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Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 Review: Is It Worth The Hype?

Everywhere you look, somebody is trying to sell you a course on getting rich quickly, quitting your 9-5 job, and building passive income streams with blogs or affiliate marketing for beginners.

It’s pretty overwhelming, and while the results sound good, the methods and knowledge of the affiliate marketers aren’t often up to the required standards or truthfulness needed.

Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 is an affiliate marketing teaching program created by a real affiliate marketer with proven results that he can back up.

The question in this Freedom Breakthrough review is whether he can teach his methods, and is Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 suitable to use in affiliate marketing for beginners?

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Is Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 Worth The Hype?

To quickly answer the question for this Freedom Breakthrough review, YES, Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 is worth the hype. However, it’s expensive and you need to confirm whether the methods and time allocated to the course are worth it for you, especially if you’re trying to do affiliate marketing for beginners rather than being an intermediate affiliate marketer.

Freedom Breakthrough Review Rating

Program Review: Freedom Breakthrough 2.0
Founder: Jonathan Montoya
Type: Affiliate Marketing Course
Total Video Content: 100+ Videos inside this course (Watch it during your convenient time)
Course Price: $1497 (One-Time Payment) or $597 (3 Installment Monthly Payments)
Mini 3 Days Challenge Course: 3 Days Freedom Breakthrough Challenge ($7)
Money-Back Guarantee: 14-Days (Note: For money-back, you need to prove that you have watched the course and taken action on what you have learned)
Affiliate Program: 75% commission of $1497 (i.e. $1122.75 per sale Join Here)
Training: 4.8 out of 5.0
Support: 5.0 out of 5.0 Rating: 4.9 out of 5.0

Who is Jonathan Montoya?

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Jonathan Montoya is the creator of Freedom Breakthrough 2.0, and you need to trust that he can teach you his methods before you buy the program. He’s not famous, but you can research him online to confirm if there are any scam reports or issues with his methods or statements.

He started his life as an electrical engineer, hated his job, and through research and skill, was able to build a substantial passive income stream through affiliate marketing, all of this within 9 months of seriously working towards his goals.

His methods may not be out of this world groundbreaking, but they are effective and proven to work with examples and strategies that work and aren’t just somebody selling courses on YouTube as is often the case.

Freedom Breakthrough Review

Freedom Breakthrough is broken into 12 modules which provide comprehensive information and actionable affiliate marketing for beginners steps so you can get moving and earning quickly.

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Once you sign up, you get access to the 12 modules that cover different areas that you can approach and need to learn. Each module is considered its mini-course that is all effective and easy to follow when you’re starting your affiliate marketing journey.

The course includes multiple bonus offers, which Jonathan Montoya indicates are worth 11k, which may be a little bit of marketing speech, but the offers are still great options to be included.

Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 Modules

Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 is set up to give you 3 days of training across 12 modules, and afterward, you will have access to resources to refer back to as you’re setting things up. So don’t worry too much if you miss some information or need to clarify anything.

What you’ll learn during these 12 modules are –

  • The best method to be earning $1000 per day with no products of your own.
  • How to build an automated income stream within 20-30 minutes.
  • How to keep your passive income stream running for 5 hours or less per week.
  • Create multiple passive income streams using similar methods.

Day 1 involves an overview of affiliate marketing for beginners’ business models.
Day 2 is how to set up your affiliate marketing systems.
Day 3 teaches you how to bring in traffic and sales to your affiliate marketing systems.

Module 1: Intro To The Affiliate Stacking Ecosystem

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  • Section 1: How the affiliate stacking ecosystem works
  • Section 2: In-depth example of the affiliate stacking ecosystem
  • Section 3: How to pick extremely high paying niches
  • Section 4: Picking the main core offer
  • Section 5: Finding support offers for the affiliate stacking ecosystem

Module 2: The Perfect Affiliate Funnel

The perfect affiliate funnel - Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 Review: Is It Worth The Hype?
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  • Section1: What is the perfect affiliate funnel
  • Section 2: What is a lead magnet and why do we need it
  • Section 3: How to create the lead magnet
  • Section 4: Which landing page software to us
  • Section 5: Create the perfect bridge page
  • Section 6: Done for you 6-figure funnels and lead magnets
  • Section 7: Signing up for ClickFunnels Live
  • Section 8: Creating effective opt-in affiliate funnels fast
  • Section 9: Creating extremely high converting funnel pages (50% + opt-in)

Module 4: The King of Free Traffic Youtube

generating free traffic using YouTube - Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 Review: Is It Worth The Hype?
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  • Section 1: YouTube Setup Walkthrough
  • Section 2: The YouTube ecosystem
  • Section 3: How to guarantee your growth on YouTube (The 3-phases)
  • Section 4: Growing on YouTube from 0 subscribers (This works every time)
  • Section 5: How to optimize the section to Rank in the Top
  • Section 6: Automate the optimization process
  • Section 7: Key metrics to grow on YouTube
  • Section 8: Watch time and perfect YouTube script
  • Section 9: Click Through Rate (CTR) & perfect Thumbnail
  • Section 10: First 24 hours velocity tricks
  • Section 11: YouTube analytics tricks
  • Section 12: The YouTube golden keywords guaranteed to rank
  • Section 13: YouTube Shorts

Module 5: Free Traffic with TikTok

free traffic with tik tok - Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 Review: Is It Worth The Hype?
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  • Section 1: The Big Picture (Really Important)
  • Section 2: Using TikTok to blow up our business
  • Section 3: Downloading & Setting up the TikTok app
  • Section 4: Optimizing your bio and adding social media handles
  • Section 5: Content Ideas – How to guarantee growth on TikTok
  • Section 6: How much should I post on TikTok
  • Section 7: Editing sections & batch filming
  • Section 8: TikTok algorithm revealed
  • Section 9: How we will use TikTok to get leads and sales
  • Section 10: Create 12 sections in an hour
  • Section 11: TikTok live secrets
  • Section 12: Stiches, Duets, Comment Replays

Module 6: Free Traffic with Facebook Groups

free traffic with facebook groups - Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 Review: Is It Worth The Hype?
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  • Section 1: Intro to Facebook groups
  • Section 2: How to create the Facebook group (Key Elements)
  • Section 3: Growing from 0 to 1000 using a Facebook profile
  • Section 4: Grow fast using a Lead Magnet
  • Section 5: How to use the algorithm to your advantage
  • Section 6: How to write super engaging posts
  • Section 7: How to save time not replying back
  • Section 8: Use this to get social media posts written for you
  • Section 9: Numbers are KEY
  • Section 10: The Big Vision

Module 7: High Ticket Sales with Daniel Chou

high ticket sales with daniel chou - Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 Review: Is It Worth The Hype?
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Daniel Chou, a super affiliate, steps in to teach Module 7, which includes methods for selling high ticket items and getting bigger commissions quickly.

Module 8: High Ticket Sales with Facebook Organic – Featuring Joshua Ong

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Joshua Ong, another super affiliate steps in to teach you how to make high-ticket sales using organic Facebook marketing.

  • Section 1: Introduction to Joshua Ong
  • Section 2: Intro
  • Section 3: Psychology & Mindset of Success with Facebook
  • Section 4: Success Cycles
  • Section 5: The Power of Momentum
  • Section 6: Branding your Inc – Profile setting & funnel setup
  • Section 7: Deleting inactive Friends or not to target audience
  • Section 8: Adding your ideal client
  • Section 9: Daily method of operation
  • Section 10: Limitless content strategy
  • Section 11: Content Strategy
  • Section 12: The Value Framework
  • Section 13: Engagements algorithm
  • Section 14: Facebook posting strategy
  • Section 15: The power of Facebook Stories
  • Section 16: High intention, low attachment
  • Section 17: Lead generation with Facebook Groups
  • Section 18: Outbound strategy
  • Section 19: Follow-Up Strategy
  • Section 20: 5 Pillars to close High-Ticket Sales on Facebook Messenger

Module 9: Creating the Affiliate Website Asset

  • Section 1: Website asset introduction
  • Section 2: Find your Domain
  • Section 3: Start your website and lockdown your domain
  • Section 4: Backend tour of your website
  • Section 5: Deleting slow plugins
  • Section 6: Installing essential plugins
  • Section 7: Installing WordPress Theme
  • Section 8: Creating a blog post
  • Section 9: Creating a category
  • Section 10: Adding legal pages
  • Section 11: Adding menus
  • Section 12: Creating the About Page
  • Section 13: What are widgets
  • Section 14: Creating email forms & pop-up forms
  • Section 15: Website is Done, now what?

Module 10: Google SEO Mastery with Nathan Lucas

nathan lucas - Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 Review: Is It Worth The Hype?
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Nathan Lucas will step in and show you how to master Google SEO and bring in as much free traffic as you can manage.

  • Section 1: Intro to Nathan
  • Section 2: Why blogging?
  • Section 3: Understanding Search Results
  • Section 4: Search Traffic Buyer Intent
  • Section 5: Search Traffic Informative Intent
  • Section 6: Find the best keywords and siphon traffic from your competitors
  • Section 7: Generate endless topic ideas
  • Section 8: Crafting the Perfect Blog post
  • Section 9: SEO keywords to include LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing)
  • Section 10: Generate leads from your blog
  • Section 11: Automate & outsource your blog
  • Section 12: On-page SEO

Module 11: Paid Traffic with Google Ads

  • Section 1: Intro to Google ads
  • Section 2: Installing the Google Ad Pixel
  • Section 3: Keyword Research (Plan for Success)
  • Section 4: How to run a Search Campaign Ad
  • Section 5: How to run Retargeting ads on Google
  • Section 6: How to run YouTube ads
  • Section 7: YouTube ad custom placements
  • Section 8: Creating a custom audience to retarget
  • Section 9: Analyzing the data in Google ads
  • Section 10: Scaling your Googles Ads
  • Section 11: Copy my exact ads safe landing page

Module 12: Launch Jacking

  • Section 1: Launch Jacking Intro
  • Section 2: How it works and how much you can make
  • Section 3: Common questions & concerns I get
  • Section 4: How to get an article on your website
  • Section 5: Getting articles written for you
  • Section 6: How to force Google to show (Index) your site
  • Section 7: Advanced – creating bonuses
  • Section 8: Launch jacking with YouTube

Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 Bonus Offers

The bonus offers are supposedly worth $11,000 are offered to you. You can consider them additional modules with a bit of marketing hype included. They’re still great, and with so many different affiliate marketing beginner programs out there, you do need a little added hype.

Bonus 1: 3-Day White Label Course (Worth $2997)

white label course bonus - Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 Review: Is It Worth The Hype?
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Learn how to create your affiliate marketing course to sell online to the traffic you’ll be generating.

Bonus 2: YouTube Ads Breakthrough (Worth $2997)

youtube ad breakthrough - Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 Review: Is It Worth The Hype?
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Learn how to scale your YouTube ads through this 8 module course.

Bonus 3: 75% Whopping Commissions for Lifetime (With Invaluable)

75 whopping commissions for life - Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 Review: Is It Worth The Hype?
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Anybody selling Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 can earn 50% commissions, but as a member of the program, you can bump that up to 75% commission for life.

Bonus 4: Exclusive Access to Facebook Group (Worth $297)

freedom breakthrough private facebook group - Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 Review: Is It Worth The Hype?
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Connect with other course members, and you may even be able to ask Jonathan questions directly if he’s around.

Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 Pricing

As mentioned, the Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 is on the pricier side, at $1,497, or you can break that into three payments. You need to consider whether you’re serious about getting into affiliate marketing for beginners so you can be a super affiliate and be making $100,000+ within the next year.

Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 Pricing - Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 Review: Is It Worth The Hype?
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You get a 14-day money-back guarantee, so if this turns out to be worthless information, you’ve got 14 days to decide and then get a full refund, which is more than fair.

Should You Buy Freedom Breakthrough 2.0?

Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 will give you the tools to go from affiliate marketing for beginners to become a super affiliate within the next year, as long as you’re willing to put in the time and effort to utilize the knowledge you’re given.

If you’re afraid to fail and don’t want to take the risk, then walk away and just keep watching YouTube videos after work.

If you’re ready to step up and start earning money, then LET’S GO!!

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