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Why Corporate Blogging is Not an Effective Strategy?

Currently, there are estimated to be over 100 million blogs online from recent research.

Blogs offer a huge amount of marketing abilities and cause momentum for almost any particular field or industry.

Blogs are known for their marketing, PR, information and revenue opportunities.

However, what is a less known fact is that blogs may not be the ideal for a corporation.

This may seem like a joke but truthfully many corporate identities have tried blogs and failed.

Lack of Readership Interest

Due to a lack of leadership, interest and other problems are known to dictate the failure for the organizations using blogging.

This article of mine shall outline some of the top reasons why corporate and business blogs never really take off and get noticed and solutions to prevent these issues.

The first problem that many businesses do not understand is that blogging is a full-time job.

They need to be naturally written and must be passionate about the industry or target market they cater to.

A blog must be able to give off a certain personality to the reader while building an interactive community.

A successful blog will need people, and technology to keep readers interested and coming back.

Your corporate blog will need to have short and long-term goals and a method to analyze the data of your visitors.

A blog must have its blueprint and outline to follow.

It has to be treated as its entity and must have dedicated staff, time and planning to truly reach success.

If a business has unrealistic goals and not enough resources to put into a blog they are almost destined to fail.

Lack of Clear Objective

Another issue that many business blogs do have is a clear aim of what they plan on achieving.

You need to have a clear objective, and understand what your blog is about and what it is meant for.

When your blog begins getting the traffic you will need to have specific goals in place that will further the branding of your company, products or services.

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You should have a plan in places such as collecting leads, extending the branding of your company, sharing news or helpful advice, answers to questions about your products or services and more.

You want a long-term goal for your blog that can be reviewed and analyzed.

If there is no set goals or methods to analyze the return on investment for your blog you will have even greater problems that will cause failure.

Not being Consistent with Your Business Blog Content Posting

A problem with business blogs that seems to be common is a lack of content and posting frequency.

As I mentioned earlier, owning a blog is a business in itself.

You will need a constant stream of content that is focused on your reader’s desires and needs.

Your post will need to be on a regular frequency and many different types of information should be shared.

You can focus on search engine based keywords to write about to attract visitors, as well as information frequently your readers expect.

It is a good idea to have multiple writers for a blog with their unique personalities in their style.

You can also focus on trending information and create content that would be found valuable.


A blog will give you the ability to interact with your audience while providing fresh and intriguing content.

Be sure to focus on this to prevent even greater issues with return on investment with blogging.

These are only three suggestions but when followed they can maximize results with blog marketing for corporate organizations and businesses.

If these problems are not addressed and these solutions followed almost by any corporate blog shall experience failure.

It is not the most effective strategy unless if it is carefully planned and created.

Ultimately corporate blogs are known to fail so follow my above tips for better results.

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