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A Definitive Guide on How to Think like a Professional Blogger 2021

It is common these days to be subscribed to several different blogs on the internet for their engaging commentary or view on life or a particular industry.

Personally, for me, It makes sense that jumping into the world of blogging can be a great way to spread your message across the internet in a fun and interactive method.

There are two types of people who blog online and the first category consists of hobby bloggers who write about their personal lives. The second category of a blogger is one who writes and professionally creates content to make a living.

These two types of people will be reviewed and in this post, I shall be sharing with you some ideas on how to think like a blogger and find success with blogging.

To be a Hobby Blogger

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Hobby bloggers will typically write about their thoughts and opinions on various subjects that interest them personally.

These hobby posts will be the sole opinion of the author and will typically promote their lifestyle.

This can certainly gain interest and followers online and it is a great outlet for people who would like to discuss their interests and commentary on their lives.

These blogs can be fun and relevant to certain people but they do not typically produce any form of income.

Hobby bloggers will write mainly about themselves as if their posts are a form of an online diary.

I enjoyed watching this video about Weekend in the Life of a Food Blogger by Britta Britnell –

Their goal is not to change or revolutionize the world or change the lives of others. They are simply a one-sided perspective on their lives filled with stories and information that is typically exclusively about themselves.

Now, let me move on to talking a bit about professional bloggers.

To Think Like a Professional Blogger

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Some professional bloggers use their writing and blogs to generate revenue and make an income.

These people will typically create a blog about a certain niche or target markets and then link to products and services with affiliate links, or they may sell advertising space, sell courses, and other methods of generating revenue.

Ok, let me give you an example by taking my blog (The Affiliate Hub Blog) for an instance. I want to be very honest here, my main intention of having my blog is to serve a purpose, helping people know more about affiliate marketing, making money with an affiliate network, how to grow their business using social media, how to run a six-figure blogging business and more.

Yes, I’m partnered with different affiliate networks to help me monetize my blog to make sales and earn a commission.

Here is a snapshot of my affiliate partner network banner ads advertised on my blog sidebar –

affiliateads sidebar 2 - A Definitive Guide on How to Think like a Professional Blogger 2021
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Promoting my Affiliate Partner Offers in the form of banner ads on my blog sidebar section

These types of bloggers specialize in writing for specific demographic and audience and focus on their readers.

They try to figure out statistics such as gender, age, occupation, interests, income levels, etc.

This can generate a lot of income and is a viable way to start a blog.


So, you need to think over whether you want to write a personal based blog or be a professional blogger?

The choice is yours and both can be incredibly rewarding both personally and financially.

Now, over to you!

Let me know your thoughts or suggestions in the comments below.

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