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Social Media Marketing during COVID-19 (5 Steps to Boost your Strategy)

The novel coronavirus has changed the way we live, connect, and work.

You would be surprised to learn that 44% of people are spending more time on social media during the pandemic.

Likewise, the world of social media marketing has changed, and you should too.

In these times of distress, entrepreneurs and business owners are adopting new marketing tactics and figuring ways to recommend their customers.

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Social media is filling the void that social distancing has created.

Social media marketing is an easy and effective way of maintaining that connection.

Businesses are realizing the power and role of social media.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit, etc. play an important role to fill in this gap.

These popular social platforms are getting more and more traffic.

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And, it is time for businesses to change the way they use social media.

How can you use Social Media during the Pandemic?

Here, I would like to highlight some important factors which you can use social media during this pandemic crisis.

1. Digitalizing your Marketing Campaigns

It is impossible to survive in a competitive market without having a strong social presence.

But right now, shift your focus and finances from traditional marketing tactics.

Invest your money where the audience is.

Instead of TV ads, event marketing, etc. focus on social media marketing.

importance of social media in business - Social Media Marketing during COVID-19 (5 Steps to Boost your Strategy)
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Think of social media ads, videos, and podcasts.

2. Target the Changing Consumer Mindset

Everything including the mindset of your target consumers is changing.

Businesses should make sure that their message addresses the new approach.

Be smart and swift, and update your digital marketing materials.

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This includes your marketing emails, social media posts, and comments.

This also includes the way you interact with your clients on social media.

3. Engagement on Social Media Channels

If you record promptly to the changing situations, you must have stepped back a little when the pandemic took the toll.

That was the time when anything you posted looked opportunistic and could backfire.

Now, we are past that!

And, now we are meeting a very eager and engaged social media crowd.

The comment section of your social media posts is the best place to connect with your clients.

So, small businesses should focus on maintaining and enhancing engagement.

4. Paid Social Media Marketing

The cost of social media marketing has dropped.

Since small businesses got affected by the pandemic and stopped funding their campaigns.

Not just all businesses, but there have been certain brands that have taken advantage of this pandemic crisis to boost their social media advertising spending.

Cleaning brand Dial has been promoting the CDC’s recommendation for handwashing using Facebook and Instagram platforms.

On Facebook, Dial has seen a 25% day-over-day increase in their ad impressions, up to 25% on YouTube, and up t0 30% on Instagram.

However, the drop is not going to last.

Businesses are seeing the potential and revisiting their use of social media.

If you act fast, you can use these dropped rates to boost your social media tactic.

5. Curating Content Creation

You must also rethink your social media content creation.

Post content that strengthens the reliability of your brand.

Now is the time to focus on forming a strong connection with your customers.

Instead of advertising outright, post content that shows your customer you care.

small business content creation - Social Media Marketing during COVID-19 (5 Steps to Boost your Strategy)
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Share how you are earning the safety of your employees and customers.

The steps you are taking to ensure that your customers continue receiving the services/products with minimum or no contact.

Instead of marketing or promoting your products, this is the time to market your brand and business.

So, when the pandemic is over, and the market is back on its feet, your company will have earned the trust and loyalty of your customers.

To Wrap Up…

During this pandemic, social media platforms are the best channels to connect with your target customers.

Everything you have read about marketing now is the time to apply that.

Adapt to the changing market.

Review your social media marketing tactics, and focus on building trust.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post.

Let me know your thoughts or suggestions in the comments below.

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