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How To Earn Money From Affiliate Marketing

If you are unemployed or want to quit your dreaded 9-to-5 job, then you need to seriously look into affiliate marketing. This is one of the most popular ways to earn money without having to run any physical business.

With the power of affiliate marketing, you can earn thousands of dollars a month by endorsing products and services that will provide a solution to your customers.

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It’s a terrific way to generate significant passive income with little initial work and earn while you sleep. You may earn money from someone else’s product or services without having to create it yourself.

With affiliate marketing, you get the flexibility of working from the comfort of your home or while you travel. You will enjoy the process of earning consistent affiliate commissions if you set up your affiliate marketing business correctly.

According to Statistica, affiliate marketing spending in the United States has reached over 8.2 billion by this year alone, up from 5.4 billion in 2017.

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If you want to generate money online without making a large investment, affiliate marketing may be a smart choice for you.

So, let’s define affiliate marketing and how to generate money from it.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing where an individual promotes another person’s products or services in exchange for a commission on each transaction. The affiliate marketer has no responsibilities for the product quality, delivery, or maintenance of the product – other than the moral responsibility to their customers of promoting products of high value to them.

Why participate in affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing allows you to work part-time or full-time while earning a substantial residual income.

Affiliate marketing according to me is by far the easiest method I know of making money without having to shell out any startup costs and you don’t need to have any sort of computer programming knowledge.

You can start this business immediately while you are in the process of creating your products and websites.

Affiliate marketing is a revenue-generating activity that you may engage in while working on your main internet earning stream.

What’s the affiliate marketing process?

So, I won’t get much into the details of what the affiliate marketing process is about. I have attached a diagram below to help you understand the affiliate marketing process better.

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How to get started with affiliate marketing?

Getting started with affiliate marketing is not that difficult. Below are a few ways you can get started with affiliate marketing right away and start earning your first affiliate commission.

1. Monetize your blog with affiliate offers

One of the most effective ways of earning affiliate commissions is to start monetizing your blog by adding strategically placed and relevant affiliate links to your sites.

You can place affiliate links within the text of your blog post. You may believe that no one wants to visit your blog and be pitched the whole time they are reading your blog. Your job in writing your blog is not to pitch anything, but to presell and lead your readers to the call to action point of your content.

With the increased use of blogs, you will find blog readers are used to seeing links in blog posts.

2. Start your YouTube Channel

YouTube has been operating since 2005 and is still one of the most utilized social sites today.

According to Statista 2022, over 2.6 billion people worldwide use YouTube once a month.

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If you are a beginner in your affiliate marketing journey, then you need to start a YouTube channel. This will help you market your affiliate offers to a large-scale audience and a wider customer base.

Not only does having a YouTube channel help your business to engage with a massive audience but it also helps your content to become evergreen and have a greater reach.

With creative content in place, it is very easy to make it go viral not only on the YouTube platform but also on Google search.

YouTube is a great platform to promote your affiliate links. This can be done by putting the affiliate links in the description of the video. By including some interesting descriptions, you may engage your target audience with a positive response. You can add video details, make a quick review regarding your affiliate offer, make a product testimonial video, provide copyright information, and SEO description, and add affiliate links about the product which you want to promote.

Reviewing affiliate products doing video marketing can draw the right attention of your viewers and increase the number of subscribers. Again, you can create a video by alluring your audience with a special offer or providing some sort of discount. You just need to pay a hosting vendor on YouTube, and thus you can carry on your endeavors without owning a website.

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May affiliate marketers put more emphasis on YouTube to promote their high-ticket affiliate offers and multiply their income.

You not only have the option of uploading YouTube videos but after uploading your videos, you can share your uploaded video on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. This strategy allows you to indirectly boost your social media followers as well as your YouTube subscribers.

Include links to your social media networks in the video description as well as the About section, and connect your viewers to your social media channels. By putting in your social links, you can increase your affiliate income in two different ways.

3. Promote your Content on Digital Publishing Platforms

You may promote your affiliate products by using Digital Publishing Platforms online. It’s simple to set up an account and post content.

It’s easy to create an account and seamlessly publish the content. The content must be tailored according to the requirement of your target audience. For instance, a blog or written content on a popular website can draw a significant number of leads. The topics must be related to your affiliate products.

You can share the affiliate links along with the content for the readers to check out the products. However, you need a valid account on these content publishing sites to carry on your affiliate marketing work. Here you can write the content yourself or seek the assistance of an expert writer for developing the content according to your need.

4. Social Media Marketing

In today’s world, Social Media is one of the strongest pillars for affiliate marketing. Sites like Facebook have a massive reach and enable you to connect with more and more people.

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The technological boom and easy data availability help people to stay connected to these sites throughout the day. Thus, tactfully promoting your affiliate offers on social media can broaden the horizon of the possibilities of promoting the products.

These sites can help you to interact with the right buyers and thus promote your affiliate products convincingly. However, you need to monitor the engagement of your posts and keep an eye on the queries and comments. Thus you can make the best use of social media for affiliate marketing and increase your commissions.

5. Solo Ads

You can also use solo ads for promoting your products by reaching out to people through their email lists. It allows enhancing the outreach and enables you to connect with new leads.

Several solo ad providers send your promotional content to their subscribers through emails. In return, you have to pay a certain amount of fee to the solo ads provider. The payment is based on the rate per click. It also helps you in attaining instant commissions through affiliate marketing and offers vast options for increasing your opt-ins.

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However, you must conduct basic research on the reputation of the solo ads service provider before collaborating with him. Thus you can promote your affiliate products without owning any website.

6. Pay Per Click Advertising

In this case, you have to seek the assistance of Google Ads and Facebook Ads to create a platform for promoting your affiliate products. After bidding the amount you can pay for displaying your ads, you have to pay the recurring amounts to these platforms the number of times a viewer clicks on your ads.

Attracting traffic through these ads is difficult initially and takes time to broaden the follower base. If you don’t run your ad campaigns properly and effectively, you may land up spending more on your ad budgets resulting in exceeding your affiliate product commissions. However, once you develop a follower base on these ad platforms, you can gradually enhance your income.

Top Recommended Affiliate Marketing Courses

If you are just starting with affiliate marketing and want to scale up your affiliate marketing business, then I would highly recommend these affiliate marketing courses which have greatly helped me 10X my affiliate marketing business and earn great commissions.

1. SEO Affiliate Domination

Introducing SEO Affiliate Domination, taught by Greg Jeffries! The course has been designed to help you get results in a shorter period compared to other affiliate marketing courses out there in the market.

To be honest, I was a bit doubtful at first, but after going through Greg’s course and putting what he taught into practice, I was able to get the results as desired. If you follow the steps correctly as instructed in this course, you will be on your way to earning consistent 6-figure income commissions.

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This is a 12-day power-packed affiliate marketing course designed by Greg Jeffries. The course’s main goal is to teach you how to get free traffic from search engines to your website or sales funnel.

Greg launched his Affiliate Domination program back in 2017. Since then, Greg has been assisting individuals in mastering these precise tactics for earning a consistent stream of passive income through affiliate marketing.

He’s also the winner of the Dream Car competition hosted by ClickFunnels. He’s also the owner of a company called Extemporaneous Marketing LLC.

What I like about Greg is that he is very transparent about his business without any fluff. He is a legitimate super affiliate who does not guarantee fast results.

2. Legendary Marketer

This is another great affiliate marketing course that I highly recommend. Legendary Marketer is an online training institution for aspiring digital entrepreneurs. It includes digital courses, eBooks, one-to-one coaching, support groups, and even live networking events where students may meet six and even seven-figure entrepreneurs.

The company creates training resources for beginners, intermediates, and advanced students at low, mid, and high prices. It’s one of the most extensive, well-known, and user-friendly marketing programs available.

David Sharpe is the founder of Legendary Marketer. He has founded three multi-million dollar companies. Also, he has educated more than 500k entrepreneurs worldwide. David has struggled a lot in his early school and teenage.

Legendary Marketer is aimed mostly at beginners, lower-level, and intermediate marketers who want to understand the fundamentals of all successful internet enterprises to start their own.

Rather than only teaching you how to develop one sort of business, you will discover the essential concepts that underpin all successful businesses, allowing you to confidently pursue any path you like. Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals, you can branch out into any industry you desire.

3. Super Affiliate System Pro

Super Affiliate System Pro is a beginner-friendly step-by-step training program for making money through an online affiliate marketing program. It teaches you how to create super-selling ads on different social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Google.

The training provides you with the ultimate blueprint for starting your online affiliate marketing business from scratch. In this hands-on training, you will get 42 informational and 34 “Show-Me-How” videos that contain all the tips and tricks for starting an online affiliate business.

John Crestani is the founder and creator of the Super Affiliate System Pro. He’s an online marketing expert

with proficiency in using paid advertising like Google Adwords, YouTube, and Facebook Ads. He started from almost nothing and now earns a 7-figure amount from his digital marketing business. He is the CEO of Nuryst which is a private Nutraceutical Affiliate Network.

He had created the Super Affiliate program with all the knowledge and experience he has gathered over years. So you can be assured that you are learning from someone who knows his stuff well.

The Super Affiliate System teaches you how to make money online as an Affiliate Marketer. It includes a 6-week course with me than 50 hours of content in which you will get to know every aspect of affiliate marketing right from the beginner’s level. In contrast to other courses teaching people about developing niche sites, Super Affiliate System Pro focuses on creating Paid Ad Campaigns and Sales Funnels.

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4. Freedom Breakthrough 2.0

Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 is an affiliate marketing teaching program created by a real affiliate marketer with proven results that he can back up.

Jonathan Montoya is the creator of Freedom Breakthrough 2.0, and you need to trust that he can teach you his methods before you buy the program. He’s not famous, but you can research him online to confirm if there are any scam reports or issues with his methods or statements.

His methods may not be out of this world groundbreaking, but they are effective and proven to work with examples and strategies that work and aren’t just somebody selling courses on YouTube as is often the case.

Freedom Breakthrough is broken into 12 modules which provide comprehensive information and actionable affiliate marketing for beginners steps so you can get moving and earning quickly.

Once you sign up, you get access to the 12 modules that cover different areas that you can approach and need to learn. Each module is considered its mini-course that is all effective and easy to follow when you’re starting your affiliate marketing journey.

The course includes multiple bonus offers, which Jonathan Montoya indicates are worth 11k, which may be a little bit of marketing speech, but the offers are still great options to be included.

Wrapping Up…

While affiliate marketing has a lot of promise for making money online, it isn’t easy. You should only explore this choice after conducting an extensive study to understand the obstacles and whether you have the requisite talents and enthusiasm to succeed in this field.

I hope by now you have a better understanding of affiliate marketing and how to use the right strategies to start earning your first commissions.

Aim on increasing your traffic organically through affiliate marketing, it is better than posting ads.

Affiliate marketing builds trust and people are more interested in your products.

Since the affiliate you work with is already in connection with the audience and they have some level of understanding.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post.

Let me know your thoughts or suggestions in the comments below.

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