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Expert Secrets Book Review: Is It Worth The Hype?

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Expert Secrets is an online marketing playbook written by a true expert in the field, Russel Brunson, who is the founder of ClickFunnels. Unfortunately, there’s no shortage of experts and scammers trying to cash in on selling products to online marketers, whether that’s online courses, books, or tools that are supposed to skyrocket your sales with unique skills and knowledge.

But is Expert Secrets worth the hype? Can it help you become an expert and make your online business a success? We’re going to review this book honestly, and then you can decide if it’s worth your hard-earned money and valuable time.

Who Is Russell Brunson?

Russell Brunson is the founder of ClickFunnels, a Software-As-A-Service (SAAS) company he started in 2014 that is designed to help drive customers from sales leads to paid customers efficiently.

ClickFunnels is the go-to service for almost any beginner or experienced online marketer looking to build sales funnels easily and is considered an incredibly successful business that provides extreme value to all users.

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He’s also become a prolific writer racking up four books that have sold hundreds of thousands of copies to hopeful online marketers, with generally positive reviews on the value received out of his books.

What Is Expert Secrets Book About?

Expert Secrets book is written to provide information but more so to help you create a blueprint for building a following of loyal customers, selling to those customers, and turning them into brand evangelists for your business.

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You’ll learn how to use storytelling to get people excited about your business and make them think of you as more than a simple product they can use, emotion and connection with your business is the best way to get your customers to help build your business.

Who Should Be Reading Expert Secrets?

Expert Secrets is for anybody looking to use online sales to take their business online, create an online business, or even for anybody looking to enhance their online marketing efforts like online influencers or markets looking for an edge over their competitors.

While offline businesses will find some value in this book, it’s geared towards online marketing. So it would be best if you’re using online marketing methods to build your brand and sell your services or products.

What Will You Learn In Expert Secrets?

The core idea in expert secrets is to become an expert in a niche so that you can become the source of information for that niche, build your loyal fan base, and sell to that fanbase.

The book is broken into five main parts, which we’ll review.

Creating Your Mass Movement

The first section teaches you how to find your audience and turn them into a fanbase and even grow that fanbase.

The initial goal is to pick a niche and be as specific in that niche as possible. The wider your business model becomes, the harder it is to target a group of people to be passionate about you because you need to market to a broad audience that is hard to group.

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You’ll learn three core techniques to build a fanbase,

  • How to be a charismatic leader
    You need to present yourself as somebody people can look up to and be an expert in the niche that you are working in.
  • Present your vision for the future
    You need to present your goal and how you and your approach can help people reach their future goals with their business and life.
  • Create new opportunities
    Once you’ve become a niche leader, show what your goals are, you need to present to people that you have a product or service that can be used to reach their own goals.

The section presents information on how you can show people that what you’re offering is a better solution than what people are currently using or what other competitors your potential customers are looking at.

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Creating a Belief

To sell and create fans of your product, you need people to believe in your product as not just something to buy, but something that they believe in, something they will promote to their friends and other people as a great product that will help them, they must believe in your product.

The author presents five ways to build belief in you and your products and services

  • Big Domino
    You need to make leads believe that you offer the one big thing they need to be successful
  • Epiphany Bridge
    You need to create a story that builds an emotional response to your product because an emotional response sells better than a logical reason for buying.
  • Here Are Two Journey
    The author goes further into building your story that will help leads turn into customers with two different paths you can take:
    • The Journey of Achievement
      As a leader in your niche, this allows you to connect with people who also want to follow the same path to success.
    • The Journey of Transformation
      This is a path to help alter the beliefs of somebody and turn them into your method of doing things by showing how it can be done.
    • Epiphany Bridge Script
      This section builds an actual script required to convince leads into customer. It’s a practical approach that shows you how to take leads down both paths of the epiphany bridge discussed in earlier sections.
    • False Belief Patterns
      The core concepts in this section are how to find why people may not buy what you’re selling, why people think that way, and then how to overcome that belief and turn them into customers.

Your Moral Obligation

This section starts to delve into specific techniques for presenting your products and services to customers using “stack slides“. This is where ClickFunnels, the service from the author, starts to get pushed a little.

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The stack slides are where you show your customer everything they’re going to get and how it adds value to what they’re doing and why they must get it. You’re provided with exactly what you should include in your stack slide, so there’s no guesswork.

  • Provide a masterclass by teaching customers about what the opportunity is.
  • The tools required for success.
  • Tangible 1: To help overcome doubts your customer may have about the offer.
  • Tangible 2: To help overcome doubts your customer have about themselves.
  • Tangible 3: To help overcome any other issues.
  • Provide an exclusive bonus to sweeten the offer.

You’ll also get information on creating the perfect webinar to further encourage your customer to buy your product and view you as an expert in the niche you are working on.

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The Funnels

This section is all about sales and converting your newly excited visitors into becoming customers.

You’re guided through the different types of sales funnels provided by the ClickFunnels service and the best approaches to use the different types of sales funnels available.

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You can still use the information provided in general if you don’t want to use ClickFunnels, but it certainly makes things easier and more direct if you do.

What’s Next?

Once you’ve picked your niche and built your sales, you need to find a way to bring traffic into your sales funnels so that people buy your products and services.

In this section, the author goes through where you can find your potential customers and work with other people in your niche to build your business.

It’s now time for you to put everything you’ve learned into practice.

Pros and Cons of Expert Secrets

Expert Secrets Pros:

  • The book provides steps to make your online business a success, not just vague information.
  • It provides valuable information for all skill levels, including new and experienced marketers.
  • Learn how to use storytelling to build a brand rather than just sell products.
  • It’s possible to get the book for free, so you don’t lose anything by reading it.

Expert Secrets Cons:

  • The book is marketed for both online and offline businesses, the methods are more geared towards online marketing and sales.
  • Uses a specific cult-like following marketing approach that may not be suited for all people.
  • Pushes ClickFunnels as a requirement, which isn’t bad but is a way to sell more of the author’s products.
  • The book was written in 2017 with no significant updates since then.

Is It Still Relevant?

The book was written in 2017 but the methods discussed are still relevant today. How to build a cult-like following through being an expert in your niche with a charismatic approach will always have similar strategies and techniques, whether it’s 1950, 2017, or beyond.

Even the technology discussed, such as ClickFunnels, is still a widely used platform with constant updates since 2017 with no signs of stopping.

Wrapping Up…

Expert Secret is a well-written book for online marketing success. While it does take a certain type of personality to utilize all the methods fully, the overall approach is valuable to all online marketers and businesses to grow their business.

The book should be more than a single read, and you’ll find yourself returning to it for tips and reminders as you progress through the strategies it provides.

The overwhelming response from readers and other online marketers was positive about the book in 2017 and still is today, so it’s a solid book for anybody and well worth your investment in the time to read it.

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