Fail to Improve your Facebook Organic Reach

Fail to Improve your Facebook Organic Reach
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Facebook’s organic reach has been always been the topic that we, the Digital Marketers/MMOers, keep asking how to improve it along the way employing this most-used social media platform for business purposes.

Unfortunately, due to a recent update of the algorithm and orientation from Facebook, for whom among folk users are (close) friends or family relatives of your target audiences, shall be given the higher priority over brands (/Organizations), who simply communicate with them through fan pages, in terms of “reach”.

That means our voices would be less likely heard, though they have been placed in the same context.

As a result, we are forced to spend more on paid advertising (Facebook loves that) or just find out a way to balance it up without laying a heavy budget (playing it safe by implementing Facebook rules).

Wonder how? Read on.

To improve organic reach on Facebook, it is better to understand how the ‘tough’ algorithm and mechanics work in the first place.

There are three factors to keep in mind:

  1. The affinity of the publisher (Facebook’s universal users, including us)
  2. The type of content, and
  3. The engagement figures, that can be taken into account to give a score on our single post by Facebook, which determines how high it ranked on the news feed of our audiences.

While we are as what we are (whose voices are lower and reach is lesser), it is advisable to optimize the rest two factors to improve the situation at best and to win the game at last, before we decide to empty wallets for running Facebook Ads.

To say in sum, strategically, our job is to experiment with various available formats of the post, determine which ways that make our audiences engage the most, hence improving the organic reach as being fully “whitelisted” by them.

How to improve your organic reach by employing a variety of post formats?

1. Get your post options fully accessed

You may be surprised that your posts aren’t limited to text, images, and videos only.

There are several formats you can use by clicking the three-dotted (…) menu icon when creating a post.

f1 - Fail to Improve your Facebook Organic Reach
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Then you have this:

fa2 - Fail to Improve your Facebook Organic Reach
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In addition to adding images and videos to your posts, you can also tag products, play with friends Facebook games, check-in at a location, add a feeling or activity, add a “Send Message” call-to-action button and even invite users to join a Watch Party on your page.

I highly recommend experimenting with these different post types to engage with your audience in creative ways and to increase post diversity, keeping your content from becoming stale.

The more interesting and diverse your posts are, the more engagement you can obtain.

As you try different post formats, it’s always advisable to keep track of their performance.

This will help you determine which post resonates with your followers the most.

2. Share only High-Quality Images and Videos

Cheap stock photos are not going to perform well, neither are low-resolution or corny videos.

They certainly won’t improve your organic reach.

If you expect otherwise, take your time and effort to make sure they’re high-quality and visually pleasing.

Think about the type of visuals that would make you stop scrolling through your feed and pique your interest.

This kind of “wow” moments always work as the publishers get your attention quickly.

Likewise, you don’t want something that will blend in with other content and leave nothing in your audiences’ minds after glancing at your post.

This is when your creativity and humorousness play out, despite whichever your specialty/industry is.

(Though you are free to let your creativity fly, beware not to violate any Facebook Community Standards)

3. Try Facebook Live

Facebook Live is another way to broadly reach out to your followers.

Every time you go Live, your followers shall receive a push notification immediately.

Live streaming allows you to be completely transparent with your audience, who see your business as it is, without misleading mindset or faulty judgment.

Since users are more engaged with live video, Facebook considers it a meaningful interaction, hence, boosting your availability in News Feeds significantly.

Here are some examples of the ways you can use live video:

  • Broadcast a business event
  • Share behind-the-scenes footage
  • Demonstrate how a product works
  • Hold a Q&A session
  • Ask your audience for feedback about a product or service

The idea behind running a live video is to establish a sense of community.

It’s certain;y worth experimenting with to improve your organic reach in the long run.

How to improve your organic reach by earning users’ engagement?

1. Post when your audience is most engaged

Though you might have a brilliant idea and crafted perfect content, it wouldn’t make sense if you publish your post at 3 AM :-(

Do you agree with me on this?

Needless to say, your post would quickly get lost in the shuffle of New Feed content, while your audiences were still fast asleep.

Luckily, for you to remove all the guesswork, we are free to determine when they are up to it by using the Insight feature (at your page’s Insights tab) as demonstrated below.

Insightstab - Fail to Improve your Facebook Organic Reach
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Once you have identified when your audiences are most active, schedule your posts to publish at those times to increase your reach and opportunities for engagement.

Facebook’s algorithm, outside this time, will note the engagement on your post and subsequently prioritize it in your audiences’ feeds.

2. Keep Consistency in your posting

How often you post is also an influential factor in your organic reach.

While there is no rule book on this practice, you have to experiment yourself to have the idea of how frequently you post each day is reasonable and keep adjusting until it works best.

The result varied from industry-to-industry (and also your audiences’ behavior), but it is easy to judge whether a 2-times a day posting outperforms a 4-times a day one, or vice versa.

It may take time in the beginning, but it is worth it if you know how to make your audience tick.

Once you have pinned down the post frequency that delivers the best reach, stick with it each week.

Continue to track your analytics in case your audiences’ behavior changes then you need to adjust accordingly.

Always remain consistent with what proves the most successful.

3. Make your page a community hub

It’s undeniable that Facebook is where users typically like to share their thoughts.

If you want to take advantage of it, invite them to do so on your page by creating posts that spark discussions relevant to your industry.

For example, you can host weekly chats or Q&A sessions that your audience can participate in, either to learn new information or share their insights on the given topic.

Take it a step further and have a different theme for each session.

4. Purposely reuse successful content

If you realize there are a few posts that performed well, then I recommend them to keep them in your arsenal.

Then, after a while, repost them.

If your audiences enjoyed the post the first time, they will likely enjoy it again, as long as your posts don’t go against age manner or are even outdated.

Even posts that were not far successful still can be repurposed, by making slight amendments, such as rewording the text or changing the image, to see if a post performs better the second time around.

You may be surprised at what a minor change can do.

5. Share user-generated content

Users tend to be drawn to content that’s made by other users.

When one audience creates content for you to share, others will see that you are a business or brand that trust-worthy.

As a result, your engagement levels and organic reach may increase.

Whether it is a video, photo, or review, invite your audiences to create content for your page.

You can do so in the form of contests associating with the #hashtag campaigns, or simply inviting your audiences to leave their feedback about their experience with your business.

Then, you are good to go!

Additional notices of improving your organic reach

When you properly apply the suggestions mentioned above, you can be ensured that no harm is made to your business.

However, for your better result of improving the organic reach, you may like to consider the additional notices below:

Get your Facebook Fan Page Verified

You may have noticed on other pages a blue or grey badge next to the page name.

This is a verification badge, which tells the user that the page isn’t fake, that it is owned by the brand, organization, or public figure.

Having a verification badge helps to distinguish your page from those with similar names (that may try to pose as your business or lure users in).

There are two major perks of the verification badge: first, it establishes a trust that your page is authentic, and second, it pushes your page higher in search results.

(Learn more on how to make it done here)

Ask your audience to turn on notifications for your page

Don’t be scared to outright invite your audience to turn on notifications for your page, unless you don’t want your post to be prioritized in your audiences’ feeds.

When following your page, Facebook users must click on “Following” from there, they can choose how they want to prioritize your content.

If you don’t ask, they may never choose “See First” under “In Your News Feed”, hence, your newly posted content never be at the top of their News Feed all the time.

Use a balance of Organic posts and Ads

While it is certainly important, you shouldn’t rely on organic search alone, but use a balance of both organic content and Facebook Ads to maximize the outcome.

Facebook Ads (for a good reason) offer valuable targeting and Ads options that not only can improve the global reach, but also generate conversions and boost your business.

Running Ads in tandem with organic posts is widely-consented the best way to reach out to any audience over the Facebook platform.


Now you have known how to improve your organic reach on Facebook by employing a variety of post formats and some tricks to seek out audience engagement.

We can’t wait to see your business taking off with it.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post.

Let me know your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below.

And if you like it, Share it!


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