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4 Powerful Steps to Building a 6 Figure Blog: A Definitive Guide

I know the fact that there are plenty of people searching the internet looking to find out how to build a six-figure blog and it can be a lot easier than most people think.

If you have not yet started your blog to earn money then I would say, now is the time to begin the process!

It is not as complicated or difficult as people make it seem and it is easy.

There is an actual strategy that should be followed to know how to build a six-figure blog and this post will aim to cover some serious details on earning an income with your writing online.

A lot of people are doing it and it is very possible. Continue reading below to get the full details that I would be sharing with you.

Step #1: Set a Goal

smart goals - 4 Powerful Steps to Building a 6 Figure Blog: A Definitive Guide
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The first step for creating a blog that will earn you money is to set a goal. Have an actual plan and strategy of what you wish to achieve with your blog.

You will have to write down what your blog will be about, the type of people it is for, the types of products you will advertise, and the overall niche market your blog will be about.

You want your site to be structured around a particular topic that has products and services you can advertise in exchange for a payment.

You can learn how to build a six-figure blog by writing articles that relate and focus on products related to a specific and very refined target audience.

Step #2: Find the Right Products and Services to Promote on Your Blog

123 promote your business on your blog - 4 Powerful Steps to Building a 6 Figure Blog: A Definitive Guide
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The second step to start a blog that shall help you earn six figures a year is to choose products and services your followers would find interesting.

You want to find products and services that you can advertise in exchange for a commission.

The best method to find products like these is to search for affiliate programs related to your niche market.

Find products that your target audience and readers would find useful or valuable and promote them in your blog.

Step #3: Be Consistent with Your Blog Post Schedules

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The third step on how to build a six-figure blog is to write and write constantly.

You want to have a regular schedule of writing and it has to become a routine.

You will need discipline as well as creativity for options on what you want to write about.

Your blog should stick within a certain parameter and feature certain topics that your target audience will relate to and find interesting.

You can also feature affiliate products and services within your articles to help monetize your blog and get the ball rolling for earning income.

And finally,

Step #4: Marketing Your Blog the Right Way

Step number four consists of marketing your blog. You will want to promote it as if it’s your brand.

It is advisable to look into Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on your blog and the different methods of advertising available on the internet.

You can pay for advertising on search engines, you can write guest post articles on other blogs, you can share links to and from blogs related to your industry as well.

It is also advisable to create your email newsletter and have your readers subscribe to your mailing list.

Maximize your time and focus on daily advertising and marketing tasks to help ensure greater results with being able to master how to build a six-figure blog.


By now, you have a sound idea on how to build a six-figure blogging empire.

Following the suggestions as outlined above are the key steps to getting ahead and monetizing a blog online.

Making a six-figure income online is possible and these 4 steps which I have laid down are the keys to getting started.

Hope this helps,

Let me know your thoughts or suggestions in the comments below.

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