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How To Create Content Even If You Are A Blogger

Even if you are a blogger, you need to continually create content to keep your audience interested and attract new readers who might have not heard of you before. However, many bloggers have trouble generating this content without breaking their own rules about the quality of content they create.

Here are the eight ways that you can use to create compelling content even if you are an established blogger:

1. Mindset

Be committed. The internet is huge, and there’s always something new to be mindful of or explore. Many bloggers will start with a focus on one topic, but after some time they will feel the need to branch out into another area of interest.

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This makes sense if it comes naturally, but it can also be distracting and have the unintended consequence of pulling your focus away from where you initially wanted your blog to go. It’s not easy staying focused on what you want the majority of your content to be about, especially when other ideas are pulling at you from every angle.

2. Having the Right Tools

As a professional blogger, creating content on my blog doesn’t come naturally. I often have writer’s block or can’t think of something to write about. But thankfully some tools have made my blogging journey much simpler.

Collaborative writing styles: This is my go-to resource for blog posts. With collaborative writing sites, you can post an idea and invite other writers from around the world to add their input. In return, you give credit to your post and list all the contributors at the end of the blog post (assuming they agree with this).

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Since I don’t want all of my ideas monopolized by one person, I turn more often than not to these sites for blogging inspiration. And when people read blogs with multiple authors, they know they’re getting a variety of prospectives rather than just one blogger’s opinion. The best part is it costs nothing to do this!

3. Time Management

One of the most common blogging questions is, that I don’t have anything to write about. What should I do? Well, that’s perfectly okay! Most blogs need time and commitment. Try looking at your life and schedule, as well as thinking back on some of your favorite blog posts. With a little thought and organization, you will be able to create something great!

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4. Prioritize

You’re always aware that you have numerous options for expanding your blog and earning more money online. You simply don’t have enough hours in the day to implement them all. Not to mention that some of these strategies are more likely to work for certain markets.

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The solution you have been looking for does not require any complex marketing strategy, it’s simple, it’s free and it works.

  • Identify what your audience cares about and spend time researching the topics they are interested in reading.
  • Share something related, with new information, or with your opinion on the topic. You should also always include pictures and videos of your family with their content as well.
  • Post often and on different days of the week to give your readers variety in what they’re reading. For example, you can post one recipe per week on Mondays, craft ideas every Tuesday, book reviews every Wednesday, and so on. This way there is always something for someone to read.

5. Outline Tips

Writing a blog outline is more than just “planning”, it is the practice of developing an idea and bringing it to life in a logical, organized, and persuasive manner. Not only does this save you a lot of time when writing your blog post, but it also results in higher quality.

  • Figure out what type of content you want to create, and why. What do your readers want?
  • Find your style. What are your strengths? What do you like talking about the most?
  • Determine what topics work best for you and which ones don’t.
  • Select keywords or phrases that will bring traffic from search engines.
  • Think about the blog design and how it reflects on its content. This can include colors, layout, fonts, images, etc.

6. Writing Tips

I have been blogging for over two years now and honestly, I can say sitting down and writing a fresh blog post could be a daunting task. Questions like where do I start, how do I put my points across, what am I going to say and how many words do I use?

7. Editing Tips

You need to stop seeing it as one of those things you haven’t gotten around to yet. Start by taking the time each day for at least an hour or purposely planning. Spend this time brainstorming, making lists, mapping out ideas for a podcast, or writing an outline for your next blog post.

Don’t let any idea go unexplored or unimplemented. There is something in every idea that could turn into something brilliant if you put the right kind of energy into it and maintain constant focus on pushing your creativity further than it has ever gone before. The hardest part can be the nitty-gritty work – you need to put on your work hat and wear it until it is done.

8. Publishing Tips

Publishing effective content is about much more than the words you choose to use. Your audience is the most important determining factor in your success. As your blog grows, turn to them for advice on how to keep publishing relevant content that gets your business BIG results.

Wrapping Up…

While it may be tempting to write blog posts as they occur to you, having a written blog content strategy will save you from hours of frustration. You will also have a lot more success. It only takes a few hours to create a fantastic blog content strategy.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post.

Let me know your thoughts or suggestions in the comments below.

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