Four Cricket-Proof Social Content Ideas to Boost Your Post Engagement

Four Cricket-Proof Social Content Ideas to Boost Your Post Engagement
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Some of the most common reasons businesses don’t post more often on social media is because A) they don’t know what to post, and B) the posts they do create don’t garner much response, so they feel unmotivated to keep churning out content. 

If you can relate, the good news is that both of these problems have a simple solution that requires only a slight shift in strategy (provided here) and a framework to work from (also provided here). 

Strategy Shift: It’s Not You, It’s Them

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When it comes to what to post on social media, your business isn’t really about you. It’s about your audience.

When I’m asked to perform social media audits on new clients’ accounts, I see so much value being offered, but it’s often not being seen because it’s not speaking to their audience’s desires, struggles, and dreams – they can’t see themselves in the posts.

If you want more engagement, more sales, more eyes on your posts, get to know your audience on a whole new level. Make them stop scrolling with an image that grabs their attention, then get them to say, “OMG that’s ME! How did they know?!” when they read your copy. 

So think for a moment about your audience and jot down some notes about who they are. What are their biggest roadblocks/frustrations/struggles? What keeps them stuck? What are their goals? How are you the perfect person to solve these problems and help them reach those goals?

Once you have this kind of insight about your clients, you can start writing posts that consider them and their perspectives, using the following framework.

What To Post: The Four-Post Purposes

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Now that you have your audience in mind as you begin to craft your upcoming content, most of your content should fall into the following categories: Inspire, Inform, Build Trust, and Engage.

Post Type #1: Inspire

This type of content gets your audience to instantly stop scrolling with a post that knows them and their goals, frustrations, and fears so well, it’s almost eerie. 

They read it and think, “Wow! I SO needed to hear that today. The timing is perfect.” And from there, they’re liking your post and even commenting to thank you for its impact (Boom! Engagement). 

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Inspiring posts often come in the form of clean, simple, attractive graphics that are easy to read, so your audience can take them in quickly and connect with them. Quotes are an excellent way to inspire your audience; they can be famous quotes from others (just be sure to give credit) or even your own words of wisdom. 

Pair the image with a caption that speaks to your audience’s goals and struggles, and you’ve got yourself a captivating inspirational post.

Some examples of themes to try:

  • Encourage your audience to keep going
  • Let your audience know they’re not alone
  • Help your audience feel good about themselves

Post Type #2: Inform

This is where you get your chance to really demonstrate your expertise, provide value to your audience, and get them curious about working with you. In your informative posts, you speak directly to the struggles your followers are likely to have and present a simple solution.

The goal is to stop your audience in their tracks because this is exactly the information they’ve been looking for (“How did they know?!”).

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The best way to hook your audience and get them to notice the information you’re posting about is with a graphic that succinctly describes the problem or solution. You can use an eye-catching image as well, but if you do, you’ll be counting on your audience reading the caption to take in the value you’re offering, so make sure the image is one that sparks curiosity and makes them want to read to find out more. 

The beauty of a graphic that presents a solution is that your audience sees it right away and will instantly want to read on because you’re speaking directly to a problem they’re having. Some examples:

  • The best way to do X without having to do Y.
  • Still, struggling with _____? Here’s what to do. 
  • My top 5 tips for doing _______.


Post Type #3: Build Trust

Really, you can and should be building trust with just about every post; inspirational posts show you care about your audience and informational posts demonstrate your expertise and credibility. 

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However, there are posts you can craft that are specifically designed to build trust as well, or more specifically, the Know-Like-Trust factor. These are the posts that give your audience more of a glimpse into your life (so they feel like they know you); share a bit more of your journey, especially as it relates to theirs (so they like you); and demonstrate to them that you’re actually a lot like them (so they trust you). Often these are the behind-the-scenes posts where you share a bit more about your background, your business, and your everyday life.

Some examples:

  • Images of you and/or your team taking part in activities you enjoy
  • Images of you with your loved ones
  • Images of you and/or your team in your business
  • Images of you and/or your team celebrating a win
  • Selfies (yes, selfies)

The caption for any of these can be a quick description of what the image is of and why it’s important to you or it can tell a story about yourself (bonus points if the story describes you overcoming an obstacle that your audience faces). The point is to give your audience a glimpse into who you are (not just what you do) and get them to relate to you on a whole other level.

Post Type #4: Engage

Like building trust, engagement is something that you can weave into any post you create. You can always add a Call-To-Action (CTA) that directs people to like, comment on, or share your post to increase engagement on all of your content.

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You can also utilize some posts specifically to request and encourage engagement. These posts are fairly straightforward: They ask your audience a question and request their responses in the comments or by a show of likes. These posts ask a question directly on the image or graphic so your audience sees it instantly and is, therefore, more likely to engage with it. 

These posts can contain simple, straightforward questions, such as:

  • Name one thing from your childhood that kids these days wouldn’t understand.
  • Who is the most interesting person you follow on social media?
  • What wins are you celebrating this week?

They can also take the form of a mini-game for your audience; these are a lot of fun and generally draw a lot of engagement. You can find these kinds of posts online, on Pinterest, or in Facebook groups, or you can create your own. Some examples of these are:

  • Your business slogan is the last text you sent. What is your slogan?
  • In the comments, type “With this ring, I…” and then fill in the rest with the middle text prediction option (share yours in the comments!)
  • Write the first word that pops into your head when you read the last word in the comments.

You can even use engagement posts to do some market research on your audience (to help you craft your next set of posts in all of these categories!). For example:

  • What is your biggest frustration when it comes to ________?
  • If you could wave a magic wand and solve one problem in your life (or business), what would it be?
  • What is your biggest goal this year (or quarter, or month)? 

Get In Touch

If you’re looking for more support with creating content or managing your social media, or if you’d like to know how to customize these kinds of posts for your business, please be in touch! Click here to send me an email or to schedule a complimentary, zero-pressure consultation. 

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