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How to Market your Eco-Friendly Business (A Green Guide)

When done right, green marketing can boost your business’s standing, sales, and success.

In 2009, the leader of the beverage industry, Coca- Cola cut down on packaging. This saved them approximately $100 million.

General Electric came up with a groundbreaking idea in 2005. They increased their research and development budget (to $1.5 billion) to build more efficient machines and eco-friendly solutions. Their new product lines generated $10 billion the same year.

This is because there is a major shift in consumer mindset across the world. According to a survey, 55% of consumers are willing to spend more to purchase from eco-friendly businesses.

Going green is trending as a business strategy but Green Marketing is a new concept for most eco-friendly businesses.

Is your eco-friendly business ready to meet sustainable green marketing trends?

If not, this green marketing guide is for you.

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Let’s get started:

A green business or eco-friendly business is a sustainable business that doesn’t harm the local or global environment, community, and society. For an eco-friendly business, the production and distribution of products/services fully comply with green standards.

Successful green marketing is when your brand’s identity aligns with your ‘bring green.’ It is profitable for your business, tells consumers that you actually care, and shows your efforts as a responsible brand.

  • Your products are reusable and manufactured using clean manufacturing methods and supplies.
  • Your services use clean methods and green products.
  • Your packaging is recyclable or biodegradable.
  • You invest time, money, and effort in reducing your carbon footprint.
  • You use ABR (Already Been Recycled) materials for packaging.
  • You fund nonprofits and organizations that support green living.
  • You contribute towards local causes that foster an environmentally-friendly approach to living and doing business.
  • Your team participates in local initiatives and actively volunteers for any causes that support eco-awareness.

If your answers are Yes, Yes and Yes…. You are an authentic green business! Congratulations.

Now let’s discuss how can you make this a part of your brand identity and marketing campaign.

Here are 7 Ways for Successful Green Marketing:

1.     Getting the Word Out

Make sure to get the word out on all platforms of your web presence. Your website is an important place to get started. Weave a brand story around ‘being green,’ and ensure that everything from design to copy determines your authenticity as a green business.

One of my favorite examples is Seventh Generation. They clearly determine that their goal is ‘nurturing the health of generations to create a ‘healthy, sustainable, and equitable world.’ Moreover, they talk about climate justice, transparent sourcing, plant-based products, and recycled packaging. 

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Green Marketing: Seventh Generation Home Page Example

The logo and other design elements on your website and social media play an important role in setting an overall image of your brand. What’s better to showcase your eco-friendly brand than a green logo?

Seventh Generation uses the green color in a very crafty way. Moreover, the use of botanical elements in the design reaffirms their standing as an eco-friendly business. Another great example is Meritage Homes. They use green very smartly to highlight ‘for energy-efficient homes.’

3.     Nurturing an Eco-Conscious Workforce

Understandably, the members of a green business should represent the same values everywhere they go. A great way to create a cohesive brand image is to use eco-friendly promotional products.

You can use customized, recycled, or recyclable pens, shopping bags, paper and paper products, etc. This will help you emphasize the importance of green choices.

To make your employees more aware and conscious of the wellbeing of the planet, educate them. You can also encourage employees to participate in training, webinars, and conferences to enhance their knowledge of green businesses.

4.     Invest in Internet Marketing

When marketing your green business, choose eco-friendly ways of promoting your business. Saying less paper with a regular paper ad can harm your brand’s image.

The smart, result-driven, ‘green’ option is to invest in internet marketing. It not only reduces the expenses on promotional materials but helps you reach out to more and more people.

5.     Support Local and Global Organizations

When you participate in a local or global environmental action, volunteer, or donate, you show your brand’s eagerness to support eco-awareness. Your participation in environment-focused programs and events gives you a chance to express your brand’s standing for a healthier planet. It will also enhance your brand’s visibility and help you build your brand’s authority.

You can also create your own campaigns and host events to collab with ‘like-minded’ green businesses. this will help you amplify your green marketing strategies.

6.     Use the Power of Data Storytelling

Content to date is the king! And, the best part is that your content allows you to create an image that you desire and that you believe truly resonates with your brand. You can start a blog, craft press releases, and publish case studies.

One of the best ways for green marketing is to publish a year-end report based on visual conservation data. The report will help you share your environmentally-friendly efforts on all accounts and share their results and successes. You can also use the report to talk about any plans and strategies to boost your green efforts.

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Power of Social Media in Green Marketing

7.     Be Active on Social Media

Your target audience is hanging out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Therefore, having a strong standing as a sustainable business will pay off big time. Now is the time to revamp your social media business accounts and pour some ‘green’ love into them.

Moreover, use social media platforms to showcase your green value and efforts. Sharing pictures of your employees living and breathing eco-living will give your green business a human touch. This will also help you enhance your brand’s exposure and gain visibility.

Green Marketing- Wrapping up…

Going green is more than a trend. It is the best way for green businesses to serve people and the planet while making a sustainable profit. Marketing for green businesses is not as tricky as many believe. While planning green marketing strategies for sustainable business growth, the key is to incorporate your commitment to the environment and community within all the elements of your brand’s identity.

How to Market Your Eco Friendly Business Guide - How to Market your Eco-Friendly Business (A Green Guide)
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