How to Evaluate If An Affiliate Program is Worth Your Time

How to Evaluate If An Affiliate Program is Worth Your Time
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With many affiliate programs out there in the market, selecting the right one is many a time a challenging task.

Keenness in studying and evaluating such programs is vital.

By implementing the right approaches in selecting the right affiliate program ensures that you get the proper returns on your investment.

Here, I have pointed out a few of the effective ways to help you evaluate if an affiliate program is worth your time or not?

Commission Rate

The rate of commission is usually very crucial in determining the affiliate program you want to choose.

If money is the crucial purpose of your selection, you need to focus on the commission and their conversion rates.

Most people prefer a commission with a higher conversion rate.

It’s quite simple if the rate of conversion is high, there is a strong likelihood for you as an affiliate to earn a higher commission.

Researchers have, hoewever; proven that affiliates with a low commission can, at times, generate more profits if the conversion rate is high.


Though competition is at times a negative matter when selecting an affiliate program, it at times proves to be a good gesture while marketing a specific product.

Before venturing into a product that you want to market, you must research and measure the rate of its competition.

Resource Article: Guide to Affiliate Marketing Competitive Analysis and Intelligence

When many people are selling and marketing the same product, the product is likely to have some high value.

Such products can bring more profits if you choose to invest in the latter.

You should, however, be keen to focus on the saturation level of the product to evaluate if it hurts the initial budget that may have been planned for you.

The more saturated a product is, the higher your chances of spending more capital marketing it.

Restrictions for Product Promotion

Researching the different promotions offered by a program allows you to know the limitations you ought to face while handling your affiliate program.

Some affiliate programs do not endorse Facebook advertisements and this may severely limit your potentials to market that product.

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Especially, if you are having a good number of Facebook followers :(

The Type of Product

Your niche determines the program that you want to invest in so that you can make profits.

If an affiliate program can’t allow you to invest in the product that you want to make profits in, then you should ignore it and select a new one.

Moreover, you must select products that have a high value and those that are likely to bring you a high value throughout the year.

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Image Source: The Red Tea Detox (Exclusively promoted for its affiliate on

I can term these affiliate products as “Evergreen” products.


Mode of Payment

The method in which a company pays its affiliate should be your utmost consideration before you invest in that affiliate program that you want to market and promote to your target audience.

Make sure to check out your merchant’s mode of payment policies.

Say, if you require cash in between the payment periods, you must choose an affiliate program that pays in the specific period that you prefer.

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Here is a sample of the commission payout structure by ClickMagick.

This could be either giving out payment end of each week, bi-weekly, or daily payment cashouts.

It also depends on whether the affiliate program investment is your part-time venture or not.

To Wrap Up…

By now you have a better understanding of what to look out for when evaluating an affiliate program.

With the right knowledge, flexibility, implementing the right strategies, and willingness to learn, affiliate marketing can be really rewarding for you.

Just remember to promote the right kind of affiliate program which has a lot of demand in the market.

Your primary aim as an affiliate is to promote a product that shall provide a solution to your customers.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post.

Let me know your thoughts or suggestions in the comments below.

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