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4 Ways Bloggers Are Getting Results With Video

Blogging is all the rage today. From social commentary to laidback daily vlogs, there’s a content-hungry audience for every type of blogger. You can even earn money from the written content you post on your blog. 

However, it is not easy to boost your online growth as a blogger if you don’t know how to engage your target group.

It could take months, even years, to build a sizable following for your content. You’ve put the blood, sweat, and tears into your blog, so it naturally deserves attention. But the question remains: how can you get popularity among your targeted viewers? The answer is video.

Why you should use video in your blogs?

Did you know that most people retain 95% of the message when they view it on video? In contrast, only 10% can absorb the information they’ve read in words! The brain processes visual information quicker than text, and increasing numbers of consumers prefer videos to big walls of text. 

This doesn’t mean by any stretch of the imagination that written content can’t engage audiences! As a blogger, writing is most likely your bread and butter, and you shouldn’t give it up for video. However, you can integrate video in your blog posts to appeal not only to readers but also to people who like video.

Remember that your readers’ attention span varies at different hours of the day, and so does their enthusiasm. They might easily spend five minutes reading an article while lying in bed or waiting for their bus. At night, they could be more focused but with less energy. 

In such cases, uploading videos to illustrate the most critical elements of a blog can be a great way to draw the attention of readers. Bloggers today need to get creative to boost their relevance online. 

So, here’s a post about tapping into the power of video to attract more visitors to your blog and increase engagement.

1. Make yourself know

Videos are an excellent opportunity to showcase your brand and yourself. For starters, you need to make a video of yourself and post it to your blog website. Talk about your motivation behind starting the blog, your creative process, or anything of value that will entice people.

Don’t be afraid to highlight your uniqueness as a blogger and draw viewers into your world. An introductory video where you display your personality could help you stand out from other bloggers that write similar content.

You can post your introductory video on your social media accounts to generate buzz around your blog. You can also leave it up on your blog’s main page, so new viewers get a quick summary of your work and who you are.

2. Give viewers a taste of your content

You can also create a video teaser to give your targeted audience a sneak peek into the type of content you generally post. It is a short clip that is typically 30 seconds in length and offers an overview of your blog. 

The trick is to give just enough information to catch your target audience’s attention. End the video on a cliffhanger to leave viewers wanting more. Also, include an explicit call to action that encourages readers to click to read the full blog article.

3. Engage readers with videos

Include videos in the first paragraph of your blog that creatively convey the context of your post. You can also add videos at a specific juncture in your blog so readers can explore the topic in more detail. If you are trying to tell a story, adding montages with sound effects can create the perfect atmosphere to captivate your audience. 

In other words, you can be as creative as you want when deciding how to use video to complement the words in your blog post. Find a video maker online to churn visual content with amazing effects in minutes.

What’s important to note about this tactic is that it’ll help you reach a wide range of audiences of all ages. Reading is often a hobby for a fixed age group or set of people, but people of all ages prefer watching videos, from students to seniors. 

4. Monetize your blog posts

You probably already know how to make money off of your blog posts. What you may not have considered was using video as an income-generating tool for your blog. Wondering how? 

Bloggers today can supplement their income by expanding into video creation. With easy-to-use online video tools, you can make an accompanying video for each blog article and post it to your various social networks. For instance, you can make a video as a companion piece for your blog and upload it on YouTube to monetize it. You can also make Instagram Reels wherein you read or narrate smaller pieces of content like poems. 

Make sure you attach the link to your blog within the description. This will improve the search results for your site and grab the attention of new visitors who may not have visited your blog before.

Another effective tip for monetizing videos is to follow some best SEO practices. Like websites, nowadays, influencers on YouTube or other online video platforms also focus on SEO services. These service providers have teams of experts who create strategies to help your videos reach the top of the search engine page. This, in turn, will drive more readers to your blog.

Wrapping Up…

The points mentioned above can help you use videos to enhance your blog posts and hold the attention of your viewers for longer. 

But before you begin your video-making journey, take stock of your target audience and figure out what they like and dislike. Tailoring your content – both written and visual – to your viewers’ preferences will ensure the long-term success of your blog.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post.

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