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How To Make Passive Income Using ClickBank (Complete Guide)

Clickbank is perhaps the unique platform on the web to bring in cash online with affiliate marketing. This online stage has changed the lives of many thousands or maybe a huge number of individuals by assisting them with producing automated revenue.

So, let’s dive in and see how you can make passive income using Clickbank.

Ways to Make Money on Clickbank

There are two principal approaches to make money using Clickbank. The primary route is to make your products and market them. The other way is to avoid the product creation step and list other people’s products while taking a commission from each sale. Apart from this, the commission rate ranges between 1% to 75%.

1. Selling Your Products on Clickbank

Clickbank, by far is one of the best affiliate networks to make money, makes it simple to advertise your products and ventures. You’ll be charged a $49.95 one-time expense for turning into a vendor on Clickbank. This is a one-time activation fee that must be paid when a ClickBank Vendor’s first product is approved.  Once that’s done, you’ll be able to set the commission rate you would like to pay to your affiliates.

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When your product is listed with ClickBank, your affiliate will begin marketing it from their end and eventually increase sales for your product.

2. Selling Other People’s Product on Clickbank

As well as selling your items on Clickbank, you can likewise go about as an affiliate and market items (offers/digital products) listed by different sellers (vendors) on Clickbank.

When you join to turn into a member on Clickbank, you can promptly use the various items accessible for you to sell.

Clickbank has more than 4,000 exceptional items listed on the stage; in the first place, it very well might be helpful to filter your search by selecting the item type based on conversion, popularity, recurring billing, and commission percentage.

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It’s critical to thoroughly survey the seller’s business page before focusing on marketing their affiliate offer.

They might be offering a 75% commission rate, and however, if their site doesn’t seem reliable, you’ll not be in a situation to generate decent sales, paying little in mind that you drive traffic to their affiliate offer.

How to Effectively Market Clickbank Products to Create Income?

1. Focus on Writing Blog Articles

You can use blog articles to stand out enough to be noticed by your readers and afterward presenting your Clickbank affiliate offer in certain section/sections of your content.

I would recommend you focus on writing affiliate product reviews. By writing reviews you’re sharing your experience with your readers about the product you’re using. That way your readers will feel the legitimacy of the affiliate program you’re trying to promote to them.

In your review post, you should include a brief introduction of your affiliate product, share pros and cons, pricing, and other important things, it helps others in knowing about a product and how it can help them.

2. Facebook Page

Building a fan page (Facebook Page) on Facebook is a recommended choice since most audiences are using social media daily. You can populate your Facebook Page with content connected to your landing page site and use it to direct people to your main affiliate offer page.

Promoting your affiliate links directly on Facebook (linking directly to a sales page) may sound tempting as it is very easy to do, but I would recommend this strategy as there may be a very chance of you getting your account suspended by Facebook as per their FTC guidelines.

A better way is not to post affiliate links on Facebook but rather draw traffic to a piece of content where you tell people about the product and its benefit. People will be much more likely to click and buy from your affiliate links included in your content than if you directly send them to a sales page from Facebook.

3. Uploading YouTube Videos

Recording YouTube videos, creating how-to guides, and directing your viewers to purchase your Clickbank affiliate offer has been an exceptionally well-known proven tactic.

There’s nothing unpredictable associated with this strategy. You can just take out your phone from your pocket, and start to video yourself talking about the facts, and afterward urge your viewers to click the link below your YouTube video description page that you’re an affiliate for.

When it comes to promoting Clickbank products on YouTube, it’s far less restrictive compared to Facebook. This is because you can promote a direct Clickbank affiliate link on your YouTube video description page. But I would recommend that you shorten your Clickbank affiliate links (long and ugly links) by using a link a shortener tool like

At the end of the day, it’s really up to you, regardless of whether you want to make informational content or promote a direct affiliate offer in the form of a video review. You can make easy revenue from both content types.

And, if you’re a camera-shy type of person like me, then you can use Visual Animations using software tools like Videozy to make it more engaging.

4. Create Podcasts

Audio content is gaining popularity at a very fast pace. If you don’t grab the opportunity at present, it will be problematic later on. Hence, you can record digital podcast episodes on the topics you like and afterward add affiliate links in your audio podcast description for your audience to purchase. Record, publish, incorporate affiliate links, and see your income go up.

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5. Pinterest

Pinterest is a well-known rising social platform with countless individuals using it and devouring visual content every day. You would first be able to make an account, round out your profile information, create boards, and afterward make quality pins that connect to your affiliate offers.

Here’re a few of my boards that I like to use when pinning pins content articles having my Clickbank affiliate offers –

You will not find that it is valuable with Clickbank affiliate hop links, as Pinterest may have some quality issues with the links. Along these lines, you’ll initially need to set up an article or a video and then link that piece of content to your pins.

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I would recommend creating at least 20 pins per day initially to get some excellent tractions to your pins.


6. Instagram

If you’re planning to promote a Clickbank affiliate offer on Instagram, you’ll need to build a theme page in a niche you want. A theme page is a page that is committed to one niche, and the content on that page should only focus on your specific niche content related to the affiliate offer you wish to market.

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Instagram Theme Page @completedigitallifestyle

Ensure that you’re posting acceptable content explicit to your niche, use hashtags relevant to your posts, and start following Instagram users who follow other comparable pages in your niche that have a greater number of users than yours.

Whenever you’ve gotten sufficient reach to your account, and you’ve started fabricating an audience of people, you’re at that point going to need to begin guiding those followers to your Instagram bio-page link. You can offer them a free valuable eBook when they sign up for your newsletter.

Regardless of which technique you use, the outcome will take time. For every one of the procedures referred to above, it is recommended that as opposed to focusing on a single technique, you should use every one of them and assemble a marketing funnel around them, which can lead you to some great results.

To Wrap Up…

Clickbank is one of the best affiliate networks to make money as it’s one of the simpler platforms to explore through and create a good income.

Since you realize how, to begin with, affiliate marketing through Clickbank, it’s presently on you to make a move.

I would suggest you go over my post again if you have to, as well.

Take a few notes, and continue to accomplish more research on Clickbank and the affiliate marketing plan of action all in all.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post.

Let me know your thoughts or suggestions in the comments below.

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