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Author: Samantha Kennedy

I’m Samantha: Communication expert, East Coast transplant to Denver, and the owner and founder of Lemon and Stripe. In any role I’ve taken on, personal or professional, I have always been a connection-maker and have adored bringing people together, and I love getting to apply this gift and skill to my social media work, creating authentic connections between my clients and their ideal audiences.

I have degrees in psychology and education and am a certified sign language interpreter. My background in interpreting has actually given a unique advantage in developing social media strategy now (who would have guessed?). As an interpreter, I’ve worked within hundreds of industries and have interpreted thousands of topics. This has not only familiarized me with a wide variety of industries, but it's also made me a pro at quickly taking in new information, understanding the most important and compelling points within microseconds, and presenting it all as a message that is easily understood by the target audience. Now, I use this superpower every day to "translate" information about a brand into social media content that their audiences love, leading to greater reach, engagement, and sales.

Four Cricket-Proof Social Content Ideas to Boost Your Post Engagement
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Four Cricket-Proof Social Content Ideas to Boost Your Post Engagement

Some of the most common reasons businesses don’t post more often on social media is because A) they don’t know what to post, and B) the posts they do create don’t garner much response, so they feel unmotivated to keep churning out content.  If you can relate, the good news is that both of these problems have a simple solution that requires only a slight shift in strategy (provided here) and a framework to work from (also provided here).  Strategy Shift: It’s Not You, It’s Them When it comes to what to post on social media, your business isn’t really about you. It’s about your audience. When I’m asked to perform social media audits on new clients’ accounts, I see so much value being offered, but it’s often not being seen because it’s not speakin...