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SaleHoo Review 2022 – Can You Trust This Wholesale Directory Platform?

SaleHoo is a New Zealand-based business that started in the year 2005. It was developed as the directory of wholesalers and drop shippers around the world.

Originally, it had more than 8,000 wholesale suppliers and dropshipping businesses. The platform also has millions of products that they sell to the paying members of the platform.

Again, SaleHoo is a directory service, and they are not a manufacturer of any product. Still, the platform has become a prominent supplier in the eCommerce space in China, the UK, Canada, and the US.

But, is SaleHoo worth the hype? Or, is SaleHoo worth it?

Well, if you also have any such questions, then this is the right blog post for you! In the following section, I’m going to review SaleHoo and identify whether you should trust the platform or not?

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SaleHoo Review Rating

Product Name: SaleHoo
Type: Dropshipping, Training, and Special Directory
Founder: Simon Slade
Support: 4.8 out of 5.0
Success Stories: 4.9 out of 5.0
Who is it For: Anyone who wants to source the best products for running a successful eCommerce store Rating: 4.9 out of 5.0

How does SaleHoo help eCommerce businesses?

SaleHoo intends to help all the eCommerce businesses by providing all the essential tools required for dropshipping and online selling. You can directly get in touch with the suppliers and buy the best-selling goods in every niche.

The problem that SaleHoo solves is that they eliminate the long and tedious process of testing different wholesale products. SaleHoo gets this done for you.

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All you have to do is to contact the supplier that you need for your product, place the order, and then SaleHoo takes over. It is also the trust factor working in your favor because you can develop a long-term association with the suppliers that might help you in the future.

All you need to do is get in touch with the suppliers that have the products you want to sell, and start to build up the relationship. In the following section, let us discuss how SaleHoo works and you can make the most out of the platform for your eCommerce business.

How does SaleHoo work?

SaleHoo provides you the opportunity to find the right wholesaler for your business. You have the choice to find the manufacturer that can match up to your quality requirements.

You can talk to the supplier directly, as the supplier details are shared by SaleHoo. There you can share your quality requirements along with the item count and minimum order numbers, and get an estimate for the cost & delivery date.

SaleHoo accelerates the whole process of choosing the right supplier. You will find multiple suppliers with a wide range of quality and quantity of products at the right price.

SaleHoo Pricing

SaleHoo pricing starts with the one-year access at the flat price of $67, and the lifetime access of $127.

This fee is quite less compared to many other rival platforms providing a similar set of services.

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Not only does SaleHoo provide the best price in the market, but it also comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked.

To claim your 60-day money-back guarantee, all you need to do is just send an email at within 60-days of your receipt number, and you will get your money back.

Products and Services offered by SaleHoo

The best value is provided by the SaleHoo One Year Access Plan which costs $67.

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Here’re some of the products and services that you get along with SaleHoo:

SaleHoo has around 1,000 reliable suppliers for dropshipping. SaleHoo takes complete responsibility and audits every drop shipper by themselves. This eliminates one more critical problem with finding the supplier manually is to check whether the supplier is legitimate or not. On SaleHoo, there are no chances of any fraud or failure on the delivery part by the suppliers.

On SaleHoo, you get the following details of all suppliers available on the platform:

  • Contact information
  • Product range
  • A quality score of the products on offer
  • Existing customer reviews
  • Shipping details

SaleHoo also divides its sellers based on product categories. The platform has different product categories such as Clothing, Shoes, etc.

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Whether you are selling domestically or trying to target a foreign market. For example, if you are not able to find the desired supplier in your country, then you can get in touch with a drop shipper working in the target market to expand your business.

The platform is easy to use, and there are different filters for selecting suppliers such as minimum orders.

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This is ideal for a startup because there are requirements for low-range products. If you are planning to startup, it is ideal that you can start and test with a small order.

Market Research

SaleHoo is great for doing any kind of market research using its Market Research Lab tool, where you can choose the location, and add the currency.

SaleHoo Market Research Lab Tool - SaleHoo Review 2022 - Can You Trust This Wholesale Directory Platform?
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It is great to study a market because you can compare the wholesale price of a product and then compare it with your rivals. This gives you the advantage to set a competitive price for your products.

Keep in mind that nothing beats the rivals than competitive pricing. One more thing that SaleHoo makes special is that they show the low competition goods.

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This is ideal for startups, as they can identify the opportunities in low competition products. This allows brands to stand out and become special in a competitive market.

Also, there are monthly revenue reports showing season sale patterns to stay at par with your rivals.

Pros and Cons of using SaleHoo


  • Customer Service: As a SaleHoo user you can do a fast search for ‘SaleHoo customer service’ and it will be hard for you to find a negative word about them.
  • Brands: SaleHoo offers some of the best brands hosted on their platforms, such as Disney, Lego, Adidas, and Sony.
  • Suppliers: Both vendors have been thoroughly vetted, you can rest assured that you will not get duped. If you choose to find your suppliers, things may become complicated.
  • Training & Support: Because SaleHoo is geared toward assisting e-commerce entrepreneurs in the early stages of their journey, they must receive proper training and support. They provide you with 50 step-by-step guides and videos. Because SaleHoo anticipates that the majority of their customers will be looking to sell on eBay or Amazon, they have also provided some guides on selling on those platforms.
SaleHoo Training Support Guide - SaleHoo Review 2022 - Can You Trust This Wholesale Directory Platform?
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  • No Hidden Costs: You just pay an annual fee of $67. You will end up paying a supplier an application fee but you will do so in advance.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: As I have mentioned before in this post, SaleHoo offers its users a 60-day Money-Back Guarantee and you get a full refund if you are not satisfied using the SaleHoo platform.
  • Low Minimum Orders: A fantastic benefit, especially for those looking for wholesalers. You may have purchased storage space and did not have a lot of space, to begin with, or you may not want to spend too much money. This process is made easier using SaleHoo’s low minimum order requirements.
  • Market Research: By using SaleHoo’s Market Research Lab Tool, you can filter certain geographic locations and choose the desired currency. This will allow you to compare the wholesale price of a product and then compare it with your rivals. You get to access the industry dynamics, use seasonal goods and evaluate the level of competition to ensure that you are on the right track to selecting the most profitable products to sell.


  • Marketplace Fees: SaleHoo understands that many of its buyers will undoubtedly sell their goods on eBay and Amazon. However, if you buy a product from a wholesaler or drop shipper and then sell it on one of these marketplaces, your profit margin may be small. Third-party sites charge advertising fees, which will assist you in making money.
  • Branding: This is not just a problem for SaleHoo, but all wholesalers. It’s difficult to build a brand and reputation for your company when you sell things to other people. As a result, SaleHoo vendors do not sell on their websites and instead sell on third-party marketplaces.
  • Limited Amount of Products: SaleHoo may offer around 1.6 million products on their platform, but this does not scratch the surface of the 16 million Worldwide Brands that have been supplied.

My Final Thoughts: Is SaleHoo worth it or not?

Yes, SaleHoo is worth it and you should consider this if you are someone who wants to enter into the eCommerce business. There are thousands of suppliers with different product catalogs that can help you in scaling your business.

Although this might not make your business an overnight success, you must try to make the best of this opportunity. The pricing structure is quite affordable as well because you can get started with as low as a $67 annual fee. Not to mention, their 60-day refund policy makes it one of the options to consider to grow your online business.

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