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5 Affiliate Marketing Strategies To Use To Boost Sales

Ignorance is the biggest mistake that most people investing in affiliate marketing make.

People who jump into the industry without a clear plan always land in trouble for not researching and gaining knowledge about this industry.

Everyone that adopts a concrete strategy of affiliate marketing always has a chance to make profits through the programs that they choose to invest in for maximum profits.

In this article, I shall focus on the 5 most effective affiliate marketing strategies that can help you boost your sales and those to avoid using.

1. Exercise Caution when Picking Your Affiliate Niche

What do I mean by saying this?

Well, it is pointless to rush into investing in an affiliate niche that does not suit your preferences.

Say, you are more interested in the health and fitness niche.

But instead, you decide to go ahead with the financial niche because you feel it will be more profitable.

In case you settle for such a niche, it is more likely that you shall be spending a lot of time studying this new niche.

The more time you consume, the higher are your chances of losing your opportunities to your competitors who may be better than you in the same niche.

2. Embrace Product Reviews

Publishing high-quality and authentic reviews about the product that you want to promote helps you to increase your sales for that product.

Resource Article: How to Write Affiliate Product Reviews like a Pro (9 Steps)

You can also publish your reviews from the analysis which you acquire from your clients through blog posts to make it easier for people to access them easily.

If your product reviews are dishonest, they can make your customers skeptical about buying your affiliate product.

Say, if you want to write a genuine review about an affiliate product that you want to promote, don’t just stick with the pros. Do also talk about the cons.

Rakuten Pros and Cons - 5 Affiliate Marketing Strategies To Use To Boost Sales
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Here are a few sample Pros and Cons for Rakuten

People will realize that your review is genuine and will start trusting your content.

Moreover, featuring affiliate links in your blog post allows your clients to acquire more information on the goods that they want to purchase.

3. Offer Incentives

By offering bonuses, you are more prone to acquiring new customers to your affiliate offers.

Incentives should be relevant and valuable as they win the attention of your clients.

It encourages your clients to follow up on your affiliate links and purchase the products they choose.

When every product that you provide in your link attracts the most exceptional value, everyone wants to visit your website and purchase them according to the possible profits that they like to earn.

It is crucial to partner with your merchant so they can offer you the correct affiliate code for your clients to follow up on when purchasing your affiliate product.

Promoting your affiliate products through social media is an excellent way to attract your clients and make them know more about your products.

The best way to go about this strategy is to join a few Facebook groups catering to your niche and provide value by participating in those groups.

This shall also include the bonuses and discounts that you would like to offer to them.

To add, you can also do webinars with your social followers.

4. Focus on Email Marketing

Having an email marketing strategy in place helps your affiliate marketing business to maximize profits.

Email marketing refers to a type of digital marketing where a business sends email messages to a target group to convert them to buyers.

Often, affiliate marketers start by collecting emails from website traffic and turn them into subscribers.

To do this you need to have a way of converting your website visitors to give you their emails.

As mentioned earlier, you can offer them some kind of incentive (freebie) in exchange for their emails.

Tip: Create a fantastic incentive that your audience can’t resist. Make sure to offer a product (like a downloadable eBook) that will solve your audience’s problem and help them to save time, money, and energy. These incentives can be a cheat sheet, a planner, guide, ebook, etc.

Once you have a solid email list, you can use it to connect with your fans, create automated emails, newsletters, and products.

5. Target on the Keywords

You must pay great attention to the keywords that you use to market your affiliate products.

If your clients can access the right and specific keywords that you are using to promote your products, then it will become easier for them to access them.

The keywords that you set up always make it easier for anyone visiting your site to get along with everything that you want quickly.

Using a keyword research tool like SEMrush can help you find the keywords that are relevant and easy to rank for.

key1 - 5 Affiliate Marketing Strategies To Use To Boost Sales
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The sample keyword phrase “Six Pack Abs Exercise”
key2 - 5 Affiliate Marketing Strategies To Use To Boost Sales
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You can check the keyword phrase “six-pack abs exercise” which does not have any volume, not trending, and zero competition.

Trying to work on an optimized keyword or a keyword phrase helps you to generate more organic traffic to your site or blog.

key4 - 5 Affiliate Marketing Strategies To Use To Boost Sales
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Trying an alternate keyword phrase related to my affiliate niche “six-pack abs”
key5 - 5 Affiliate Marketing Strategies To Use To Boost Sales
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By typing the keyword phrase “six-pack abs”, you can see a better search result showing you the volume density of the suggested keyword phrase, trend analysis, keyword density percentage (KD%), etc.

That being said, let’s focus on the tips NOT to use while investing in affiliate marketing.

Tips Not to Use While Investing in Affiliate Marketing

1. Failing to Track the Performance of Your Website/Blog

You must follow up on the progress of your website so that you can identify the key areas that you need to change.

tr1 - 5 Affiliate Marketing Strategies To Use To Boost Sales
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Here is a snapshot preview of my blog site showing the number of page views, bounce rate, etc.
tr2 - 5 Affiliate Marketing Strategies To Use To Boost Sales
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Stats showing the source of my blog traffic and the demographics.

If there are issues that bring you closer to your downfalls, you should strive to correct them or replace them with the right strategies that allow you to develop and acquire better progress in your affiliate marketing strategy.

2. Promoting Poor Quality Products

Promoting an affiliate product that is not in demand and of poor quality is the biggest mistake you can make in affiliate marketing.

If you know in your gut feeling that the product which you want to promote is of poor standards, then I recommend you not to promote it at all.

This can severely mess up your customer’s trust.

I recommend you do some research and check out the reviews on Google search or YouTube to have an in-depth insight before you go about promoting it.

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3. Failing to Focus on Support

Before promoting an affiliate product, make sure it has a good support team.

A good practice would be to purchase the affiliate product which you are trying to promote to your customers.

Make sure to check out all its applications (test out all its features), and send out an email to its support team should you have any concerns or doubts.

jordan1 - 5 Affiliate Marketing Strategies To Use To Boost Sales
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A copy of an email that I had sent to my Affiliate Manager at MaxBounty dated July 15, 2019.
jordan 2 - 5 Affiliate Marketing Strategies To Use To Boost Sales
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A reply to my mail from my Affiliate Manager in the next following day :)

If you see that the support team is getting back to you in a day or two, then you probably have made a good decision to promote this affiliate product.

While testing the support of an affiliate product, always think like a customer.

Because at the end of the day the product which you want to promote should be in a position to please your customers by offering solutions quickly when required.

4. Focus on the Content

This is specifically important for bloggers who would like to monetize their blogs with affiliate offers.

Make sure to offer helpful and high-quality content to your audience revolving around your affiliate niche.

This will make it easier for your audience to click on those affiliate links or sign-up with a trial affiliate offer.

5. Failure to Learn

Affiliate Marketing is all about learning the right strategies.

Learning from top affiliate mentors can help you acquire new ideas to help you grow in the affiliate marketing world.

Try to copy some of the effective strategies being used by top affiliate marketers.

See which specific strategy suits you best when it comes to marketing your affiliate offers.

It’s sad to see most affiliate marketers fail in this business because they are not investing their time learning the right strategies.

To Wrap Up…

So, there you have it, my Affiliate Marketing Strategies to use to boost your sales.

The above strategies which I have outlined are your go-to resource for any niche to increase affiliate sales and get more money in your pocket.

You don’t need to buy those expensive ebooks or get sucked in a scammy course to help you become a better affiliate marketer.

You also don’t need to spend money on your SEO.

All you have to do is start experimenting with a few of the above strategies and see which one works best in your affiliate marketing business model.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post.

Let me know your thoughts or suggestions in the comments below.

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