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Videly Software Review 2021: Best Video Ranking Tool for YouTube

In this area of digitalization, people are shifting their entire careers towards the internet. Anyone who has ever posted a video on any social media platform knows how tough it is to get viewers. Even the most nonsensical videos are trending on the internet now. But do you know what the reason behind it is? The reason for its popularity is actually video marketing.

If you think that you can get views just by posting content, you must give it a second thought. Video marketing is needed for a video to reach. But what if you have no idea how to do video marketing? Then comes the savior, Videly YouTube Video Ranking Software.

So, in this post, I’m going to tell you why Videly Software is the best video ranking tool for YouTube?

What is Videly?

This YouTube Video Ranking Software creates the best title and description for YouTube and Google. Videly encourages you to track down the best method to arrive at the top page.

What improves this software than others that can rank is that Videly can rank for sites or YouTube while other software just specializes in YouTube ranking.

What are the Videly Features?

Videly is something other than just a tool that discovers keywords you can rank. Indeed, it’s a set-up of video tools that goes far past that. If you take as much time as is needed to figure out how Videly functions, your competitors will think about how you continue to outclass them.

Here’re a couple of things Videly can do for you –

  • Figure out Google and YouTube ranking framework.
  • Finds undiscovered, buyer keywords that can be used.
  • It gets you ranked using SEO titles, tags, and descriptions.
  • Examine every one of the top videos in your niche on YouTube (Pro Package).
  • Track every one of your rankings in both Google and YouTube (Pro Package).
  • Make definitive video SEO reports for yourself or customers (Agency Package).

So, how does Videly Software actually work?

Finding Untapped Keywords:

Videly will search for every one of the keywords focused by your competitors and show you the keywords that they are using to get the views.

videly ranking google and youtube suggestions - Videly Software Review 2021: Best Video Ranking Tool for YouTube
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Furthermore, it will show you the number of competitors, and the number of monthly views there are for every single keyword, and how hard or simple it will be to rank for those keywords.

Automatic SEO Optimization

With a  single tick, Videly will examine your competitors, distinguishing everyone from the flimsy parts in their videos.

Following a couple of moments, Videly will give you a wholly adjusted mix of titles, tags, and descriptions that will get you the top rankings.

Copy/Paste and Make Money

Transfer your new video or update your current video title/descriptions/tags on YouTube and watch the views flooding your doors.

With Videly, you can further customize the details if you want using the “Edit” buttons.

videly customizing details of your title tags descriptions 1024x601 - Videly Software Review 2021: Best Video Ranking Tool for YouTube
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Niche Analysis

The Videly YouTube Ranking Software allows you to do more research, yet this time around, on your competitors.

Here you can see the highest number of views a video has gotten, its YouTube and even Facebook likes.

The “Niche Analysis” option is available in the Videly Pro version and is Highly recommended. Enter your primary keyword to do new research or import your findings from the history. Within moments, you shall have a full analysis of your typed keyword report.

videly pro niche analysis keyword analyzer 1024x665 - Videly Software Review 2021: Best Video Ranking Tool for YouTube
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A few keywords can be very competitive and get a ton of traffic, which means they’re special. You would need to battle to arrive at the best ranking in that niche.

The more extensive the keyword, the more you’ll need to battle to get through, yet you can focus on a long-tail keyword.

All outcomes from this segment can be saved as a PDF if you have availed of the Videly Agency Package.

Rank Tracker

I absolutely love this YouTube rank tracking feature which is only available in the Pro version. If you want to avoid the monthly fees for tracking your YouTube video rankings in both Google and YouTube, then you need this.

Click on the “rank tracker” tab and you’ll enter this segment, where you can follow YouTube and Google rankings of videos continuously.

videly pro rank tracker tool 1024x607 - Videly Software Review 2021: Best Video Ranking Tool for YouTube
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Click on “audio-video” and track its activity throughout a specific period, including the number of comments and likes.

Video Report

Enter any YouTube video, type in a keyword, click “Research“, and you’ll get a report.

Videly will spot issues, for example, that the title has no emoticons or concise, yet also check the tags, descriptions, and video subtitles.

Here you can become familiar with a great deal about how the YouTube algorithm figures out which video is suggested to the viewers.

You can generate a PDF version of the full report. Click here to view the PDF video report.

What about the Pricing?

The Videly YouTube Ranking Software is a budget-friendly option to help people who rely upon online services.

As indicated by their website, this online software is cost-effective, and you can get this only for $47 with a 30-day free trial.

videly software pricing package - Videly Software Review 2021: Best Video Ranking Tool for YouTube
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This gives you complete admittance to the software, and there’re no additional expenses included.

The other two options are:

  • The Pro level has the Niche Analysis and the Rank Tracker while allowing you to use the Split Blaster module and launch various campaigns. It cost $47 for a 3-month membership that can be canceled whenever.
  • The Agency level gives you:
    ✅Video Report Module
    ✅Done-For-You Agency Site
    ✅Agency Option to offer to your customers
    ✅Capacity to create PDF Reports
    ✅Videly Cash Machine WordPress
    ✅It’s a one-time payment of $67 to get to the Agency Level

Pros & Cons of Using the Videly Software


  • User-friendly interface
  • One-time payment
  • No monthly charges
  • Great customer support
  • Works for every niche
  • Best title and descriptions generator
  • Finds keywords that rank


  • The need for an internet connection every time you want to use the software.

Wrapping Up…

By and large, Videly is a user-friendly product that anybody can use. This could be used to build your present traffic. It is adequately easy to use and beginner-friendly.

If you need to turn into a successful YouTuber in 2021, using Videly as a YouTube Video Ranking Software is an unquestionable requirement.

You can see many successful YouTubers using a similar video description as what Videly puts out, which means they’re using it as well.

With the Videly software, you really can save a lot of time on composing video descriptions, which implies additional time you can put towards improving your content and growing your crowd!

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