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10 Best Text-To-Speech Software For Online Marketers 2021

Popularly known as TTS, text to speech is software that converts written or digital text into an audio (speech) format. Innovations have been made to make this software sound more human and less robotic. TTS has gained massive popularity recently with online marketers. This software is a boon to online marketers.

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The structure of TTS is made so that the software corrects the text if it is grammatically incorrect and generates speech with correct intonation, high-quality voice, and clarity.

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With this great invention in technology, the burden of providing personalized service and customer engagement is off the shoulder of online marketers. Let’s get to know in detail about the 10 Best Text-to-Speech Software for Online Marketers.

1. Murf

This is a prevalent and most versatile text-to-speech tool. The unique feature of this tool is that it changes them into a hyper-realistic AI voice once you’re done uploading your script. Murf has different parameters to check the voices of renowned voiceover artists. Murf has an excellent feature that connects your voice to the visuals.

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This is an excellent tool for online marketers as it can represent brand or business presentations, and it provides 100 realistic voices in 19 languages.

2. Wideo

An excellent tool if you want to add voice-over to a video and market it. Wideo is an app that offers video editing features and a free text to speech tool where users can add their text and generate the speech. It helps to add high-quality professional voiceovers to videos and downloads them in an mp3 format for future use.

3. Capti Voice

This app is focused more on increasing productivity and educating people about new stuff. Capti Voice allows you to listen to web pages, eBooks, documents, etc. Online marketers can save a lot of time with this tool as they have a lot of documents to refer to and make a business decision. This tool allows for multi-tasking.

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The additional benefit of this tool is that it allows all digital formats to play, such as epub, Pdf, HTML, etc. Thus, it is beneficial for those who want to review documents and study lengthy paragraphs in one shot.

4. iSpring Suite Max

If you have a PowerPoint presentation and need a great voiceover, then iSpring is the tool you can count on. Once your script is uploaded, you can get your high-quality speech with just one click.

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All you have to do is, select your language, perfect voice that suits your presentation, and you are good to go!

Below I have included a few sample voices in iSpring Suite Max:

iSpring offers 52 languages and 300+ voiceovers for you to choose one. Isn’t it amazing?

5. Speechelo

Speechelo is a cloud-based TTS software that allows converting text to speech. Unlike other apps, Speechelo need not be installed to access, it can be operated anywhere and at any time. It has 60+ human voices, including male, female, and children voices from which you can choose the best.

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The best part about this app is that you can select the pauses, breakpoints, and breaths wherever you want in the speech and tune the speech according to your preferred emotion such as joyful, sad, serious, etc.

By using Speechelo, you can convert any text into a natural voiceover in no time. You can pick between male and female voices when using Speechelo, and it is also very easy to use. In addition to Human Voice styles, there is a wide variety of languages available, offering many different choices.

With just a few clicks, you can create a high-quality human voiceover for your website, YouTube channel, and other social media accounts.

If you would like to learn more about the Speechelo software, then do check out my previously written article – Speechelo Review 2021: Is It The Best Text-To-Speech Software Out There In The Market?

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6. ReadSpeaker

ReadSpeaker shows a wonderful way to make your product. Drop your text, select your preferred voice, language and the tool generates your speech. You can attach the audio file to your app, website, products, etc, wherever needed and market your brand. This tool allows creating a significant engagement with the users and guides them about your product and brand.

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Good quality voiceovers are delivered with minimal cost. ReadSpeaker is available both online and offline.

7. Watson

This TTS tool generates speech according to your customizations. In addition, Watson provides natural-sounding human voices and multilingual options, which helps customer interaction easier as you can communicate in your regional language with more ease.

Watson gives your brand a voice and recognition. It converts the written text into a speech in various languages and helps the brand to stand out in the crowd by giving it a unique voice.

8. Free TTS

Free TTS is a free tool to make your job less painful. Write and paste your text, but not more than 5000 characters, select your language and voice, then the speech will be generated by the tool. You can later convert that into an mp3 file format and use it to add voiceover for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. videos.

The privacy provided by this free tool is top class. All your videos will disappear within 24 hours for the security of content. 

Robotic voices can be used for commercial purposes. Also, here you can customize acronyms, pauses, grammar, etc. Great TTS software which you can use for free!

9. Notevibes

Notevibes offers you a freemium model, which means free+premium model. Few features are in the paid version, and the rest are free in this tool. It offers amazingly 177 unique voices and 18 different languages, with customization options for pronunciation. This tool is handy for people with print disabilities but can hear well.

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It has a realistic voice generator with the capacity of converting 200 to 10,00,000 characters.

Below are a few sample voices provided by Notevibes:

10. Voice Dream Reader

Voice Dream Reader is a model-based TTS application, which converts text to speech, specifically designed for iOS users as some of its premium features resolve the issues of iOS.

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Besides converting text to speech, it also allows users to highlight the text, caption a specific text, look into a dictionary for meanings, etc. It has 30+ languages and over 200 voices to choose from.

Wrapping Up…

TTS helps businesses in increasing their customer base by providing on-time personalized customer service and getting positive feedback. As a result, costs can be cut up to 60%, and TTS could be a great time-saver, and, more importantly, it helps increase brand awareness.

TTS has made the process smooth by generating high-quality speech. It reduces the percentage of making errors as it allows businesses to listen to the audio clip and customize it according to the requirements. Since everything is automated, there is no human intervention. Thus TTS helps maintain healthy business-customer interactions as multiple languages help reach out to more people.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post.

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