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Proven Strategies To Grow Your Blog Traffic Fast As A Beginner

Are you a beginner blogger and want to scale up your blogging business? Quality blog traffic is the best thing that can ever happen to your blog. But where and how do you get blog traffic as a beginner? You’ve learned about SEO, applying it on your blog, but you are wondering “where is the dang traffic?”

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I’ve got you sorted. In this blog post, you are going to learn proven strategies to help you get blog traffic fast like a total beginner.

1. Creat Great Content

ContentIsKing - Proven Strategies To Grow Your Blog Traffic Fast As A Beginner
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Creating epic content is one of the best ways to generate quality traffic to your site. As a blogger, your content needs to solve your reader’s problems. 

When writing your blog posts, have the reader in mind. What will they gain from your post? Will the blog post solve their problem? 

I can guarantee you if you create epic and irresistible content, chances are your audience will bookmark your site. And refer it any other time.

So, what does great content look like?

Write Original Content:

Original and quality content is Google’s sweet spot. Always make sure that your content is original and not copied work.
People don’t want to read the same thing over and over. Unique content will also showcase you as an expert in your niche, and your audience will take you as their go-to resource for excellent information.

Google will use the time spent on your site to understand the quality of your content. So basically, if your content is full of fluff and lacks originality, users will leave your sit immediately. 

But if your content is epic and engaging, users will spend more time on-site hence send signals to Google that your blog content is excellent. You will eventually move up the ranks on SERPs.

To write quality and unique content, first, you need to understand your audience and what they are searching for on the web. And to do this; you either use excellent research tools or engage with your audience 1:1.

The following tools can help you understand the type of content your audience is searching for. There are many tools out there, but the following are a few I love using.

1. Answer the Public

Answer the public is just that-tool to help you answer the public. Technically, you input a keyword on its search bar, and it will bring you back questions asked on the internet. For example, I checked questions in “blog traffic” and realized people are searching for how to get blog traffic fast.

2. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a keyword research tool. Unlike answer the public, Ubersuggest will give you an idea of how many people are searching using your keyword. Understanding the SV(search volume) will help you know if your content will receive any traffic. It will also help you identify the sites that are ranking for the same keyword.

3. Google

When you put a query on google’s search bar, you will get “people also searched for” questions on the page. Also searched questions will help you know the type of content your audience needs at that particular time.

2. Engage with Your Audience 1:1

Engaging with your ideal audience is also another excellent way to create quality content. One of the best ways is to run a poll on your Facebook page or send a poll query through email. It will help you get to understand the type of problems your audience has and how you can solve them.

3. Add Relevant Stats and Graphs

Use related stats and graphics to your content to provide more info and validate your blog post. Content without supportive, relevant stats and more info look bland and personal opinion. Unless you are writing fiction or personal stories, people will not take your blog post seriously. Use screenshots and infographics to make your content appealing and engaging.

4. Include Actionable Tips

A reader wants to pick something useful from your post. Make sure that your audience gets just that-actionable tips.

5. Make Your Posting Engaging

Nothing is exciting to a reader than an engaging blog post. You must address your reader and make them part of your post. Make them feel that you are talking to them and showing them how to do things. Avoid the use of discouraging/insulting words — no one wants to read something and feel like you are demeaning them. 

6. Use Clickable Headlines

Headlines are the click baits to your content. Use tools like coschedule headline analyzer to determine if your headlines are epic and click-worthy. I bet you wouldn’t click through this post if I used “how to get block traffic” as a headline. Are you getting what I mean?

7. Write Clear and Easy to Read Blog Posts by Making Use of Headline Tags

Avoid long paragraphs at all costs. It makes your content look boring and tiring to read. Instead, use heading tags to break down your content into bite-sized chunks. 

Also, make use of white space, italics, numbers, bullets, and bolds to highlight important points.

8. Guest Post on Other Sites

Guest posting on other authoritative websites is also another way to generate traffic to your site. Identify websites with higher DA that accept guest contributors and pitch to the site’s editors. You will not only be building traffic but also credibility as an authority leader in your field.

Identify websites accepting guest posts in your niche through google. Use keywords such as “write for us+your niche” and apply. 

Some of the websites have guidelines on how to contribute, so be sure to follow them.

You can also cold-reach to websites and ask if you can contribute to their blog. Make sure to write a killer pitch that gets accepted immediately.

How guest posting works is incredible. You get do-follow links which are juicy SEO and an author by-line. I did a guest post on freelancer FAQs and saw instant traffic to my site.

Make sure that the site you are guest posting on gives you a do-follow backlink within the blog post and a visible by-line.

9. Answer Questions on Quora

Quora is a question or answer with massive traffic. You can answer questions and leave a link to your site. If people find your answer useful, they will click through to your site. That is how you get quality traffic without spending a dime.

Identify questions in your niche and take your time to answer genuinely. An in-depth answer should take you about 2o minutes, and it should give value to quora users. A valuable reply gets upvotes, and sizeable upvotes with your site’s link are excellent. Your link will be turned into a do-follow, and that is great for SEO.

Follow topics in your niche and look out for questions you can answer.

10. Comment on Other Blogs In Your Niche

Commenting is also another best way to generate blog traffic as a beginner. And it is not writing a comment like “great post” or “thank you”. Those are mostly considered spam comments. Write a valuable comment related to the blog post. You can add more info on the topic covered by the blogger, and you will see massive results.

Additionally, it is essential to reply to comments on your blog posts. It will help you improve in search results.

Get blog traffic through social media.

Social triggers improve on SEO. Get on social media if you are not there already. It is also another way to generate blog traffic as a beginner.

Create a social community around your blog. You can grow your social audience by creating a Facebook page and group for your blog, and also joining Facebook groups related to blogging.

Some of these groups have blog promo days. Blog promotion is where bloggers support each other by sharing or commenting on blogs.

It is a scratch my back I scratch your back type of thing. You need to help others to receive the same help. Search for Facebook groups and join them. Be active, and you will get insane results.

Some of the groups that have promos include;

Golden bloggers

Boost your blog

11. Get Blog Traffic Through Pinterest

By now I’m sure you have heard of Pinterest? Did you know that a lot of blog traffic comes from Pinterest? Yes! Pinterest is an excellent tool to generate quality blog traffic in minutes.

Many bloggers do not like it, but it is the best way to generate blog traffic-especially if you are a beginner.

Get your graphic design gear on because it comes in handy to Pinterest’s success.

Pinterest is a search engine tailored for graphics alone. In a lay man’s language; you create images and posts ( pin) on Pinterest. The image will have a valid URL to your site. So when someone clicks on your image, they are directed to your site. As simple as ABC; you get traffic without a sweat.

So this is how to get on Pinterest;

1. Create a Business Account

Why a business account? A Pinterest business account allows you to claim your website and check analytics.

Claiming your website will ensure that anyone clicking your image will be able to visit your blog post directly. 

Also, being able to check analytics will help you learn your pin performances and what you need to do to improve even more.

Go Pinterest and click create a business account. You will need a valid email address.

2. Claim Your Website

Once you’ve set up your Pinterest business account, it is time to claim your website.

Just click the claim website, and it will automatically do it — no techy stuff.

3. Validate Your Rich Pins

Rich pins mean that your pins will show more info about our blog posts. They are like tiny blurbs that show users more info before they click through.

4. Create Your Board

A Pinterest board is where you group your pins according to ideas. Create your boards using keywords to maximize your visibility on Pinterest search results.

5. Pin Your First Image

Once you create your boards, generate and save pins to those boards. You can use graphic design software like Canva to create pin images. Also, it is good to save other people’s pins to your board, but they should be relevant to your niche.

To Wrap Up…

Getting blog traffic shouldn’t be hard even if you are a beginner. But always remember that traffic without epic content equals to nothing.

Focus on your content and always make sure that you are giving value to the reader.

What tips are you using to generate blog traffic?

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post.

Let me know your thoughts or suggestions in the comments below.

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