3 Ecommerce Marketing Trends to Boost Your Sales
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3 Ecommerce Marketing Trends to Boost Your Sales

The word “trend” suggests something popular and widely used today, but that could disappear as quickly as it appeared. Ecommerce marketing trends aren’t like that—they’re here to stay and will only grow more important as e-commerce sales continue to increase in popularity and become the best way to make money online.

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So, here’re three of the most important trends you should know about to boost your e-commerce store sales this year.

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1 1. The Importance of Video
2 2. The Power of Personalization
3 3. The Rise of Mobile Commerce
4 Why I recommend SaleHoo Educate to Fast-Track Your E-Commerce Journey
4.1 Dropshipping on Shopify
4.2 Who is Sarah Li?
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1. The Importance of Video
In this day and age, video is an important part of the marketing mix for just about any business. Whether you’re using video in your online marketing efforts or using it as a tool on your website, video offers a valuable opportunity to reach new customers, engage with existing ones and make more sales.

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Video can be used in so many different ways that it can help you increase customer conversion rates in all areas of your business: from product pages and shopping carts to your home page and social media posts.

Approximately 50% of consumers say their biggest concern with online shopping is that their products do not look the same when they are delivered as they do online. This results in dissatisfied customers and higher return rates rather than repeat orders.

69% of consumers say product demonstrations assist them in making a purchasing decision. When they purchase a product after watching a video about it, 80% of consumers have increased purchasing confidence.

Businesses have recognized this and have adapted. Currently, 87% of brands use videos for marketing purposes. 66% of businesses get more qualified leads from video marketing.

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2. The Power of Personalization
Personalization is a hot topic in the e-commerce world. There’re many ways to implement personalization into your marketing strategy, but one of the most important is through email marketing. Personalized emails allow you to reach out to potential customers based on their interests, location, and past behavior. This increases the likelihood of them opening your email and making a purchase.

the power of personalization to boost your ecommerce sales – 3 Ecommerce Marketing Trends to Boost Your Sales
When subscribers sign up for your email list from your e-commerce store site, this means two things: (1) They want to build a relationship with you, and (2) They want to see your content now to get to know you better. I recommend implementing the welcome email to introduce yourself as an eCommerce seller to your subscribers on a personal level. This would be the perfect opportunity to showcase all your latest products and discounted product offers.

The welcome email is also a great opportunity to learn something new about your customers. Think of it this way: Is there something you would like to know from them – is there some vital piece of information that would improve your e-commerce business? You can learn important things about your audience to help you shape your product offering, brand positioning, and future marketing – and get insights for designing those coveted sales funnels. Furthermore, you are sparking engagement and, as we all know, engagement is key for the all-around success of your future marketing campaigns.

Your e-commerce site should also implement relevant product recommendations to help your shoppers find the best possible product when they are browsing through your site, and also during the checkout process. Visitors who viewed this also viewed recommendations generating 68% of revenue for some retailers.

3. The Rise of Mobile Commerce
Mobile commerce (m-commerce) has been on the rise for years, and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. The convenience of shopping from your phone is great for customers, but it also means that retailers need to get smarter about their marketing strategies.

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Retailers are going mobile-first these days, which means they’re investing more time and energy into developing an effective mobile strategy. It also means that to stay competitive, you’ll need a strong mobile presence. Mobile trends are constantly changing and evolving – keep your eyes peeled for anything new out there!

The number of mobile commerce-capable devices is expanding. Customers can use digital wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay to make in-store purchases without having to swipe cards.

Mobile device portability enables businesses to reach out to their customers via mobile commerce. Customers can receive coupons and discounts from retailers. Personalized shopping experiences can also help retailers connect with their customers.

Why I recommend SaleHoo Educate to Fast-Track Your E-Commerce Journey
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Who is Sarah Li?
Sarah Li is a Dropship Educational Specialist at SaleHoo. She has been selling online for three years and has managed four profitable shops with over 10,000 customers. Her favorite thing about dropshipping is that it allows anyone to bring their business ideas to life on a small budget. Her hobbies include enjoying surfing, traveling, reading, and playing with animals in her leisure time.

Course Outline
Introduction Phase: Introduction to Dropshipping
Phase 1: Product Brainstorming and Framework
Phase 2: Product Selection and Market Research
Phase 3: Building your Shopify Store
Phase 4: Pre-Launch
Phase 5: Launch Day
Phase 6: Scaling, Growth, and Beyond
Phase 7: Aftermath
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Course Price
The Dropshipping on the Shopify course is just $47.

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