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5 Simplest Affiliate Marketing Strategies That Still Work

These days, you’ll find many affiliate marketing strategies used by most successful affiliate marketers, which help scale up their commissions and sales.

Some tactics may seem advanced, but they are typically based on the fundamentals of affiliate marketing.

Take note that you need traffic, content and place the perfect audience.

Your goal is to value and guide the reader towards a purchase.

Your job as an affiliate marketer is to be that “intermediary” who takes an interested visitor to the sales page that will go to sell the item.

Just connect the buyer to the seller, and you receive the payment of your share.

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Image Resource: Smart Blogger

Other details could be boiled down to this goal.

So, in this post, I have strived to present some highly simple affiliate marketing strategies that still work.

1. Paid Ads

Most marketers stay away from paid advertising, as it is nearly inevitable to lose some money throughout the testing stage.

Resource Article: How to Use Paid Traffic Channels in Affiliate Marketing

Nevertheless, you must give this a try, especially if your budget permits it.

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You’re simply not losing income, but you’re capitalizing on data.

A winning and successful campaign can preserve the losses in just days and yield you a remarkable profit.

2. Email Lists

Always aim to build your list.

You can have a pop-up on your website alongside a freebie, which motivates your visitor to opt-in.

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You can have the links in your social media accounts pointing to your landing pages.

Resource Article: How to Utilize Your Email Signature Effectively when Marketing via Email Lists

You can do whatever you wish to create your list.

You can market the products, which will be well-received after you got the list and establish your connection with them.

Remember: an email list will be one of your greatest assets.

3. YouTube Channels

Are you shy to be in front of the camera?

You can still perform PowerPoint presentations or unboxing videos through a voiceover.

To give you a perfect example as to how you can create a professional voiceover YouTube video for an unboxing video here’s a quick video tip from iLuvTrading on how to make simple YouTube videos behind the scenes –

Did you know that YouTube is a great source for free traffic?

Invest your time in making appealing and eye-catching video content, which is optimized to rank too.

Make sure your link in the video descriptions either to your website or a landing page.

A few affiliates want to link directly to the product.

However, it is smart to try and capture your lead.

After all, nothing beats the power of follow-up after.

4. Pinterest Boards or Facebook Groups

Have you noticed how everybody and their pets are on social media today?

Having Pinterest boards and Facebook groups dedicated to your social niche will enable you to tap into current hotbeds of traffic.

To give you an idea, below are a few of my Pinterest Boards that I use to promote my affiliate marketing pins.

To grow your own Pinterest board takes time as you need to share other people’s pins to your own board linked to your Pinterest board niche. Not to mention, you need to constantly create your own Pins using creative tools such as Canva or sometimes you may need to outsource high-quality pin/infographic creation work from Fiverr.

So, I would highly suggest you also join other people’s Pinterest Boards which have much larger followership to get better exposure and traction to promote your affiliate offers (i.e. creating your own customized pins and linking them to your sales landing page, affiliate product review page, etc.).

I hope you get the idea!

You can do that while targeting the audience interested in your niche.

The links in your pins or Facebook posts will allow the traffic to trickle to your website and get sales.


5. Niche Sites

Why don’t you create a niche site to market a wide array of products?

The content places in between your links will help you receive sales, especially when done right.

Understand the fundamentals of creating a site, optimizing it, making content that converts, and a few more stuff.

Here’s an example of a perfect niche site promoting high-converting money-making system and spirituality affiliate programs.

affiliate marketing niche site - 5 Simplest Affiliate Marketing Strategies That Still Work
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Image Source: systemagility.com

Your earnings will grow substantially as long as you develop your site.

There you have it!

These are top simplest affiliate marketing strategies that still work.

Which one of these are your favorites?

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post.

Let me know your thoughts or suggestions in the comments below.

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