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How to Start Your Own Podcast to Promote Your Affiliate Marketing Business

Are you a blogger seeking to monetize your blog by promoting affiliate courses or affiliate products?

Let me tell you, you’re not alone!

The good news is that you can start your podcast and promote your affiliate marketing business with it.

A podcast is one of the fastest-growing ways to increase your brand profile and reach an audience.

In recent times, a lot of business growth has been linked to podcasts and you can leverage the power of podcasts in affiliate marketing.

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So, how do you start a podcast?

Here’s how to start your podcast to promote your affiliate marketing business…

Define Your Audience

There are various genres for podcasts so you need to start by defining yourself.

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What businesses do you want to cater to?

What needs do you want to meet?

How do you intend to satisfy your listeners?

These questions will help you define your audience.

Your podcast should have a central theme to guide the kind of content to be churned out.

Your audience will know what to expect from you and tune in accordingly.

Create Your Content

It’s more likely you have a catchy title in mind already but this should not take the place of the content.

Your content is the value you have to offer, the deal-breaker that determines who comes on board to stay or leaves without coming back.

If I were you, I would create content that will keep them coming back for more.

You may ask me How?

Well, your content should be audience-specific with a value proposition that is clear from the very first listen.

Keep them informed of the things they are sure to be interested in and deliver on your promise.

Work with a Script

You might be a natural when it comes to public speaking and engaging conversations, but scripts exist for a reason.

If you want to meet your audience at the level of their expectations and engage them holistically, you need a script, a perfect one at that.

Your script should be natural, within the context and align with your personality.

It should be also concise and straight to the point.

Resource Article: Podcast Scripting (How do I write a Podcast Script?)

Own your script and exude positivity and confidence.

You must come off as a lively person who is comfortable voice-wise.

Remember that your audience can’t see you but can hear you so let them hear right!

Publish Your Podcast

Once you are good to go with your podcast, you need to be selective with your choice of podcast hosting site.

Podcast platforms such as Blubrry, Buzzsrpout, and Libsyn, offer free trials, SEO features, marketing options, and storage space.

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Here at Buzzsprout, you can avail of a FREE trial offer which allows you to upload 2hrs of your podcast for each month’s usage.

Consider shared hosting such as iTunes, Google Play, TuneIn, Sticher, and Spotify, which offer great flexibility and control options.

Your podcasts can also be publicized on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Monetize It

Once you can publish podcasts consistently with a significant following, consider monetizing it by promoting affiliate products and affiliate services.

For affiliate products, you can direct listeners to affiliate links for the product as a more persuasive type of marketing.

Affiliate programs give a fixed commission for every sale made when you refer your listeners to a product or service with an affiliate link in your product.

To Wrap Up…

Yes, there are as many podcasts as there are many people in the market but you can offer unique content and build your audience.

Consistency is the key and in good time you will be able to effortlessly promote your affiliate marketing business with your podcasts.

Good luck!

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post.

Let me know your thoughts or suggestions in the comments below.

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