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How To Pick A Blog Post Niche That Is Lucrative?

People will often say to pick a blog niche that you’re passionate about, which is excellent advice. However, do you want to be writing passionately about something that doesn’t have people reading it and isn’t lucrative? Probably not, and you’ll likely give up and move on.

In this guide, I’ll take you through the process of how to pick a blog niche that is lucrative but still something you’ll want to write about.

How do you pick a Lucrative Blog Niche?

When picking a lucrative blog niche, you need to consider three things because what’s making money for one person won’t necessarily make money for you.

  1. What are you passionate about?
  2. What skills do you have?
  3. What is a proven money-making niche?

You need to find a niche from answering those three questions in a way that overlaps.

Solve a Problem for People

Consider what significant problems people face that they would search google for answers on. Because writing reviews about the best swords will be challenging to monetize, however how to lose weight through keto does have options for monetizing.

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People spend money on things that improve their lives or get them something, which is why weight loss can be highly lucrative because so many people are struggling with this and want to find something that works.

This isn’t to say pick weight loss; it’s to say pick something you can write about that is also a problem that people face.

Do you have Skills that Solve the Problem

If you’re able to come up with several ideas for blogs that solve problems for people, do you have real skills and knowledge around any of them?

Let’s say you’ve previously been extremely heavy, 400 lbs, and lost a massive amount of weight in a way that could be replicated. This would be a good skill and knowledge that you could use in a blog about weight loss.

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Image Resource: The World According To Egg Face

If your knowledge is limited and you used someone else’s program or something that would be difficult to replicate, you may need to reconsider. In addition, you’ll have to write many blog posts about the topic, and if you quickly run out of ideas and information to share, that would be a significant issue.

Has this Blog Type been Monetized Before?

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, so research and see if any of the problems you came up with and the skills you have blogs already making money. If you find a market and people doing well from the niche, consider how you would monetize the blog.

Would you be doing brand endorsements, affiliate marketing, reviews for products, or even straight ads for products? Make sure you’re looking at the other blogs in the niche you’re looking at to see how they’re making money.

The internet is massive, and there are always people looking for the right voice for them, so you don’t need to be unique; you need to be replicating other things that have already worked before. Your spin on the niche will likely resonate with many people.

Taking the weight loss idea from this, you can monetize your niche easily. You have programs to sell through affiliate marketing and even products you can be promoting.

Taking it a step further, you could be creating your ebook to sell and even sell your programs on how to lose weight, fitness programs that work, nutrition plans, etc. You can customize everything or make it a generic approach.

Which Niches are the Most Profitable?

Hopefully, you’re able to come up with several options for blog niches you could write in that can be monetized, this is good information to have, but when first starting, you’ll want to decide which niche has the potential to make the most money.

So which niches are the most profitable in general?


People love food, that’s why we have entire TV networks dedicated to the topic, and traffic for food topics is high. Your biggest problem will be trying to monetize the traffic; things like ebook won’t work. Instead, you need to rely on affiliate marketing to monetize your traffic.

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Nobody wants to buy an ebook of recipes when they can just go somewhere else to buy it. So you must pick the right way of monetizing your traffic.

If you want to bring a personal touch to your blog and make money, consider cooking classes. People like to learn, and a visual way to learn something unique or complex that you can teach is an excellent option, though it doesn’t scale especially well.


Making and keeping your money is difficult, and many people are constantly searching for ways to make money and stop themselves from spending it all. If you are skilled in personal finance and can teach others, this can be an excellent niche.

You want to implement affiliate marketing and general ads to monetize this type of blog.

Making Money Online

Like the finance niche, this niche draws in people who want to make their money online through similar avenues that you’re making money. For example, affiliate marketing, selling products, and even side hustles.

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Your biggest problem will be the authority. If you’re brand new, it’s challenging to make people believe that if they read your blog, they will make money as well, who are you, what have you done, why should people listen to you?

So this is a niche that is tough to get into unless you’ve already got experience and can show you are successful already.


Health is a huge niche and even has sub-niches within it. You could be talking about nutrition, weight loss, physical health, diseases and illnesses, anything related to staying healthy, or problems from being unhealthy.

The broader you keep your blog, the more products and services you could sell, but the less authority you’ll have on any particular topic. If you can narrow it down, you’ll be able to build more authority over what you’re talking about.

This type of blog can be used to sell almost anything through affiliate marketing, ads, product reviews, and even personal projects that you create like ebooks, nutrition plans, and whatever else you can think to make and sell.


Health and fitness can go hand in hand, and often your Fitness blog will have an aspect of nutrition and products to make your body healthy or work better.

However, this niche is focused on getting fitter through exercise while also using health to enhance that process.

Through this niche, you can offer personal services such as workout plans, and nutrition plans. You can even start a membership site. Many fitness influencers have done this and are making a lot of money in doing so. You can even put ads up for fitness and health products.

Lifestyle Blogs

Several other niches can make good money depending on what you sell and how advanced your skills are:

  • Beauty and Fashion
  • Travel Blogs
  • Decor and Home-Making
  • Pet Blogs

All of these have a large amount of traffic available to sell products, get endorsements and use affiliate marketing. So they’re good options if you have skills or knowledge in those areas.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately you do need to write about something you have a passion for. However, you need to ensure your passion can be converted into money. So figure out which of your passions, skills, or generate knowledge can be used in the niches I mentioned above.

Ensure you’ll be able to write many blogs about the topic you’re picking and won’t run out of steam or ideas quickly. You’ll want to be writing at least one blog every day for the foreseeable future, so you can do that with the niche you’ve picked?

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post.

Let me know your thoughts or suggestions in the comments below.

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