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Affiliate Marketing 101: 7 Steps To Success In 2022

We are living in times when digital media has taken over the world. Social media marketing seems to be the future of successful marketing.

With the growing number of influencers and expansion in the blogging industry affiliate marketing seems to be one of the most lucrative income sources in 2022.

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Affiliate Marketing for Publishers

Affiliate marketing comes from the word affiliation, which means “association” or connection. In marketing terms, affiliate marketing is a way marketers use to promote their products and earn commissions.

Some people think affiliate marketing is different from influencer marketing. While these are two different terms. The only difference between them is the way you work and the main objective behind it.

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An affiliate is also called a publisher, the business owner gives a commission to the affiliates for making sales. Affiliate marketing is done for two main objectives –

  1. To generate more sales
  2. To gain more audience for your website/online store

Some marketers (especially beginners) use affiliate marketing to connect with more people through a publisher/blogger’s profile. Bloggers with a huge following and good engagement insights are hired for this purpose.

It helps the marketers to create brand awareness in the initial stages! Later on, it can also bring about sales when the traffic on your website increases.

How do affiliates (publishers) and business owners work together?

Once you’ve decided you want to invest in affiliate marketing you need to keep a few things in mind to go ahead with it.

  • What affiliate or publisher do you want to work with?
  • The product or service that you want to get promoted.
  • Your target market, i.e. who your customers are?

The publisher/influencer/blogger you want to work with should be aligned with the market you want to hit. For example, if you are a kids supply seller, you will hit all the mom bloggers on social media and propose they work with you.

In this case, you are not directly hitting the customer, you are targeting the potential customer who is going to help you with consuming your product.

7 Steps to build your road towards affiliate marketing:

If you’re a beginner, here’s a step-by-step guide for you to build your way towards affiliate marketing.

1. Determine your target audience:

Like any other marketing technique, the first step to affiliate marketing is determining your niche. The target market that you are looking for. It is relatively easier to do in affiliate marketing. Since there are search engines that can provide you with demographics, people’s interests are more traceable on social media.

2. Build your trust

Brand names are built on trust. If the trust factor is not there, people are not going to go ahead working with you. All big bloggers and publishers have their goodwill, and their audiences trust them. They don’t want to risk that by working with a brand that they don’t trust themselves.

Once you build up the trust you can own your audience, and communicate better with them regarding your brand and products.

3. Never take help from Fake Content

This comes as a sidekick for building trust. Fake reviews are not going to take you far. Customers these days are very smart and well aware of marketing techniques, you don’t want to lose the trust you’ve built with all the investment and efforts with just a few fake reviews.

impact of fake reviews - Affiliate Marketing 101: 7 Steps To Success In 2022
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Fake reviews may sometimes benefit you in the short term but the fact is that people are eventually going to use your product if they like it. Once they know they’re not getting the product they saw in the “fake” reviews you’ll lose that customer forever. And as a business owner, every single customer matters to you.

4. Use software tools for Eye-Catching Content

Social media marketing is all about aesthetics. To ensure quality eye-catching content you need to make sure you use all the right software tools to generate content.

Sometimes marketers depend on affiliates/publishers for this purpose. To create quality content for them to post. Other times the content is provided by the marketers themselves!

I recommend giving creative liberty to your affiliates and trusting their content creation skills. This ensures more attractive and engaging marketing tools for your brand that are created by publishers themselves.

5. Prefer Videos over Photos

In times when gaining the audience’s attention is the real task. You need to make sure the content you’re posting for marketing purposes is attention-grabbing for your audience.

videos vs. images - Affiliate Marketing 101: 7 Steps To Success In 2022
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In recent research on social media marketing, it was proven that videos do better than pictures in affiliate marketing. People are more curious to watch the whole thing! While there’s the probability of ignoring and scrolling down the pictures without noticing.

6. Use Ads to build up resources

You can use sponsored ads to create more value-added resources for the marketing campaigns. Just make sure the ads are engaging and directly highlight the purpose of your marketing campaign.

7. Focus on making Timeless Content

With affiliate marketing, the content remains on a publisher’s page forever. Even after the time frame for the particular marketing campaign is over! Your content will still be up on the affiliate’s web page.

So make sure to promote timeless content. So it can give longer benefits to your brand.

Wrapping Up…

Affiliate marketing is the future of marketing and with a rising number of publishers and bloggers, it has become easier for marketers to reach out to the target audience through these platforms.

Aim on increasing your traffic organically through affiliate marketing, it is better than posting ads.

Affiliate marketing builds trust and people are more interested in your products.

Since the affiliate you work with is already in connection with the audience and they have some level of understanding.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post.

Let me know your thoughts or suggestions in the comments below.

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