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6 Best Free Project Management Tools for Digital Marketing

Project Management is the surety of the success of a digital marketing agency.

It provides solid management of the employees.

Due to the efficient software, it becomes easy to share the workload.

It is very simple and easy to use because it is a cloud HR software.

It is the ultimate solution for managing manpower successfully.

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Some of the famous tools are given below that provide solid administration to manage a big team without any hassle.

1. Basecamp

Are you looking for easy communication, easy to use task management and simple monitoring tool?

Yes, then Basecamp is the right option for you.

It is a remote and real-time communication tool that assists managers to plan their resources and other long-term scheduling.

With a to-do list, file sharing, due dates, this tool provides a team to keep track of the actionable items and priorities.

It is designed to develop a simple interface in which individuals create documents and projects that manage their tasks.

No doubt, it is a web-based software that allows all its users to sign anytime and anywhere via a web browser.

This tool is accessible on your mobile devices.

basecamp mobile dashboard - 6 Best Free Project Management Tools for Digital Marketing
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Basecamp Mobile Dashboard

Some of the important features which I would like to stress are given below.

  • Offers a separate screen to manage projects with the clients
  • Reports for a good understanding of the capacity of projects and team
  • Offers ease and option to communicate with team members
  • Message boards to discuss the idea and project
  • Assign a task to one or more than one people

This is a wonderful tool for the organization that requires managing client firms, startups, and nonprofits.

Freelancers or digital marketers mostly use this tool.

This is easy to operate and use the tool.

Trial: 30-day Free Trial

Click here to sign up with BaseCamp

2. Workmajig

This is the best tool for in-house creative teams and agencies.

Project templates in the software offer ease to make accurate estimation and scheduling.

workmajig plan start scheduling - 6 Best Free Project Management Tools for Digital Marketing
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It is recommended to use the As Soon As Possible for the system to adjust automatically all Plan Start and Plan Complete dates on tasks that have not started yet each night. All this is based upon entries made via the My Task widget by individual staff members assigned to the task. If changes are made via the project schedule screen, the system will recalculate these dates immediately upon Save.

Rout estimates the users to get the approval of the clients.

You can use it to send quotes to customers and manage the schedules with the multiple target dates with the creative briefs and dependencies.

Share and take all vendor conversations, client, and communications.

Integrate insights and budget tracking with the use of this tool.

workmajig budget expense dashboard screen - 6 Best Free Project Management Tools for Digital Marketing
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It allows you to allocate resources and change orders.

This tool is very user-friendly which is very easy to use for all those who are new and experts.

Some of the important features of the tools are given below.

Integrate with SmartPlus and Strata for media billing.

  • Allows to check the prospects in the pipeline of the agency with the opportunity widget
  • Tracks project per retainers
  • Ability to see overall team availability for planning the resources
  • Accurate estimation for templates
  • Generates accounts receivable reports

Trial: Request a Domo

Click here to sign up with Workmajig

3. nTask

Reduce your hassle on how to handle your workers and increase business productivity.

Digital marketers can use the nTask tool to manage their teams and track them online.

This software is ideal for tracking all the tasks from managing projects to making checklists, sharing files and data, schedule meetings, collaboration with project teams, and many more.

nTask management tool - 6 Best Free Project Management Tools for Digital Marketing
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It is a free tool that uses easy to use operation.

Therefore, you can sign up at any time.

Some other important features are given below.

  • Team management
  • Manage and create tasks at several team levels
  • Resource and budget management
  • Admin approval process control
  • Create recurring tasks on the weekly, monthly, and specific time stretch
  • Timesheets and time tracking
  • Calendar management

Trial: Free Version and Paid Version

Click here to sign up with nTask

4. Zoho Project

This tool helps to increase business growth by handling the accounts receivables and inventory during digital marketing.

A digital marketer can manage all the records in the small business and the vast organization.

It is an excellent career opportunity to get an education in the business.

You can increase your business productivity with the help of this tool and track the online activities of your team.

zoho team tracking messenger - 6 Best Free Project Management Tools for Digital Marketing
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Assign them to task online and check their performance.

Trial: 15-day Free Trial

Click here to sign up with Zoho

5. WorkflowMax

Here is another effective CRM tool called WorkflowMax.

Managers use this tool for doing several tasks, which include the following –

  • To-do list view
  • Time tracking
  • Taskboard view
  • Spreadsheet view
  • Analytics/reporting
  • Recurring task management
  • Percent complete tracking
  • Mobile access
  • Timeline/Gantt
  • Gamification
  • Create sub-tasks and Collaboration tools

workflowmax timesheet - 6 Best Free Project Management Tools for Digital Marketing
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It provides digital marketing agencies with the ability to handle productivity, sales, leads, billing, and finance.

Trial: 14-day Free Trial

Click here to sign up with WorkflowMax

6. FunctionFox

This tool offers project management of three different levels.

functionfox crm plans - 6 Best Free Project Management Tools for Digital Marketing
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You can use it to handle your simple projects of a digital marketing agency.

It offers time tracking to advance reporting.

As a digital marketer, you can use individual and group calendars and custom fields to add information unique to your agency.

Trial: 14-day Free Trial

Click here to sign up with FunctionFox

To Wrap Up…

Project Management provides the best administration for small organizations by reducing their paperwork.

It keeps the user in touch with employees through emails, phones, and other ways of communication.

This is the best way to raise the efficiency and productivity of the business effectively.

It facilitates the employer by saving the complete database of the employees.

A wide range of data, including reports, profiles, and other information, can be saved.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post.

Let me know your thoughts or suggestions in the comments below.

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