles everything automatically, allowing you to focus on growing your business rather than wasting time on tedious tasks.

Most current ad creation tools are difficult for newcomers to use, making it impossible for individuals and small businesses to create converting ads without spending thousands of dollars on design or development agencies. is a platform that allows small businesses to use Al-powered design without having any design experience. You only need to enter what you want your ad to say, and AdCreative Al will handle the rest.

What are the available integrations for makes it simple to diversify your advertising channels. It is optimized for Instagram, Facebook, Google Ads, LinkedIn, and Bing Ads.

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