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Done For You Services System (An Honest Complete Review)

The Done for You Services System is a full package affiliate marketing training course designed by Internet Millionaire Wesley Virgin and Ariella Iorio. Done For You Services System (DFYSS) is a way to make money by promoting ClickBank products using Facebook ads. It’s not only confined to ClickBank products, but you can promote any other affiliate product using other Affiliate Network Programs.

You see, Facebook has over 2.5 billion users worldwide, and over 6 million businesses are using Facebook ads to reach their target audiences. Not just for business owners, but for affiliates, Facebook marketing is seen as one of the most effective methods.

It doesn’t take any technical skills to run a Facebook campaign, but you need to have a good landing page, know how to monitor the real-time results, and know the tricks to avoid being banned. In other words, you need to know what you’re doing. You’ll only be wasting your money by advertising randomly and recklessly. DFYSS is a good training program that’s solely focused on Facebook marketing, helping you achieve success in a short period. Now I’ll explain why this program stands out from the crowd.

dfys review - Done For You Services System (An Honest Complete Review)
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What is included in the Done for You Services Course?

I have come across many training programs based on marketing but I found this one very helpful for me. You may have seen many other similar training programs that teach Facebook ad marketing, but there are mainly four crucial elements that DFYSS makes it different. Here’s why.

  1. Landing Page Ready: Directly I was provided with the landing page which the other training programs do not do. Other programs will teach you to come up with a good copywriter technique but this Done For You Services System skips all that and gives you the required format that’s already proven to work. I did not have to worry about any guesswork, hence no risk of making NO Sales.

  2. Lookalike Audience: This lookalike audience is the most beneficial one that you will receive from this Done For You Services System. The campaign advertisement that you run will be more specific to Target buyers. Without it, the results of your campaign would be hit & miss, so this is a huge plus.

  3. You Don’t Need An Email List: Other Facebook marketing programs will teach you how to generate leads, based on that “money is in the list” idea. This is good, but it means a more complicated job to do so (create swipes, set up autoresponders, monitor open rates, and regularly clean up the list). DFYSS does not teach you to do lead generation and email marketing because it is completely based on making a profit by targeting the right audience on Facebook.

  4. Only Specific Products to Specific Audience: Done For You Services System will help you to promote very specific products to the audience who are particularly interested in some of the most influential entrepreneurs, e.g. Grant Cardone, Tai Lopez, etc. This means your campaign will be designed to mitigate risks and maximize the number of sales.

What Done for You Services System is Not?

Let me be blunt here, people who look for an “All-Done-For-You” online marketing product would often expect it to provide absolutely everything and expect money to come in without putting any effort themselves. Partly to blame on scam products out there – claim that all you need is a few clicks, profits within 24 hours, etc.

DFYSS is not “all” done for you. Landing pages will be provided and Lookalike Audience is provided, so a huge part is done for you. But this is a training course. You need to follow the steps to set up your Facebook Business account and set up a Facebook Pixel that enables you to monitor the results (and learn how to monitor them). You shall get all the steps and there’ll be no technical complications, but you must be willing to learn.

Pros and Cons of Done for You Services System Training


  • It’s about Facebook ad campaigns – one of the most effective affiliate marketing methods.

  • Tools and lists of potential buyers are provided.

  • Only promotes proven products from ClickBank – avoids guessing work.

  • No technical skills are required.

  • Closed Facebook Group for full support.

  • 60-day money-back guarantee.


  • You need to invest money in ad campaigns (initially a few hundred dollars at least).

  • You must be willing to learn – it’s NOT ALL done for you.

Done for You Services System Bonuses

Bonus 1

Bonus 1 has a quick but detailed guide for beginners so that they can easily understand and set into the world of digital marketing.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

  • How it works.

  • Start on the top – 800 Advertisement Accounts

  • Find your first offer to promote on Facebook

  • Model what’s proven and already working

  • How to set your first money making

  • The secret ways of tracking

Bonus 2

This has the fundamentals of advertising using Facebook and covers everything from Facebook Pixel to how to create money-making advertisements on Facebook.

  • The underground guide to Facebook advertising

  • Your private hunter – The Facebook Pixel

  • Proper campaign structure

  • Using existing page posts

  • Creative (Images/Videos) for your advertisements

  • Super affiliate Facebook compliance secrets

  • Advertisement copy (Headlines & Body Text) for advertisements

  • Phase 1: (Testing New Advertisements)

  • Creating your money-making advertisements.

Bonus 3

This bonus has a detailed study on everything one has to know about reporting and how to utilize them efficiently for understanding your business.

  • Facebook Analytics

  • Deep dive into reporting

  • Knowing your numbers with reports

  • Phase 2 (Verify & Scale)

Bonus 4

This bonus teaches you all about verifying an advertisement that has the potential and how and when to start working on scaling.

  • How to “Verify” a winning ad

  • How to properly “Scale” a winning ad

  • Manual bidding tricks

  • Manual bidding strategies

  • The 15-50% scaling rule

  • What to do, what not to do when she

Bonus 5

This teaches the users the advanced marketing techniques such as those given below:

  • Retargeting

  • Custom audiences

  • Getting started with messenger

  • Messenger automation

  • Growing your messenger audience

Bonus 6

This gives you basics on manual bidding to advanced manual bidding strategies

  • Intro to manual bidding

  • Manual bidding strategies

  • The 20% scaling formula

Wrapping Up…

Done For You Services System will teach you everything about the “no mistake” Facebook advertising campaign as an affiliate. This is a training course for ACTION TAKERS!! If you are new to affiliate marketing, this will give you a chance to start making money within a relatively short period, providing you have some budget to spend.

If you’ve been trying affiliate marketing for a while but have had no breakthrough yet, I would strongly recommend you to learn the Facebook marketing method, and the Done For You Services System is the perfect opportunity for you to do so!!

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