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The Insiders Guide To Affiliate Marketing Review – A Must Or A Waste?

affiliate marketing courses 300x169 - The Insiders Guide To Affiliate Marketing Review - A Must Or A Waste?
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Are you a beginner? Before taking any blindfolded step in the world of affiliate marketing you should go through some brain-boosting activities like reading some books, taking online affiliate marketing courses, etc. There are a huge number of eBooks, PDFs, and online affiliate marketing courses available in the market which makes it difficult to pick a good one for you.

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David Sharpe the man behind Legendary Marketer a super successful online affiliate marketing program has launched the latest version of his eBook named – The Insiders Guide to Affiliate Marketing.

Insiders Guide to Affiliate Marketing by David Sharpe - The Insiders Guide To Affiliate Marketing Review - A Must Or A Waste?
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If you are already familiar with the name but still not able to read it, here is a quick and honest review of the book on whether you should invest your precious time and money for it or not?

So, let’s begin with the Insiders’ Guide to Affiliate Marketing review.

About the Author

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David Sharpe is a young multi-millionaire entrepreneur who managed to earn an eight-figure salary from almost nothing. Through this book, he wants to share all the wisdom he earned through the ups and downs of his journey towards success.

David says that whether you are a beginner or an expert you have to follow certain rules before delving deep into Affiliate Marketing. In this eBook, the author has given you the key to unlocking your success in the field of Affiliate Marketing.

What’s inside the Insider’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is one of the most promising online earning platforms hitting around $6.8 billion in the USA alone in the financial year 2020-2021. Therefore, more and more enthusiasts are now trying to wet their feet in the ocean of Affiliate Marketing.

Let’s see what David Sharpe wants to convey through his eBook?

The eBook is divided into three sub-parts.

  • The foundation of success
  • Affiliate domination formula
  • The foundation to Longevity

The Foundation to Success

foudation to success - The Insiders Guide To Affiliate Marketing Review - A Must Or A Waste?
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What makes a building tall and strong? The foundation! The plant with healthy roots can have healthy shoots and fruit, the same is true for Affiliate Marketing.

Firstly, you have to make the foundation which means you need to know every single detail about what you want to be in this field, what are the basic concepts, and must-haves for this field? Once you know these little things you are all set for detailing your affiliate business.

The fundamental concepts are explained in the form of the following four chapters –

  • Why does affiliate marketing beat the rest?

    Being in the business with your own product is really a tough job to accomplish. Affiliate marketing allows you to sell products and earn commissions without actually creating one. This chapter deals with the advantages of affiliate marketing and what it means to be an affiliate marketer.

  • Being in the middle actually pays

    Many of you may have doubts about the actual success of being a middle man. David Sharpe has explained very well the concept of being a middleman and how you can earn a handsome amount by selling someone else’s product.

  • Finding the best products to promote

    This chapter gives you five important key points to think about before selecting the best product for your business which includes value, margin, marketing material, tracking, and integrity.

  • Finding a hot niche with proven buyers

    In affiliate marketing, how much you will earn depends upon the niche you have chosen. This chapter will give you an insight into finding the best and most promising niche. David Sharpe has given 3 questions to ask yourself before deciding whether a niche will be successful for you or not.

Affiliate Domination Formula

affiliate domination formula - The Insiders Guide To Affiliate Marketing Review - A Must Or A Waste?
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This part consists of a practical guide to starting Affiliate Marketing.

  • Where to get Evergreen traffic?

    Great niche, top-notch skills, and product will work only when you can get evergreen traffic to your website. David Sharpe has given some of his eye-opening recommendations or what works and what doesn’t. From where best traffic comes from and how can you apply it?

  • How to get lots of leads just by creating a two-page site?

    David says all you need to get started with your affiliate marketing business is to creat a simple two-page website. You will get to know how to lay these pages and what to put on them to get customers.

  • How to make sales?

    This chapter deals with a basic idea of how you can put your point to your customers in the form of stories to jump-start your sales.

  • Secret to scaling

    In this chapter, you will get to know when and why you need to upscale your business for getting bigger profits. All this explained in the form of in-depth analysis and examples.

  • Tracking the metrics

    Before launching any campaigns or before making any big decisiions for the business you need to know the metrics of your business. This chapter will tell you 7 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and 4 types of data you need to find the exact metrics of your business.

  • Running massive campaigns

    Campaigns and promotions are the best way to give a push to your product. This chapter will give you an insight into the 5 stages to launch domination techniques for your affiliate business.
Insider Guide to Affiliate Marketing Book - The Insiders Guide To Affiliate Marketing Review - A Must Or A Waste?
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New “Affiliate Domination Formula”  …
Gives You An Unfair Advantage Over Other Failing Affiliates Who Are Still Wasting Time With Solo Ads, And Spamming Groups With Their Link!
What’s Inside This Brand New eBook Isn’t Magic…
But For Any Struggling Affiliate, It Will Feels Like It Is When You Deploy It.

The Foundation to Longevity

the foundation of longevity - The Insiders Guide To Affiliate Marketing Review - A Must Or A Waste?
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The main problem with the young enthusiast is the lack of longevity. Many start with a boom but then get stuck to the plateau phase and ultimately quit. The secret of the business is to be in the game for a long time. This chapter will empower you with the skills that will help you not only to be in the game but also in the competition.

  • Blending the compliance and conversions

    For being in the market for long you need to think like a customer. This chapter will tell you how you can blend compliance with conversions by keeping in mind the legalities of your business and the choices of your customers.

  • Stages of entrepreneural growth

    In this last chapter, David explained that entrepreneurship is a process. How can you keep yourself charged for completing the journey towards success? He tells enthusiasts about each step of getting entrepreneural success and how one step transits the next.

The Extras

The cost of the Insides Guide to Affiliate Marketing eBook is just $1.99. Can you imagine the last time when you got anything valuable at price as low as this? It’s hard to believe, isn’t it? In addition to all this, you will also get free access to the 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge and their private Facebook group which helps you to build a better business through relationships and marketing.

Also, you will get a big discount on Affiliate Domination Blueprint and Personal Business Plan Consultation.


  • Written in casual language which makes the examples and analysis easy to understand.
  • 92 pages of wisdom plus free bonuses that too in $1.99 is a great deal to grab.
  • Relatable for both the beginners as well as experts.
  • The book comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Not a complete guide for affiliate marketing. You can use it as a funnel for getting started.

My Final Thoughts…

So here is the answer to the question you wanted to know from the beginning.

Is it worth investing in this book?

The answer is absolute YES, just go for it!

You will get a million dollars of wisdom in just $1.99.

I hope you enjoyed reading my honest review.

Let me know your thoughts or suggestions in the comments below.

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