What I Wish I Knew When Getting Started With Affiliate Marketing

What I Wish I Knew When Getting Started With Affiliate Marketing
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I wanted to go ahead and write this post about what I wish I knew before I started my affiliate marketing business.

Hopefully, this blog post of mine shall help you to avoid some pitfalls and some embarrassment of losing some money when you first start with affiliate marketing.

When I first got into affiliate marketing the first thing which drew me to the affiliate marketing business model is that you don’t need your products, you don’t need to comply with customer fulfillment like e-commerce but the fact that you simply promote other people’s products and you get paid a commission. Right?

It’s all about Automation.

One thing I wish before getting started with affiliate marketing is that I did not have the proper guidance and was doing it all wrong by starting off promoting affiliate offers from the biz-opportunity niche, i.e. promoting business opportunity, promoting make money online opportunities and the way I was doing it was that I was trading my time for money.

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So, the first thing I wish I knew was that you don’t want to trade your time for money. But, you want to learn about Automation, Sales Funnels, Email Marketing, Driving Traffic and practically, to go on an Auto Pilot stage.

The wrong way to do it is when I first started with Affiliate Marketing and it was so painful because I was getting multiple rejections because I was always emailing people, and spamming my leads.

I even went to the extent of texting people to buy contacts to grow my leads (subscribers) and frankly, it was very embarrassing facing all that rejection from people saying that I was Scamming them and all other hellish feedbacks which you can imagine.

If I knew of the automation well over time, my life would have been much easier by not listening to the constructive criticism, I wouldn’t have been dealing with people who would say the product I am trying to promote is illegitimate and all of that negativity.

So, that’s one thing I highly recommend is the process of automation!!

You Need a Lot of Traffic.

Now, another thing I wish I knew is that you need a lot more traffic than you can think. What I mean is that you need a lot of people to see your offer. You need to get a lot of eyeballs on your affiliate offer. If people are not going to see your offer, you’re not going to see any sales.

From my personal experience, a really good sales presentation converts anywhere from 1% to 3%. Let’s break that down, 1-3% of 100 clicks is equivalent to 1-3 sales. And, I am not even talking about making a funnel or a landing page. What I am trying to say is that you need a lot of visitors to make a realistic income.

Now, let’s say the product which you’re selling has a $30 commission tag and you’re getting 1 sale per day with your 100 clicks. 1% of that is $30 per day. To be honest with you, an extra $900 will do well for people but it’s not going to get you rich. You won’t get the option to quit your job. ☹️

Realistically, you need anywhere between 300 to 500 clicks per day to generate a real income. This is something which you should take into consideration.

When you’re going to be in affiliate marketing, you are going to need all that traffic!!

Be Ready to Lose Money.

Now, another thing in Affiliate marketing which I wish I knew is you are going to lose money and I was so afraid to do paid ads because every time I did paid advertisement my ads wouldn’t make it right.

I felt like I am wasting money and to be honest with you, it takes money to make money. You don’t learn something else unless you fail over and over again. So, get this out of your head, you will fail, you will lose some money and it comes with the territory. And eventually, you will succeed.

All it takes you is one successful ad to make you a bunch of money. That ad is going to make you commissions and you will re-invest some portion of that commission to maintain running that same ad.

Keep Split Testing Your Ads.

One thing I wish I knew before getting into affiliate marketing is with the paid advertisement you need to split test and optimize. Testing is Everything!!

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I use to think to stick with one lucky ad campaign will make me rich and that is not how it works. Well, you need to put up multiple ads. What I am saying here, is that you need to split test. You need to split test everything, starting from testing your sales process and to test your ads.

So, you need to always do split testing, optimizing and improving because that’s the only way you are going to be profitable. And that’s why a lot of people fail in affiliate marketing because they do not keep testing.

You Need to Upsell.

Another thing which I wish I knew before starting with affiliate marketing is that you should always be promoting with backend Upsells. Now you will ask me what does that means? Well, the initial product that you’re promoting is a $30 sale after a person purchases that product there should be an additional offer.

After the purchase of that product, there should be another additional offer. You should always strive to upsell some of your affiliate’s offers to your clients.

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Now, why is a upsell very important in the affiliate marketing business? Upsell is simply a process when someone makes a purchase of your affiliate product like $30. They are then offered an additional product that is congruent with that offer. From the advertisement perspective, it’s going to increase your overall earnings per customer. I call Life Time Value (LTV).

If you are selling a product that sells and converts well but there are no upsells, right? Then, how are you going to make money with your paid advertising for promoting that affiliate product? The bottom line, you have to get good in paid advertising.

Invest in Yourself

Back in those days, I was so super cheap, I really didn’t feel like investing in myself and if I could have done this all over again, I probably would have invested in the paid courses much sooner.

What I mean is that when you invest in yourself you are buying this person’s mistakes. What do I mean by that?

Well, somebody, who has been in the game for a long period they’re going to show you how not to make those same mistakes as he had experienced in the past as an affiliate marketer. He will guide you as to let you know this is what you need to do and this is what you need to avoid.

And finally,

Find a Mentor to Succeed.

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One thing I wish I knew before getting into affiliate marketing is that You Need a Mentor.

Now it’s not guaranteed that everyone in the affiliate marketing business has a mentor. You see what happens is that when you don’t have a mentorship is that it’s going to take you way longer to succeed. And especially in the affiliate marketing industry, time is money!!

Let’s say hypothetically speaking, even if you can invest $500 on a mentorship program, it will save you thousands of dollars in making the wrong mistakes in marketing your affiliate products, including paid advertising and help you generate thousands and thousands of dollars in profit shortly by following the right advice, strategies, and tips by following the guidance of a good affiliate marketing mentor.


No one start’s off with affiliate marketing the Right Way! There will be a lot of trial and errors. But, if you follow the right steps which I have laid down in this post, you will do just fine. My main intention is for all the newbie affiliate marketers to avert these mistakes and help you succeed faster and eventually helping you become a super affiliate.

Hope this helps to answer your question…

Over to you!

Let me know your thoughts or suggestions in the comments below.

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