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Why Affiliate Marketing Blogs Aren’t Dead Yet and How to Supercharge Your Efforts

Affiliate marketing has been around since the earliest days of publicly-available internet.

In fact, a younger, more humbly-sized, Amazon was one of the first companies to adopt the idea of letting everyday people handle their marketing for them for a commission.

However, it has changed a lot.

Over the last 20 years, the failure rate for new affiliate marketing blogs has risen drastically, and that’s due to how much affiliate marketing has grown.

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There’s a lot of competition, and setting yourself apart is more difficult than ever.

Let’s dive into how the field is growing, and then I’ll tell you how to get past the hurdles and thrive as an affiliate marketer.

How Are Affiliate Marketing Blogs Growing Fast?

Amazon, one of the earliest adopters of affiliate marketing, has grown into the epicenter of affiliate marketing opportunities, and more than 80% of companies have followed in its footsteps.

affiliate marketing networks stats 2021 - Why Affiliate Marketing Blogs Aren't Dead Yet and How to Supercharge Your Efforts
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Amazon Associates accounts for the highest market share of 39.42% as per the Datanyze report. Image Source: Datanyze

Unlike the rate of success stories for marketers, these companies have seen a 90% increase in their annual revenue, and they continue to expand their affiliate marketing programs and find new ways to get more marketers to utilize their platforms.

Because of this, affiliate marketing has turned into a $12 billion industry that shows continuous high-figure growth every single year.

The key to taking advantage of this growth is to stand out and get creative with the products you’re selling, the quality of your writing, and the overall amount of effort you put into producing quality content.

How Do You Join the Group of Successful Affiliate Marketing Bloggers?

Have you seen those pro-affiliate marketing ads on YouTube?

You know, the ones with a strapping young man showing off his expensive cars and mansion while bragging that he only works for 4 hours a week?

affiliate marketing scam gurus - Why Affiliate Marketing Blogs Aren't Dead Yet and How to Supercharge Your Efforts
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Yeah, that’s NOT how it goes :(

Affiliate marketing blogs take time, effort, and commitment.

Here are 3 tips to help you out –

1. Network

The most successful affiliate marketers have spent years building a large, devoted following and expanding their network.

After all, how do you expect to generate massive amounts of conversions if only a couple hundred people read your blog every week?

Take the time to provide valuable content and establish a devoted following.

Also, branch out professionally and network with company representatives to gain access to new, and more fruitful opportunities.

2. Be Trustworthy

Don’t lose the trust of your following by pushing low-quality products on them.

Ask the merchant questions about their products, try to get samples, or even buy your own, ensure that your following doesn’t waste their time and money on junk!

They’ll appreciate it, and they’ll trust your recommendation more in the future.

3. Niche, Niche, Niche

Find a very specific product to sell, or try to pick a limited selection of the related products.

For example, “Clothing” is a huge category.

You can’t cover the entirety of it reliably, and you won’t develop a sense of authority in the subject with your following.

Instead, “Men’s Outdoor Attire” would be a far more lucrative choice that pulls in more followers, increases your conversions, and establishes you as an expert in a very specific niche.

Mens Clothing Store Custom Amazon Affiliate Website - Why Affiliate Marketing Blogs Aren't Dead Yet and How to Supercharge Your Efforts
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Try to narrow down your niche as much as possible.


3. Stay Committed

Commitment and creativity are two things that will lead you to success.

If you follow my three tips consistently and stick to them, you’ll grow in no time.

As one last tip for building a successful affiliate marketing blog, learn from the best.

Affiliate marketing has been around for a long time, and if you’re struggling there are veteran marketers ready to pass on their knowledge. Use It!

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post.

Let me know your thoughts or suggestions in the comments below.

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