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welcome1 - Win over Subscribers by your Welcome Email
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Though email marketing is considered a powerful tool to generate leads and increase revenue, yet surprisingly, a welcome email is usually one of the most overlooked components by us, the digital marketers/ MMOer, who employ email marketing strategy for business right from the starting phase.

Let’s say you had an amazing business to launch and somehow, a subscriber, who is expected to be your customer, has signed up to your newsletter list.

What are you about to do next?

Are you going to keep him in line with your next week/ next month’s educational email schedule to hopefully turn him out a loyal customer, by reading what you say about your product/ service consistently?

If yes, you are not alone, and no, there is nothing wrong with that.

Business is what it is: buying and selling, fundamentally.

However, we can hardly get there that fast by assuming any subscriber is willing to buy anything from you since the first time he left his email address over.

When subscribers sign up for your list, this means two things: (1) They want to build a relationship with you, and (2) They want to see your content now to get to know you better.

The relationship starts to grow both ways.

Acting it wisely, a welcome one from your email marketing sequences should be the first to send out right away.

Failure to do so may result in fading subscribers’ interest as they probably are nowhere near the same level of engagement they used to be.

Consequently, most likely the deal shall not take place. You are very well aware of that.

“Ok, agree that a welcome email is crucial, but I doubt an average “Hello” one will perfectly work. How to take over the full battle and win over subscribers once they sign up?”, you may ask.

Let’s keep reading on a few tips below, which may make you successful in winning over subscribers by a welcome email.

A welcome email of showing your best content

The welcome email is the perfect opportunity to showcase your best and greatest content.

Things like blog posts, videos, how-to emails, and all the latest and greatest content they may not find when checking out your site for the first time.

What’s even better – the content is not necessary to be recent.

If someone just joined your email list, then it’s likely they probably found out about your business pretty recently.

That means they haven’t read that super popular blog post you wrote six months ago.

So what you can do is collate and summarize your best content into the welcome series or feature links, and drive traffic back to the content itself.

Either way, it’s a win-win for both you and your subscribers as it shows you have some really great content to share.

Additionally, it continually brings you traffic and builds your overall reputation.

A best content showcase example - Win over Subscribers by your Welcome Email
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Winning over subscribers by a welcome email: A best content showcase example from Campaign Monitor

A welcome email of studying your subscribers

The welcome email is also a great opportunity to learn something new about your customers.

So why not ask them?

Think of it this way: Is there something you would like to know from them – is there some vital piece of information that would improve your business?

You can learn important things about your audience to help you shape your product offering, brand positioning, and future marketing – and get insights for designing those coveted sales funnels.

Furthermore, you are sparking engagement and, as we all know, engagement is key for the all-around success of your future marketing campaigns.

welcome email - Win over Subscribers by your Welcome Email
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Winning over subscribers by a welcome email: A subscriber studying example from Virgin America

A welcome email of connecting on Social Media

Besides, your welcome email is a good chance to expose your social media channels and get your subscribers on board with you.

What’s good about this is that by joining you on social media, they are seeing the “fun” side of your business.

Maybe you have some great customer reviews, customer photos or fun how-to tips that connect with them on a personal level.

As most customers are not ready to buy immediately, social media is a great way to get them more comfortable with your brand.

A social media connection example - Win over Subscribers by your Welcome Email
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Winning over subscribers by a welcome email: A social media connection example from Artifact

A welcome email of offering a Promotion

This brings us to the most important point.

Though it is advisable to keep the focus off hard selling at the beginning (while subscribers just get to know you and are warming up to your brand), but it doesn’t mean we cannot bring up a chance to promote our product/service, in a decent manner. 

You can share things like customer reviews, tips, how-to videos, quizzes, social media links, and articles.

Answer their burning questions and address the needs they have, because that is why they came to you in the first place.

Towards the later part of your sequence, you could start adding in your products and services in a subtle way – through call-to-action buttons, or even a little P.S. note that mentions your product or service page.

You can also put in a first-time purchase offer, for example, a discount code for 10% off their first order, a free shipping code, or any little incentive that will get them to make that first purchase. 

A promotion offering example - Win over Subscribers by your Welcome Email
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Winning over subscribers by a welcome email: A promotion offering an example from British Airways

Additionally, there is a cool video about writing the perfect welcome email to win over subscribers that we suggest you watch below – 

To conclude…

Now you have known how to win over subscribers by your welcome email.

The way of conduct includes, but not limited to those tips above.

Please feel free to improvise and experiment them your way.

Just keep in mind, before being converted into customers, they are subscribers, and before reading your selling email, they read your welcome one first.

So don’t ever take welcome email lightly.

It indeed helps you in getting the engagement that leads to sales.

What can we expect more than that?

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