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Legendary Marketer Review: Is It Worth The Hype?

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Running a marketing campaign is not as easy as it sounds, especially in today’s competitive age. The Legendary Marketer program will help you get started with your internet marketing business and ensure smooth and flexible operations. In this post, I shall be giving you my honest review of the Legendary Marketer program.

Affiliate Disclaimer: Please take note that some of the links inside this post review of Legendary Marketer are comprising of affiliate links. That means if you sign-up through my link and later upgrade your membership, I may get an affiliate commission for it. If you do click on one of my links, I really appreciate it! Any money I make keeps this site running smoothly and allows me to produce more high-quality reviews.

The program is designed specifically for online marketers, striving online marketers, Small Business Owners, and Coaches/Trainers.

This program has been curated by the CEO of Legendary Marketer “Mr. David Sharpe“. Sharpe is the founder of 3 multi-million dollar companies and has generated over a quarter-billion in sales online. Educated over five hundred thousand entrepreneurs worldwide.

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Legendary Marketer Review Rating

Program Name: Legendary Marketer
Owner: Dave Sharpe
Training: 4.8 out of 5.0
Support: 5.0 out of 5.0
Success Stories: 4.8 out of 5.0
Price: 15 Day Business Builder Challenge ($7), Business Blueprint ($2,500) Rating: 4.9 out of 5.0

What does the Legendary Marketer Program Cover?

The experts of this program share several tools and resources which marketers can use in the long run.

The training program covers some of the important marketing areas:

  • YouTube advertising and marketing
  • Instagram advertising
  • List building
  • Facebook advertisements
  • Facebook advertising and marketing strategies

Even though this particular training program of Legendary Marketer looks similar to various others out there in the market, it does provide various twists and turns within. Also, to begin exploring this program you do not have to make heavy payments which may crush your budget heavily. I shall come to the pricing later as we progress towards this review.

Who is this Program For?

Legendary Marketer is specially designed for marketers who want to learn key concepts in all successful online businesses so that they can grow their own:

  • Complete Beginners
  • Intermediate

Instead of just teaching you how to create one type of business, you learn the basic concepts of all successful businesses, so you can take whatever route you want with confidence. Once you have learned the basic concepts, you are free to make your own choice of the industry you want to shift to.

Once you explore and complete the Legendary Marketer program you will get the strong basic knowledge about the following:

  • Running a Successful Affiliate site
  • Setting up your eCommerce Brand
  • Running a Successful YouTube Channel
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Lead Generation Strategies
  • Facebook Marketing Strategies

After this, you could choose the path which you feel is better for you and begin with your journey to learn more about the same.

The specialty of the Legendary Marketer program is that it is easy to follow and you get assignments regularly to make sure that you are making the most out of the program.

Everyone also gets access to the 15-Day Online Business Challenge which gets you taking action right away and headed down the right path with Legendary. Just the first 3 days alone created the WOW factor moment in me.

15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge

About the Challenge

By the name of this program, it is clear that it is a program of 15 days in length within which, you get 15 different jam-packed videos to learn the very basics of setting up your online business. I feel this is one of the best training programs where you could learn the necessary skills to maintain, run and establish your online business.

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Every trainee is assigned a business plan advisor which is something special about this challenge, and frankly, I haven’t seen any other program do this. From time to time your business advisor with Legendary will follow up with you and check up on your progress and if you have any questions to clarify via Zoom calls.

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The 15-Day Business Builder Challenge program is packed with 15-days of value-packed videos hosted by David Sharpe focusing on the following:

  • What to do?
  • How to do it?

What’s Included in the 15-Day Business Builder Challenge (Day Wise Plans)?

Each day you will learn various skill sets required to launch your online business. So, let us begin with a brief introduction about the content that is being covered on each day of the program beginning from the very first day to the fifteenth day of it.

Day 1: Learn How to Begin and Scale a High-Ticket Business

  • There are billions of exciting ideas present in everyone’s mind but it is hard for them to execute those ideas and turn them into real success.
  • People usually fail because they lack the required knowledge and skill.
  • You will just learn this, on the very first day of the program.

Day 2: Learn the “Core 4” High-Ticket Business Models Online

  • Mostly we do not get results because we do not attempt to solve the problem practically.
  • On this day you will practice what you learned on Day 1, more of a recap.
  • Learn about running high-ticket online businesses.
  • Learn about attracting customers and engaging them in conversations.
  • These are the sales funnel steps.

Day 3: Demonstration of How to Build a Business in under 30 Minutes

  • Get an actual demonstration of how to build an online business using ClickFunnels.
  • Become a master in establishing an online business.

Day 4: Learn to Master the Inside Game involved in making Wealth

  • On this day, learn to attract wealth and build a great mindset.
  • You will be given a “Clarity Process Questionnaire“, fill this out to get better clarity about the things in life you want o to achieve, and define your clearer goals.
  • This process will help your Business Advisor understand your goals and help you take the required action plans to achieve them fast.

Day 5: Develop a Business Plan

  • Students will learn to plan their businesses through PDF files, ad templates, email swipes, and video scripts.
  • They have a “Business Blueprint Bundle” for those who need that extra help getting started.
  • The cost of the Business Blueprint Bundle is $2,500.

Day 6: Ask Your Doubts

  • Have questions about the daily training you have had? Get them all answered by Dave Sharpe and the pros who are already making it BIG in the online internet marketing industry.
  • There are so many insights from the trainees and testimonials to help you learn even better.

Day 7: Understanding when to Quit the Job and Build an Online Business Full-Time

  • Know exactly when to jump from being a side hustler to a full-time entrepreneur.
  • Sometimes getting a job is needed for your online business to perform.

Day 8: Learning High-Income Skills

  • This day could be considered an introduction to a few high-income skills that you would learn in the next three days.

Day 9: Lead Generation

  • You will learn about the customer acquisition process and how you can generate leads swiftly for your business.

Day 10: Copywriting

  • Copywriting is an important skill to have which can help you learn the art of selling.

Day 11: Learn to do Sales and Present Better

  • Learn to close more sales by understanding your customers, and by making them feel special.

Day 12: Outsourcing

  • You will learn about outsourcing properly when your workload crosses a specific threshold.

Day 13: Use “OPM” to Build Your Business

  • Learn to leverage people’s money to make your success.

Day 14: Avoid “Wantrepreneur Syndrome”

  • Learn to reprogram your subconscious mind to generate more money and success.

Day 15: “Journey” and “First Sales”

  • Dave Sharpe talks about his earlier struggles he had faced in the network marketing industry and how he decided to transform his life by working hard smartly and earning his first sales.
  • This was a very special day for me because I got a chance to get complimented by Dave Sharpe for completing my 15 Days of Business Builder Challenge.
Completion of the 15 Day Business Builder Challenge - Legendary Marketer Review: Is It Worth The Hype?
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What are the Pros & Cons


  • You get to acquire a lot of knowledge with the 15-Day Business Builder Challenge.
  • Great affiliate backend.
  • Replays of the weekly webinar.
  • Responsive and fast customer support.
  • Get help and support from your Business Advisor.
  • Legendary products are constantly being updated.
  • Access to Legendary Marketer private Facebook group.


  • Acceptance into the affiliate program is not guaranteed.
  • No focus on SEO strategies.
  • Need to pay monthly to earn a higher commission should you decide to become an affiliate.
  • Some of their high-ticket live events are super expensive.
  • The Business Builder Challenge is expensive to join and may not be good for newbie affiliate marketers.

What about the Pricing?

You can start with an investment of as low as $7 for joining the 15-Day Business Builder Challenge. They do offer other different products but to be honest this is the best product to join. You may also wish to grab your Insiders Guide to Affiliate Marketing (90-pages ebook) from Legendary which costs only $1.99. This gives you a complete walkthrough of marketing for beginners.

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My Final Thoughts…

This program is a comprehensive course that teaches you the fundamentals of marketing and the reliable tools that will help you grow your business in the long run.

A budget-friendly program will be easy on the pocket and will make a newbie learn new high-income skills and get a lot of practical experiences and tools to use, to begin with, their online marketing career path.

Also, this course helps trainees bring clarity to their plans and stay more focused using the shared techniques.

I would recommend this course to anyone who is thinking about starting an online internet business from scratch.

Finally, I can say that the Legendary Marketer Course is definitely worth the hype!

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