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How To Write Plagiarism Free Affiliate Articles

If you’re an affiliate writer, the last thing you want to do is plagiarize someone else’s work. Not only will you get in trouble with your affiliate program, but you’ll also lose credibility with your audience. 

So how can you write plagiarism-free articles? There are a few tools that can help. In this blog post, we’ll share three of our favorites. 

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What is Plagiarism?

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, plagiarism is “the act of using someone else’s words or ideas without giving credit to that person.” 

In other words, it’s stealing someone else’s work and passing it off as your own.

Why is it important to write plagiarism-free Affiliate articles?

There are a few reasons why it’s important to write plagiarism-free articles for your affiliate website:

  • First, duplicate content can get you penalized by Google. This means that your website could be demoted in the search engine rankings, which would lead to fewer people finding and reading your articles. 
  • Additionally, readers can tell when an article is plagiarized, and this will reflect poorly on you as an affiliate marketer.
  •  Finally, if you’re caught plagiarizing, you could face legal action from the original author or publisher.

In short, it’s just not worth the risk to plagiarize your content. It’s much better to take the time to write unique, well-researched articles that will provide value to your readers.

Best tools to create plagiarism-free Articles in 2022

1. Anyword

Anyword is an artificial intelligence-based writing tool that checks and edits text for accuracy. English native speakers can also use it to improve their writing by learning from their errors. It’s a pretty good tool for both beginning and expert writers alike, in my opinion. I’ve been using Anyword for several months now, and I can see that my writing style has improved tremendously as a result.

With Anyword you can create compelling content that includes all the crucial words and phrases to help your blog content perform well on Search Engines. Particularly when it comes to content that is SEO-focused and used to demonstrate the value of your company to your customers and new visitors.

anyword 1 - How To Write Plagiarism Free Affiliate Articles
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You can perform the following tasks using Anyword:

  • Create sections of existing text to determine the most effective wording.
  • Custom keywords that include keywords that you want AI to use.
  • A Predictive Performance Score that can validate the potential of any message with an instant predictive performance score.
  • A Preset Keyword Library, that can construct the AI to advertise new arrivals, free delivery, and other popular deals.
  • Create creative optimization ideas for your current advertisements, and lift predictions of your current ads.
  • You can generate a large number of variations at once to capture and convert customers.

Plagiarism is something that you should avoid at all costs. It results in penalties and even restrictions. Using all of the artificial intelligence going on, some users might be concerned that Anyword is simply copying parts of its blog text from another source or creating material that is similar to something already available on the internet.

But, you don’t need to worry about that! Using Anyword’s Blog Project technology, you can perform a plagiarism check with just one click. You can either tell Anyword to generate more versions of the affiliate marketing blog post text or type in something yourself if it’s anything less than 100% original. You need to ensure that the text section must have at least 20 words for the Plagiarism Checker to function.

Anyword is not just only a paraphrasing tool; it also generates original content based on a seed keyword. This is almost unheard of in paraphrasing tools. It essentially transforms into an academic paper writing software, making your life much easier by removing all those tedious hours spent researching, formulating, and organizing your ideas in a text.

2. is one of the best paraphrasing tools available online. It uses artificial intelligence to create paraphrases that are both accurate and plagiarism-free.

Paraphrases created with this tool can be used in essays, papers, and articles. This tool is also helpful for writers and marketers who need to paraphrase sources for their affiliate articles. is easy to use and offers amazing features at absolutely no cost. 

Features of

  • Uses artificial intelligence to create accurate paraphrases – This tool uses a strong artificial intelligence algorithm to rewrite content, AI that works behind this tool ensures content accuracy by eliminating all hidden mistakes.
  • Free to use – One of the reasons why we recommend this tool for writers and marketers is because it can use and it does not restrict users by providing access to limited features in the free version.
  • Easy to use – Unlike other paraphrasing tools, this paraphrasing tool is quite simple and easy to use it does not ask users to fill in login details every time they have to use the tool. Also, it does not ask users to solve ReCaptchas. 
  • Creates plagiarism-free paraphrases – One of the primary features of this paraphrasing tool is that it creates plagiarism-free content which is why writers and marketers use paraphrasing tools. 

Well, we don’t just rely on words let’s run some content through this tool to see if it creates plagiarism-free paraphrases: tool - How To Write Plagiarism Free Affiliate Articles
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From this demo, we can see that rewrites content making it unique by replacing words of source text with their synonyms and doing some changes to the sentence structure though, the real context of the content remains the same. 

So, we can say that this tool is recommended for writers and marketers who are struggling with writing unique affiliate articles. 


Plagiarism-fixer promises to help users create “original, plagiarism-free articles in minutes.” It allows users to remove any kind of plagiarism in just two simple steps:

  • The user enters a text into the “Original Text” box.
  • Clicks on the “Fix Plagiarism” button.

The tool then checks the text against billions of web pages and documents. If it finds any matches, it highlights them in red. 

The user can then revise the text to make it unique. The tool also provides a step-by-step guide on how to use the tool which is helpful for beginners who never used the tool before. 

Plagiarism Fixer AI Tool 1024x487 - How To Write Plagiarism Free Affiliate Articles
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Features of

  • Checks your text against billions of web pages and documents – This tool is great as it ensures content uniqueness by comparing the text against billions of web pages and documents available online. And if any portion of text matches any source on the internet the tool highlights the matches in red so that the user can see and remove the highlighted text to make it unique.
  • Generates highly readable content – Affiliate articles demand to be honest and human-readable therefore, we suggest you use this tool for creating your affiliate articles as it paraphrases text to make it highly human-readable.
  • Check for grammar errors – This paraphrasing tool does not just rewrite text bluntly but also checks for all the underlying grammatical errors because an article with poor grammar can never catch readers’ eyes. 

Let’s run a demo text through to see how good it is in paraphrasing:

Plagiarism Fixer Paraphrasing Feature - How To Write Plagiarism Free Affiliate Articles
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The tool is good at paraphrasing therefore, we recommend this tool as we tested it ourselves which you can see in the image attached just right above.

4. is a must-have tool for every writer as it incredibly rewrites the text that is clear, authentic, unique, and compelling. This tool is free to use, you can add it to your chrome and use it with all of your favorite websites and applications.

Wordtune is compatible with several websites, including:

  • Google Docs
  • Gmail
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Slack Web

And more…

Wordtune paraphrasing tool - How To Write Plagiarism Free Affiliate Articles
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Features of

  • Autocorrection – This paraphrasing tool offers autocorrection features which is great as you might not see this feature in the other two tools discussed above. While writing articles manually we made a lot of spelling mistakes which are hard to find even in proofreading but, this tool not only rewrites the text but corrects the spelling mistakes automatically.
  • Shorten text – This paraphrasing tool allows users to shorten the text without doing any manual effort the tool will automatically shorten the text body while rewriting it all it takes from the user is a hit of a button.
  • Make the text casual – Most of the paraphrasing tools available on the internet make text extremely formal while rewriting that it becomes hard to understand but, this tool rewrites text making it casual and well-understood.

Let’s run a demo text through to see how good it is in paraphrasing:

Wordtune paraphrasing tool in action - How To Write Plagiarism Free Affiliate Articles
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Wrapping Up…

Any marketer worth their salt knows that affiliate marketing is a great way to earn a passive income. However, one of the challenges of affiliate marketing is creating content that is both informative and original. 

This can be tricky, as you want to avoid plagiarism while still providing value to your readers. However, there are a few tools that can help you write plagiarism-free affiliate articles.

In the above sections, I have discussed the top four paraphrasing tools that every marketer and writer should use for creating plagiarism-free affiliate articles. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

Let me know your thoughts or suggestions in the comments below.

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