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Expert Secrets Vs. DotCom Secrets – Which One Is Suitable For Your Business?

Russell Brunson has established himself as an expert in helping entrepreneurs find the best ways to improve their respective companies’ online presence. He is one of the most popular internet personalities, who has been looked upon by several entrepreneurs and business owners.

Expert Secrets and DotCom Secrets are two of his popular books. Both these books will help you improve your knowledge of business strategies in different ways.

So, in this post, I shall be addressing the value and purpose of both of these books to give you a better understanding of which one is suitable for your business?

Who is Russell Brunson?

Russell Brunson is the founder of ClickFunnels, a Software-As-A-Service (SAAS) company he started in 2014 that is designed to help drive customers from sales leads to paid customers efficiently.

ClickFunnels is the go-to service for almost any beginner or experienced online marketer looking to build sales funnels easily and is considered an incredibly successful business that provides extreme value to all users.

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He’s also become a prolific writer racking up four books that have sold hundreds of thousands of copies to hopeful online marketers, with generally positive reviews on the value received out of his books.

Brunson draws his knowledge from firsthand experience as he began his first online company while still in college. He found several ways to build a robust online presence and gain traction as an online firm.

Expert Secrets Vs. DotCom Secrets Book

Expert Secrets book is written to provide information but more so to help you create a blueprint for building a following of loyal customers, selling to those customers, and turning them into brand evangelists for your business.

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You’ll learn how to use storytelling to get people excited about your business and make them think of you as more than a simple product they can use, emotion and connection with your business is the best way to get your customers to help build your business.

If we look at DotCom Secrets, Russell discusses several methods by which you can build a more substantial online presence, improve scalability, and become a foremost online firm.

When you think of a book discussing how you can improve your company’s online presence, you’ll prepare yourself for tips and tricks that will help you attract more web traffic to your company’s website. But in Russell Brunson’s DotCom Secrets book, he discusses several methods by which you can achieve actual conversions.

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The objective of Russell’s book is to help you gain an insight into your company and how you can achieve maximum online conversions. In his book DotCom Secrets, he discusses some of the best and the most successful ways of achieving the maximum number of conversions.

Who should be reading Expert Secrets and DotCom Secrets?

Expert Secrets is for anybody looking to use online sales to take their business online, create an online business, or even for anybody looking to enhance their online marketing efforts like online influencers or markets looking for an edge over their competitors.

While offline businesses will find some value in this book, it’s geared towards online marketing. So it would be best if you’re using online marketing methods to build your brand and sell your services or products.

Whereas, the DotCom Secrets book is better designed for those who are looking to find the best techniques to improve their company’s online presence and not just focus on attracting more web traffic to their company’s website.

What makes the DotCom Secrets book so unique is that these techniques are in the form of tests that show results. These techniques have been tested by Russel himself and have proved to be successful time after time.

This book will also teach you how to reduce customer churn and ensure that your company’s name becomes a recognized brand online. 

Pros and Cons of Expert Secrets Book

Expert Secrets Pros:

  • The book provides steps to make your online business a success, not just vague information.
  • It provides valuable information for all skill levels, including new and experienced marketers.
  • Learn how to use storytelling to build a brand rather than just sell products.
  • It’s possible to get the book for free, so you don’t lose anything by reading it.

Expert Secrets Cons:

  • The book is marketed for both online and offline businesses, the methods are more geared towards online marketing and sales.
  • Uses a specific cult-like following marketing approach that may not be suited for all people.
  • Pushes ClickFunnels as a requirement, which isn’t bad but is a way to sell more of the author’s products.
  • The book was written in 2017 with no significant updates since then.

Pros and Cons of DotCom Secrets Book

This DotCom Secrets book is an excellent resource if you are looking for insights, examples, and stories to inspire you to build a successful online business or to guide you through the transition from offline to online marketing.

DotCom Secrets Pros:

  • The DotCom Secrets book is free. You just need to pay for the shipping and handling cost.
  • This book will teach you how to use the value ladder.
  • It does not matter what niche your business is related to, you can benefit from the strategies learnt from DotCom Secrets.
  • DotCom Secrets is a book that teaches you how to build rapport with your prospects and convert them into paying customers.

DotCom Secrets Cons:

  • For this book to be effective, you actually need to have an existing business to benefit.
  • DotCom Secrets is only beneficial with an online presence.

Expert Secrets Vs. DotCom Secrets Pricing

You will be happy to learn that both Expert Secrets and DotCom Secrets are available for free when purchase from the official website. The only cost is shipping and handling, which is $7.95 for US residents and $14.95 for international customers residing outside the United States.

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Expert Secrets International Shipping & Handling charges
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DotCom Secrets International Shipping & Handling charges

Wrapping Up…

The Expert Secrets book is a well-written book for online marketing success. While it does take a certain type of personality to utilize all the methods fully, the overall approach is valuable to all online marketers and businesses to grow their business. The book should be more than a single read, and you’ll find yourself returning to it for tips and reminders as you progress through the strategies it provides.

The DotCom Secrets book, is indeed a worthwhile purchase, especially if you are looking for a book that helps you find the best techniques to improve your company’s online presence and not just attract more web traffic to your company’s website book; you should invest in.

Furthermore, Russell Brunson’s masterpieces, Expert Secrets and DotCom Secrets, both contribute significantly to the improvement of people’s mentalities.

If you’re looking for expert advice on how to grow your business successfully you can then rely on these types of books. They include a variety of motivational and inspirational words that will help you become a successful person in your online business journey.

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